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  1. 1. “Bellwork” Ideas
  2. 2. Creative Ideas for Bellwork... In my classroom, I use the time during announcements as a reteach/intervention opportunity. However, we all know how hard it can be to get students engaged first thing in the morning. So, with the help of my son, who drew the pictures, and a fellow teacher (thanks Ben!) I came up with these two ideas:
  3. 3. Measurement and Compare and Contrast
  4. 4. The Cats Based on my two cats, Kira and Shelby. The students love talking about my pets and their pets, which engages them in the lesson. First they compare and contrast the cats based on the information given. Then they find the difference in their measurements.
  5. 5. The Vehicles Same concepts, different subjects.
  6. 6. The Results My students are significantly more engaged during Bellwork when they have this sort of activity. So far, I have only used my son's art for two concepts, but I will be using it more often. My students know my son. He is a high school student, which makes him “cool” in the eyes of my 2nd grade students and therefore they want to do whatever he has given them to do. I have a few students who will refuse to do work, and yet will do this Bellwork. So based on that alone, this works.
  7. 7. Please Use the Activities As You Like.