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Knowledge Graphs and Rich Snippets - Pubcon 2016 - Carrie Hill

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My presentation from Pubcon 2016 - Rich Snippets and Knowledge Graphs. jSON-ld or Schema or both? How to get involved with the Schema working group & more.

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Knowledge Graphs and Rich Snippets - Pubcon 2016 - Carrie Hill

  1. 1. #pubcon@CarrieHill Knowledge Panels Rich Snippets Semantic Markup The Evolution of Search Results and How to Take Make it Happen for your Business Carrie Hill Co-Founder - IgnitorDigital.com
  2. 2. #pubcon@CarrieHill Semantic Markup is not a Bandaid
  3. 3. #pubcon@CarrieHill
  4. 4. #pubcon@CarrieHill What’s New in the World 8/9/16 - ‘make make’ 5/4/16 - ‘deimos’ 11/5/15 - ‘phobos’ http://schema.org/docs/releases.html
  5. 5. #pubcon@CarrieHill Latest Schema Release - ‘makemake’ Added substantial vocabulary for hotels and related accommodation, alongside a dedic LodgingBusiness Accommodation House Apartment CampingPitch Room Suite starRating amenityFeature LocationFeatureSpecification floorSize permittedUsage petsAllowed checkinTime checkoutTime New vocabulary includes:
  6. 6. #pubcon@CarrieHill ‘deimos’ & ‘phobos’ HighlightsAdded: • Language around restricted diets - suitableForDiet, RestrictedDiet • Schema.org entries for Monday-Friday and PublicHolidays, based on the GoodRelations originals. • offerCatalog for specifying a catalog of offers by an Organization or Service. • geoCircle as a subtype of GeoShape, along with geoRadius and geoMidpoint to help define the circle. • offeredBy property to relate an Offer to a Person or Organization. • branchCode to represent codes identifying stores and other business locations. Also: • Completely deprecated ProfessionalService • Cleaned up areaServed markup • Generalized properties from Product to apply to Service - audience, brand, logo • Clarified OpeningHoursSpecification and added a special OpeningHoursSpecification • Marked homeLocation, workLocation as subproperties of location, and marked location as expecting textual values. • The address property now anticipates Text values, to support unstructured address data.
  7. 7. #pubcon@CarrieHill Reviews you markup with strict Review / Rating / aggregateRating on your site should ONLY live on your site. What Changed in Review Markup ~8 or 9/2016 - Google Changes How they want Webmasters to use Review Markup - Clarifies Guidelines. Have provided a mechanism for marking up 3rd party reviews and review snippets from other websites. http://schema.org/publisher http://schema.org/author
  8. 8. #pubcon@CarrieHill Critic ReviewsReview Snippets Embedded Reviews & Critic Reviews
  9. 9. #pubcon@CarrieHill Make sure the reviews and ratings you mark up are readily available to users from the marked-up page. It should be immediately obvious to users that the page has review or ratings content. Do not markup what doesn’t exist on a page. https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/reviews#review-snippets
  10. 10. #pubcon@CarrieHill Ratings must be sourced directly from users. Don't rely on human editors to create, curate or compile ratings information for local businesses. These types of reviews are critic reviews. Sites must collect ratings information directly from users and not from other sites. For Local Businesses
  11. 11. #pubcon@CarrieHill jSON vs Schema Use what works Use what you’re comfortable with JSON goes in the <Head> not wrapped around content - doesn’t “break as easily” Google has indicated they’ll use both, doesn’t favor one over the other IMO - JSON has a greater potential for abuse (marking up content in the “code” that doesn’t exist on the page.) Google will slap that down - don’t do it.
  12. 12. #pubcon@CarrieHill Tools for Markup https://www.jamesdflynn.com/json-ld-schema-generator/ http://json-ld.org/playground/ http://jsonld.com/ https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool https://raventools.com/site-auditor/seo-guide/schema- structured-data/ http://tools.seochat.com/category/schema-generators
  13. 13. #pubcon@CarrieHill Mobile - Google Now & Cards Creates a Card Email Markup
  14. 14. #pubcon@CarrieHill Markup & Voice Search Schema & jSON help Search Engines Understand Content on your website Voice Search is dependent upon Siri, Alexa, or Cortana or ? understanding content on your website Understanding = Ranking (sorta) http://neilpatel.com/2016/08/09/type-no-more-how- voice-search-is-going-to-impact-the-seo-landscape/
  15. 15. #pubcon@CarrieHill What’s in it for ME?
  16. 16. #pubcon@CarrieHill What’s in it for Google? We are structuring, organizing, labeling and defining data FOR them. They are rewarding us.
  17. 17. #pubcon@CarrieHill Get Involved - Or Do Stealth-Like Lurking http://schema.org/docs/howwework.html https://www.w3.org/community/schemaorg/ https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues
  18. 18. #pubcon@CarrieHill Thanks!