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Career in Cinematography

This presentation covers various segments of Job description of a Cinematographer, the pay scales, study paths, the top institutes in India and abroad, activities involved as a Cinematographer, areas they work in, the real aspect of being in Cinematography and many such discoveries.

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Career in Cinematography

  1. 1. Career in Cinematography Unlock your potential www.careerwiki.in
  2. 2. COMPETITION Career snapshot STUDY LEVEL EARNING ROI GROWTH INDIA/ ABOARD SOCIAL IMPACT STABILITY HIGH UG/PG MODERATE MO DERATE MODERATE BOTH AVERAGELOW Cinematography or director of photography deals with handling the operations of camera and lighting equipment’s to shoot film, TV show or a video. Cinematographers are the professionals who give visual identify to the film. They work with director, camera and light technicians to achieve desired visual outcomes. What is Cinematography What Cinematographers Do? www.careerwiki.in
  3. 3. www.careerwiki.in ACTIVITIES They DO? They dissect the screenplay, conduct research into different styles and motifs relate to script Liaise with director to understand how the film need to be shoot Plan the technical execution of shot which includes identifying the equipment and staff Procure the equipment and identify the staff During the shoot handle camera operators, gaffers, aerial camera technician During the shoot decide correct lenses, filters, cranes, steadicams, dollies and lights are used 
  4. 4. Industries They Work FILM THEATER ADVERTISING www.careerwiki.in
  5. 5. www.careerwiki.in Creativity and artistic vision Imaginative Confidence Flexibility Stress Management Good Photography skills Knowledge of camera and lighting equipment Good communication & team skills Knowledge of colour & moving image Personality TraitsAptitude Traits What is needed?
  6. 6. www.careerwiki.in Study path Diploma UG PG Diploma in Cinematography Certificate course in Cinematography & Film Making Bachelors Filmmaking Program B.Sc. Cinema PG Diploma course in Film and TV Direction PG Diploma in Cinematography MSc Cinema + PGD in Cinema
  7. 7. www.careerwiki.in top institutes of india Institutes Program Duration Program Name Selection Basis Film and Television Institute of India, Pune 5 years 5 years 5 years Courses in Direction, cinematography, sound recording and sound design, Editing PG Courses in Screenplay, Cinematography Courses in Acting, Cinematography 4 year, 2.5 year Courses in Media & Management Candidate should be a graduate from a rec- ognised university. Few Institutes have private entrance exam such as FTII as a part of the selection process followed by Personal Interview 5 year, 2 year Courses in Film Making/Television 3 year, 2 year 3 Years Post Graduate Diploma In Direction Diploma in Film Direction Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata Whistling Woods International, Mumbai Center for Research in Art of Film and Television, Delhi Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida L V Prasad Film And TV Academy, Chennai National Institute Of Film & Fine Arts, Kolkata
  8. 8. www.careerwiki.in top INSTITUTES aboard InstitutesCountry Program Name Selection Basis USA American Film Institute (AFI) Courses in Film Making California Institute of Arts B.A/M.A Courses in Film making & Cinematography Minimum education qualification for a degree and diploma is 10+2 or equivalent Any graduate preferably arts graduate could apply for Post Graduation Good Past Academic records/ in selected courses Toronto Film School Diploma Courses in Cinematography London Film School Beijing Film Academy Sydney Film School Diploma of Screen & Media Masters & Certificate CoursesNational Film and Television School (NFTS) Masters & PhD in Film Making Courses UG/PG & Short term training programs USA CANADA UK CHINA AUSTRALIA UK
  9. 9. www.careerwiki.in CAREER PROSPECTS Entry level salaries for the assistant cinematographer starts at 15-20K The average salary for the cinematographer is 84-96K
  10. 10. www.careerwiki.in Showcases strengths for both creative and technical thinker Pay scale is above average and goes up with experience Potential for travel for on-location shoots Chance to develop diverse skill set PROS CAREER REALITIES
  11. 11. Long or irregular hour Camera operators should stay updated on the latest technology in the field Potential for physical labour, such as hauling equipment Highly stressful job coupled with frequent traveling CONS www.careerwiki.in CAREER REALITIES
  12. 12. CareerWiki – India’s First Career Discovery and Development Platform To Discover 300+ Careers, Identify RIGHT Career for You and Develop Your Career Visit us at www.careerwiki.in