IBM Aspera overview

12 Jul 2016

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IBM Aspera overview

  1. Aspera Overview Richard Voaden – UKI Channel Sales Leader, Aspera +44 (0)7764 666577
  2. 1) To show you how to spot an Aspera opportunity ! 2) To outline the Aspera portfolio (Sales overview not technical) 3) To look at the Aspera opportunity from Sharepoint 4) Summary / Q and A / Close – But interaction is welcomed throughout.. 5) But before all of that…. This… 2 AGENDA AND OBJECTIVES
  3. 3 Key data characteristics to look for. Volume of Data ? Large files or large volumes of smaller files Value of data ? Distance data needs to be sent ? Also, is Security important ? Aspera encrypts data ensuring its secure.. 3 HOW DO YOU SPOT AN ASPERA OPPORTUNITY
  4. Software technology company innovating new data transfer solutions Based in Emeryville California Founded in 2004, now part of IBM Software (ToB July 1st 2015) Creators of the FASP™ protocol • Innovative, patented, highly efficient bulk data transport technology • Unique and core to Aspera’s high-performance file transfer software suite • Outperforms software and hardware WAN acceleration solutions • Ranked first in every WAN transfer throughput benchmark Patents: FASPTM Bulk Data and Dynamic Bandwidth Control issued in USA and 30 other countries, others pending in over 32 countries Markets Served: Media and Entertainment, Federal Government, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Cloud Computing, Software and Gaming, Financial Services, Legal, eDiscovery, Engineering, Technology, Telecommunications, Service Providers, Architecture and Design, Brands, Enterprise IT Global 24x7 Support: Support and sales offices in Sophia-Antipolis, Singapore, Virginia US, and Direct Sales and Sales Engineering throughout globe 4 ABOUT ASPERA
  5. 5 Creating next-generation transport technologies that move the world’s digital assets at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. OUR MISSION
  6. MARKET /INDUSTRY TRENDS 6 Big Data Explosion • Exponential growth in data sizes • Mix of file sizes—but larger files becoming the norm, 4K media files on the horizon ? Diversity of IP Networks—Media, Bandwidth Rates, and Conditions • Variable bandwidth rates (slow to super-fast) • Bandwidth rates increasing—costs decreasing • Network media remains diverse (terrestrial, satellite, wireless) • Conditions vary—all networks prone to degradation over distance Global Workflows—moving files and Big Data over WANs • Teams are increasingly geographically dispersed, increased offshoring • Over distance, network conditions degrade • Contemporary TCP acceleration solutions not designed for big data transfer and replication Cloud Computing Grows Up • More choices: IBM SoftLayer, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, OpenStack • No longer a niche – Netflix (transcoding), MTV (global video distribution), BGI (genomic sequencing)
  8. Distance degrades conditions on all networks • Latency (or Round Trip Times) increase • Packet losses increase • Fast networks just as prone to degradation TCP performance degrades with distance • Throughput bottleneck becomes more severe with increased latency and packet loss , • The path between 2 end points is never a straight line ? TCP does not scale with bandwidth • TCP designed for low bandwidth in 1970’s • Adding more bandwidth does not improve throughput Alternative Technologies • TCP-based - Network latency and packet loss must be low • Modified TCP – Improves TCP performance but insufficient for fast networks • UDP traffic blasters - Inefficient and waste bandwidth • Data caching - Inappropriate for many large file transfer workflows • Data compression - Time consuming and impractical for certain file types • CDNs & co-lo build outs - High overhead and expensive to scale 8 CHALLENGES WITH TCP AND ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGIES The TCP Bottleneck
