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The Korean War book by Goldstein and Maihafer

With the 60th Anniversary of the TRUCE being honored this year. Take the time to honor the soldiers of the FORGOTTEN WAR>

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The Korean War book by Goldstein and Maihafer

  1. 1. Korean War Book Brassey’s AMERICA GOES TO WAR series, Project Details When it was time to being working on the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War, I met with Donald Goldstein to discuss topics for inclusion. The fist outline did not include any background information on the time from the end of World War II, when Japan occupied Korea, to the outbreak in 1950. Don and co-author Harry Maihafer, agreed with my assessment and I was delegated the task of doing photo research. I knew my dad had been in Korea, but had assumed it was during the shooting war. He clarified to me it was a part of World War II and that he had photos of that time. Some of this photos fleshout Chapter 1 Land of the Morning Calm. REMEMBERING Those who served in the Korean War Roy Wikman, winter of 1947 in Korea. Part of the 7th Infantry Division. Serving as army of occupation. Columbia, South Carolina: draftee RoyWikman in basic infantry training.