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Car Dealer in Surrey, BC

GoldKey Auto Group
19545 Langley Bypass
Surrey, BC V3S 6K1


Over the years, the Gold Key Automotive Group has grown from its current location, and we now have dealerships all over Surrey and Langley! All of our dealerships have state-of-the-art showrooms, Parts and Service Centres, and a Finance Department. Whether you are in the market to purchase a vehicle, or you just need parts and service for your current vehicle, Gold Key is here to assist you with any of your automotive needs!

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Car Dealer in Surrey, BC

  1. 1. Why Us Goldkey Auto Group Worth Your Investment? Are you looking for a previously owned car? Do you have a tight budgetary limit that cannot be stretched beyond a point? Well then, you do have good reasons to sign up with the Goldkey. If you scroll through the secondhand inventory of vehicles; then you will come across at least twenty to twenty-five items that are well below the limit of 15,000 USD. What you can do is take a look through the technical and price specifications of the respective models. Then, of course, you need to visit the dealership, in person, to have a firsthand inspection of a few of the models. It is mandatory, on your part to take a thorough look at the mechanical and electrical dynamics of the chosen models. As A First Timer You may be the first-time purchaser of a used car. It is evident that you lack in the previous experience. In spite, of that you need confidence and motivation. Only then, will it be feasible to get going with the plan of purchase. The fact that you are making the purchase from the certified dealership comes as an added edge of an advantage. In this context, it is worth acknowledging the startling contributions of Goldkey. The dealership has been serving the car purchase, servicing and the maintenance of the residents and the business houses, since 1980. With a solid reputation and quality service, it has grown with hundreds of referrals every year. Has Proven Reputation The dealership not only has the established acclaim but also stands out as the guarantee approved car service provider. The fact that you are entering into a transaction with a certified dealership comes as an added ace of an advantage. The Goldkey Auto Group gives you the confidence that you need. As said previously, as a first timer purchaser, you need that extra surge of confidence. The licensed technicians and the qualified engineers of the Surrey-based dealership are there to provide you with the necessary motivation. They are honest in their opinions and will help you find the right vehicle for your use. Easy Financing Assistance For instance, you may not know how to check the secondhand car, and how to watch out for the scratch, dents and the other loopholes. The engineers and the technical supervisors of the Goldkey Auto Group will lend their hands for support so thatyou can take note of the minutest nitty-gritty before making the final selection. There are people who look for easy financing solutions. In fact, as the first time purchaser of a used car, you will not mind using one of the easy payment and repayment plans. Regarding this aspect also, the dealership comes to your assistance and provides you with user-friendly financing and refinancing options. With comprehensive insurance plans and easy monthly installments that won’t pinch your pocket, the sales executives will help you pick the right vehicle.
  2. 2. How To Locate A Transparent Auto Dealer In Surrey, BC? Right from purchasing the vehicle to having the same serviced on a regular basis, you can afford to serve all your purposes. That’s because the Auto Dealer in Surrey, BC is there to address both your needs. The group has managed to strike the line of difference. It has taken years of concerted effort and discipline to carve the niche as a premier car dealer. For years together, the automotive dealer has been serving and objectifying the needs of a diverse cross-section of customers. No two customers are exactly, similar in their objectives. The automotive group, or for that matter the dealership agency knows how to delve deep into the fine lines of differences. Be Discreet In Selection As a customer, your focus will be on locating a reliable Auto Dealer in Surrey, BC. At your end, you should know how to separate the grains from the chaff. There are dealers that are notorious for making not-so-transparent stunts. But at the same time, there is a fair share of dealers who are transparent about the terms and statements that they make. When you go through the promotional accounts, it is necessary to read between the lines. It is something like this. The dealership states that it has the depth and diversity to repair, as well as, maintain the brand new and the previously owned vehicles. The statement doesn’t make specific references to the makes and the models. You will need to ask specific questions about the warranty, guarantee and the maintenance that the company offers before putting down your money on the vehicle of your choice. Note Your Specifications You may be specifically interested in the purchase and service of a medium commercial vehicle. The point here is to crosscheck and ascertain if the Auto Dealer in Surrey, BC has the expertise to service the commercial vehicles of different types. The rule of the game is simple. If it has the potential to sell and maintain heavy-duty commercial vehicles; then it will also be in a position to undertake the repairing and servicing of the small as well as, the medium scale commercial vehicles. However, discuss all of these aspects before you select the car or SUV for your requirement. See Things For Yourself It is not enough for you to know that the Auto Dealer in Surrey, BC has the licensed credential and that it has managed to make a difference. You should see things for yourself. Just take an online dive, and scrutinize if the helpdesk is willing to answer your questions. You may have queries to make about your purchasing, financing or the servicing plan. The first impression matters a lot, and if you find the helpdesk to be cooperative in clarifying the odds and issues; then you can afford to materialize the next line of action.
