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Casa Santa Monica friendly enviromentally

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Casa Santa Mónica, a boutique hotel located in Cali, certified with the Colombian Environmental Seal, likes to share with you the important process for Environmental Management from its building design to our day by day…

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Casa Santa Monica friendly enviromentally

  2. 2. Casa Santa Mónica, a boutique hotel located in Cali, certified withthe Colombian Environmental Seal, likes to share with you theimportant process for Environmental Management from itsbuilding design to our day by day…
  3. 3. We generate environmental reliability lookingforward to satisfy all aspects for our guests andconsolidating the respect for life, plus solidaritybetween people and earth…
  4. 4. We would like to leave this environmentallegacy , and satisfaction and enjoyment from a hotel that thinks in the environment, health, and peacefulness for whom share our services
  5. 5. OUR ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT… • To meet with environmental applicable law • To preserve natural resources such as water, power, natural gas, looking for decreasing their spend • To prevent contamination through the management of solid and liquid waste • To promote an environmental culture in our guests, providers and staff in Casa Santa Monica. • Constantly improve our process and procedures. Environmental Policy
  6. 6. To fulfill this commitment webase our effort in anEnvironmental ManagementSystem to integrate all serviceswe offer.
  7. 7. Specific Goals• Minimizing, separating, and properly disposal for all dangerousgarbage we produce• Using water efficiently to achieve a better use and contribute thepreservation of it.• Rationalizing power and gas use to optimize their use• Minimizing and handling properly all chemical products used on our hotel• Building an information system to follow up and evaluation to allowpermanent environmental management process
  8. 8. COLOMBIAN ENVIROMENTAL SEAL With our Environmental Management System, and compliance of NTC 5133 we were one of he first ones hotels in Colombia certified with ColombianEnvironmental Seal, which is the tag for distinguish the hospitality and touristic facilities that offer services with environmental responsibility on their process.
  11. 11. We use natural light and ventilationThe huge windows allow natural light to invade the areas offering a warm environment and comfort integrated with everything around
  12. 12. WE PREFEREFLOURESCENT LIGHTBeing consciousabout the needto ration poweruse, fluorescentlight - yellowing type- is generalized.
  13. 13. WE USE NATURAL GAS For cooking, washing, laundry and hot water supply and dish wash.Gas Stove - Extractor Gas heater
  14. 14. EFFICIENT WATER USEWe use saver water system on taps and sanitary
  15. 15. We do physicalchemical and biologicalanalysis each semesterto verify water quality.We do residual watertreatment throughgrease traps.We collect rain water forwatering plants, washingthe streets and cars.
  16. 16. GARBAGE HANDLING We prefer biodegradables or recyclables packing. We reuse paper, tonner, or packages We choose garbage according to each type (recyclable, reusable, or dangerous) properly. We do an appropriate garbage disposal
  17. 17. PROPER HANDLING FOR CHEMICAL PRODUCTS•We preferbiodegradable products• We use adequatedoses suggested by ourprovider• We train our staff aboutprevention, handlingand safety procedures inchemical spills. NO ES DE CSM FOTO TEMPORAL.•We assure properlysignaling and disposition
  18. 18. WE ARE READY TO RESPOND TO AN EMERGENCYWe have positioned extinguishers according to industrial safety. Evacuation maps areshown on visible places around public areas
  19. 19. Our areas are We design wider properly markedstairs with non-skid according to the edges to prevent hotel standard falls or accidents.
  20. 20. ACCESIBILITY Casa Santa Mónica has two accessible rooms, withtheir accessible bathrooms, adequate with bars andwide areas to make easier the comfort and safety to our guests.
  21. 21. AROUND USWe are privileged having a forest area nearby, where there is a hiking way to take onmornings or practicing some outdoorexercise. We participate on its maintenance
  22. 22. The area we are located is wooded, giving thesensation of freshness, peacefulness, harmonized by the birds and cicadas singing
  23. 23. REDUCING THE NOISE TO KEEP THE PEACEFULNESS The windows are double glasses, laminated to give double function: to isolate the noise plus make them safer in case a window is broken, due it was added to a film and it wont be break as a regular glass.
  24. 24. SILENT TOILETSThe toilets are Prestige line, which are the most silent in the market. The noise produced by the drain tubeshas been controlled by the fiberglass all the way long the pipes.
  25. 25. WE PROMOTE EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION PROCESS FOTO TEMPORAL. NO ES DE CSM We offer permanent education to our teammembers, qualifying them in every aspect, which isreflected in the excellent care and service provide to our guests and providers.
  26. 26. We fortalice our organizational culture byenvironmental awareness, highlighting the value of life, and the conviction to continue building balanced relationships with our surroundings, reflecting a warmest approach with our fellows.
  27. 27. Communication is the art for weaving relationships, ideas and meanings… It is the so vital reason to continue communicating with those whom share our services. Weprefer personalized communication and we complete it with announcements inviting to think and act environmentally
  28. 28. WE PREFER ECOLOGIC • Our fruits and flower are organically produced.• We prefer organic supplies to take care of our gardens. • We have the Garden Hotel´s Guide to teach you identify many of our species.
  29. 29. Music: Storms in Africa – Kitaro - Enya Pictures for slide 15 y 25 : from Internet Pictures for slide 26 y 29: fromwww. natgeo.comOther pictures: Matilde y Patricia Escobar – File made for Casa Santa Mónica.
  30. 30. Matilde Escobar J. Arquitect – Enviromental Design Cel. 313 782 90 04 Patricia Escobar J. Agricultural – Biologist Enviromental Managment Cel. 313 699 00 18E-mail: gestionambientalenhoteles@gmail.com