  9. Maximum transfer speed • Optimal end-to-end throughput efficiency • Transfer performance scales with bandwidth independent of transfer distance and resilient to packet loss Congestion Avoidance and Policy Control • Automatic, full utilization of available bandwidth • On-the-fly prioritization and bandwidth allocation Uncompromising security and reliability • Secure, user/endpoint authentication • AES-128 cryptography in transit and at-rest Scalable management, monitoring and control • Real-time progress, performance and bandwidth utilization • Detailed transfer history, logging, and manifest Low Overhead • Less than 0.1% overhead on 30% packet loss • High performance with large files or large sets of small files Resulting in • Transfers up to thousands of times faster than FTP • Precise and predictable transfer times • Extreme scalability (concurrency and throughput) 9 THE SOLUTION: FASP™ FASP Overview
  10. 10 FASP® – PERFORMANCE BREAKTHROUGH • FASP transfer speeds are not affected by distance • Performance scales linearly as bandwidth increases • Equally supports large files and large sets of small files Benchmark Resources
  11. 11 EASY TO PROVE
  12. FASP® – MANAGEMENT WITH ADAPTIVE RATE CONTROL Extraordinary bandwidth control • Automatic, full utilization of available bandwidth • Protection of other network traffic with “fair” policy • Allows “bursts” in TCP traffic and reclaims unused bandwidth as it as it becomes available Real-time prioritization of transfers • Highly-concurrent transfer stacking • On-the-fly, per flow, user and job prioritization • Concurrent transfers adjust bandwidth consumption on the fly, allocating available bandwidth based on transfer priority System-wide monitoring and reporting • Real-time progress and performance analysis • Real-time bandwidth utilization • Detailed transfer history, logging and manifest 12 FASP Summary
  13. Aspera on Demand AWS and Azure A HISTORY OF INNOVATION AND GROWTH faspTM - Next generation high- speed bulk data transport 2004 Today2006 2008 2010 fasp3TM next generation for any bulk data faspMCTM IP Multicast Aspera Developer Network Developer Subscription faspAirTM Mobile devices Aspera faspTM Developer SDK Point-to-Point Transfer clients Cargo Auto download Enterprise Server Universal file transfer Connect Server Web-based interface Sync High-performance sync faspexTM Server Person-to-person Orchestrator Workflow Automation Over 3,000 customers world wide 2012 Aspera on Demand Auto-scaling Connect Web-based plug-in Shares Web Sharing Drive Desktop Integration Proxy Secure DMZ Outlook Add-in Email attachments Console Centralized Management Mobile Uploader Mobile App faspex Mobile Client Mobile App faspTM Next Generation Core Transport Distribution and Collaboration Management and Automation Cloud Aspera on Demand IBM – SoftLayer
  14. 14 HOW WE DO IT - ASPERA PRODUCT PORTFOLIO FASP™ PATENTED HIGH-SPEED TRANSPORT Web, Desktop, Email, Mobile, Embedded Private On Premise Distribution, sharing, collaboration and exchange Transfer management, monitoring and automation Scalable, high-performance synchronization and replication TRANSFER CLIENTS WEB APPLICATIONS MANAGEMENT & AUTOMATION SYNCHRONIZATION TRANSFER SERVERS Any Data Size, Any Distance, Any Network Conditions Any Infrastructure: Block, Object, On Premise, Cloud Public and Private Cloud Hybrid
  15. When you find a lead contact IBM Aspera team for help with configuring and quoting.. Richard Voaden – 07764 666577 – Lee Otterway – 07979 806263 - 15 WHAT NEXT ?
