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The Canadian Smartphone Market in 2014

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The Canadian smartphone market is evolving at a remarkable rate. In this infographic from Catalyst and GroupM Next, we take a look at how smartphones are being used in the Canadian market, what the ownership group looks like, and how users are behaving as they mature.

The study includes data on:
- Mobile device ownership in Canada
- Length of Device Ownership
- Cross-device Ownership Habits
- Mobile Operating System share in Canada
- Mobile Search in Canada
- Application Usage in Canada
- Top Smartphone Applications in Canada
- Biggest Inconveniences of using an Application
- Top Smartphone Activities in Canada & the US
- Biggest Pain points for Mobile users in Canada

In addition is the publishing of a whitepaper on how brands can better capitalize on the

For a complete look at the evolving smartphone user in Canada read our whitepaper Acting on The Evolution of the Canadian Smartphone User.

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