  3. 3. Servicing Package of The Car Dealer In Surrey, BC You have recently made a brand new purchase from the Car Dealer in Surrey BC. Now, you are the proud owner of a sleek and tech-savvy four wheeler. The dealership gives you the warranty, the one that you are supposed to receive from the manufacturer. So, you have the peace of mind that if things go wrong, you can go back to the dealership for getting them suitably rectified. It is fine that you have made a fresh new purchase but then you cannot be oblivious of the servicing requirements. It is mandatory to have the car serviced on a regular basis; if not twice a year, at least, once a year, you should register your car for the purpose of servicing. Line Up A Schedule You needn’t be in a contractual term with the Car Dealer in Surrey, BC. You may, or may not have an agreement, it doesn’t really matter. In spite, of not having the agreement, you can schedule a servicing plan. But then, it is necessary to make a prior appointment, and only then can you expect the qualified technicians of the dealership to line up a servicing plan. It is possible to schedule the servicing plan online because of the net-based connectivity. You are just supposed to fill in an online format. It is best to get all of the details of service and maintenance visits that you will need to keep such that your vehicle remains in good condition at all times. Fill The Details The online format will require the following details. Apart from stating your name, and the mailing address, you are also supposed to specify the phone numbers. The Car Dealer in Surrey BC also has information to seek about the make and model of your car. You have to be particular in pinpointing the time and the date of the purchase. The most crucial piece of information relates to the exact details of the servicing plan. Do you need a full-fledged servicing, or are you just interested in washing, waxing and interior cleaning? In the segment designated as the servicing type, you are supposed to pinpoint your precise specifications. There are standard services that are offered and you can always look at that option. The Different Technical Aspects In this context it is worth noting that the Car Dealer in Surrey, BC has the range and expertise to unleash a full-fledged servicing plan that consists of adjusting the brakes, balancing the tires, adjusting the alignment, tuning up the engine and flushing coolant. As part of the comprehensive servicing package, you can also expect the technical team to rotate the tire, change the oil and replace the filters. The transmission system also gets the spruce up that it needs with the appropriate change of the oil and lubricants. Keeping your car in good condition is the first step for smooth rides.
  4. 4. Used Car Dealer In Surrey, BC Serves You In Ways More Than One You have brainstormed yourself quite a bit, and come to the decision to buy a used car. You know that you are just a click away from the help as the Used Car Dealer in Surrey, BC is there to make things happen. Buying happens to be a long drawn process, and you are supposed to go, in a sequential series of steps. Making the right selection of the model and the make is not the only thing to do. As a prospective buyer, you are supposed to take note of the accident record and the insurance history of the car that you are going to purchase. The insurance will be higher if the car has been in accidents in the past. Thus, consider the key aspects before you purchase it. Get All The Information The question that comes up is, how and from where will you get the accurate information? As said previously, you should be clear about the security interests standing of the secondhand vehicle. It is necessary to take note of the precise situation. The Used Car Dealer in Surrey, BC is particular about providing you with the exact details. That’s because it emphasizes on the needs for maintaining the car proof record. Each and every vehicle that finds inclusion in the inventory has the car proof record. So, as a prospective buyer, you need not be in the dark regarding the security standing of the car. The Standpoint Is Clear The dealership is particular about providing the buyers with the details of the insurance, as well as, the accident claim information. The Used Car Dealer in Surrey, BC believes in being transparent to the users and customers. You can be sure that you are accessing the latest data. That’s because the dealership maintains a database system that has updates information about these transactions. The sources of data are checked out, on a regular basis for updating the information. So, the buyer need not think that he is being provided with the stale and outdated records. You can compare different insurance policies before settling for the best for your budget. However, it is best to buy a comprehensive plan that covers your vehicle and occupants for all adversaries. Know The Reasons So, now you know why you can afford to strike an arrangement with the Used Car Dealer in Surrey, BC. First, you have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a certified dealership, one that has the proven track record of success. Secondly, you know that the dealership goes all out to satisfy every single end user. Most importantly, it provides you and the other users with the exact and authentic record. The fact that you can check the car proof record and information both in English, as well as, in French does prove to be an added edge of an advantage.