  16. © 2014 IBM Corporation Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint Aspera ® for Microsoft SharePoint High-speed file transfers without file size and storage limits 16
  17. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 17 Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 17 Every day, SharePoint users are challenged… UPLOADING … to transfer large files and data sets… to collaborate with global colleagues… to adopt new workflows… …assuming that they even try You deserve to never struggle again
  18. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 18 A macro-level view of SharePoint’s challenging future The number of SharePoint licenses shipped as reported by Microsoft1. However, low rates of user engagement and adoption (~50%) diminish the value. A key source of SharePoint dissatisfaction is the painfully slow and unpredictable transfer speeds of large files and data sets over distance by distributed groups of users. Limited125 Million Slow SharePoint has file size and storage limits that restricts its use. This concerns IT as the projected amount of data created and copied annually is doubling in size every two years and by 2020 will measure 44 zetabytes.2 SpeedScale Size 1 2 2014 EMC Digital Universe Study with data and analysis by IDC, April 2014 - Key Takeaway • Enterprise IT can benefit greatly by improving SharePoint, which has ~80% market penetration in Fortune 500 companies Key Takeaway • User experience and collaboration could be improved considerably by simply improving transfer speeds to save users time Key Takeaway • File size and storage limits are becoming increasingly problematic as file sizes and volumes grow at an accelerated rate Many enterprises are significantly invested in SharePoint, but widespread adoption an emerging use cases are often hindered
  19. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 19 • Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint enables SharePoint 2013 users to – Overcome SharePoint file size, file number, and repository size limitations – Transfer large files and data sets at high-speed predictably and reliably anywhere in the world – Apply SharePoint more broadly in large file and data set workflows and business processes • Aspera helps SharePoint admins to – Increase adoption through better user experiences – Leverage the cloud and more flexible storage architectures – Improve ROI on existing software and storage investment Introducing Aspera ® for Microsoft SharePoint
  20. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 20 SpeedScale Size Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint addresses these challenges and more • Transparent user experience as a result of a seamless integration into SharePoint – no training necessary • Flexible deployment options for storing data in any repository, on-premises or cloud, while encrypting files throughout the transfer process • Supports SharePoint check in and check out workflow to facilitate document collaboration • No file size or number of file limitations • Upload individual files or whole directories; directory structures will be automatically created inside the Microsoft SharePoint document library • Files are stored outside of SharePoint content repositories, making it possible to separate file storage from SharePoint database storage locations • Fast, secure, predictable transfers over WAN with FASP ® at full bandwidth capacity • FASP uploads and downloads enabled directly from within the SharePoint document library interface • Users get extraordinary bandwidth control with preset or on-the-fly management Key Benefit • The seamless integration into SharePoint creates a transparent user experience Key Benefit • The transfer speed improvements help transform the user experience and boost user productivity Key Benefit • With no file and storage limits, there could be greater adoption and increased potential for new SharePoint use cases
  21. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 21 High-Speed SharePoint Transfers with Aspera – Integrates directly into the SharePoint interface – Upload or Download files of any size – Upload or Download folders with any number of files – Retain nested folder structure within SharePoint – Preview images during upload – Automatically launch native viewer on download – Integrates with SharePoint search – Check in/check out native SharePoint workflow – Pause, Cancel, and Resume transfers – Encrypt file transfers In Flight and At Rest (EAR) Seamlessly integrated capabilities delights users
  22. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 22 Aspera differentiation at the core CLOU D HYBRID ON-PREMISE FASP 3 DISTANCE INDEPENDENT INFRASTRUCTURE AGNOSTIC Locate your big data anywhere and move it seamlessly with high-speed, secure transfers FILE SIZE INDEPENDENT Maximum transfer speed, optimal bandwidth utilization and maximum I/O throughput on any storage platform regardless of number or size of files ALL PARADIGMS & DEPLOYMENT MODELS Transfer, replicate or synchronize your data in all types of scenarios: one-to- one, hub and spoke, unidirectional and multi-directional
  23. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 23 Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint delivers clear business value Speed Scale Business outcomes • Enhance the user experience to facilitate greater collaboration • Increase adoption through better experience • Increase employee productivity with faster performance • Broaden SharePoint use cases to include large file and data set workflows • Transition to use of the cloud and more flexible storage architectures Size
  24. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 24 • Download the datasheet “IBM Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint” • Watch the webinar with a product demo “IBM Aspera FASP high-speed transport” • Download the whitepaper “IBM Aspera FASP high-speed transport Next steps Note: Click on thumbnails in Slideshow mode to link to the pdf
  25. © 2014 IBM Corporation Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint Backup 25
  26. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 26 Customer Data Center SharePoint integration architecture On-Premise Datacenter CIFS/ SAN Storage FASP HTTP 1 2 3 4 Customer Site 1. User authenticates to SharePoint 2. SharePoint application communicates with Aspera via Node API 3. Content is uploaded to and downloaded from storage via Aspera ® Connect Server 4. SharePoint application accesses content in object storage for processing THE SOLUTION Aspera Enterprise Server + Connect licensing
  27. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint © 2014 IBM Corporation 27 SharePoint integration architecture Cloud Datacenter FASP HTTP 1 2 3 4 Customer Site Cloud Platform • User authenticates to SharePoint • SharePoint application communicates with Aspera via Node API • Content is uploaded to and downloaded from Object storage via Aspera • SharePoint application accesses content in object storage for processing THE SOLUTION Aspera Enterprise Server + Connect licensing