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2013 success

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2013 success

  1. 1. LOCAL – MOBILE - SOCIALBe The Brand In You Category
  2. 2. Your Business Goals What’s new Top 3 business goals Potential growth Obstacles - strategies Action items – Competition, Economy, Must-do What capacity are you operating at %? What is success to you Priority – Current customers/New customers What is going to change What is the first improvement you want/need to make What do you love to do Advertising-what can you do better Growth expectations What can I assist you with the most
  3. 3. What do you Sell or Service What product/service will help you achieve those goals How do you plan to expand What has the most potential What would you like to sell more of How do your products/services compare to competition Where will your growth come from over next couple of years
  4. 4. Your CustomersIdeal CustomerTypical CustomerTravel – To,From?Current or New?FrequencyAverage WorthWhere are they?Lifetime Value
  5. 5. Reach your Perfect Customer – BuyerPersona A Buyer Persona is a segment of people within a particular target market that share common demographics and interests. The idea behind creating a buyer persona is to understand the wants and needs of a specific demographic. You stand a much better chance of communicating and persuading them to take some defined action once you know who they are. Target market as a grouping of customers with a similar problem. Buyer Persona then goes one level deeper and tries to group customers within a target market by a particular set of demographics and needs.
  6. 6. Buyer Persona AttributesAn important element in defining buyer personas is to identify any physical andemotional characteristics within that group. For example, you may uncovercertain buying habits or needs based on any one of the following: Gender Education Income Marital Status Occupation Employment StatusYou may also be able to uncover certain emotional characteristics that will help you further define your personas. These types of emotional characteristics might include fears, desires and values. Although emotional characteristicscan be difficult to uncover, they can also give powerful indicators as to how to best deliver your marketing message. The personas you create must bebased on actual research from your existing customers and prospects.
  7. 7. The anatomy of a purchase  The content that you deliver on all marketing platforms plays a critical role in every stage of the inbound marketing process, from first introduction so that consumers are aware your company, to the goal of converting leads into customers. The types of content, your marketing game plan to nurture them on this “get to know” journey down the funnel, are often very different from each other.
  8. 8. Awareness  Your potential customer gets acquainted with your brand. Your prompting may be timely and relevant and they realize they may have a need for your product/service.(Good time for Online Branding, Direct Mail – Highly targeted, volume mediums that educate, are timely and can create a call to action)
  9. 9. Consideration & Research  The consumer looks at their needs and starts investigating possible solutions, The web is a fabulous place to research and compare, including your product/service. (SEM, SEO, Online Directories)
  10. 10. Comparison & Preference  The Customer has options, vendors will start to stand out in this period (This is a good time to stand out. How are you helping them solve the problem? A How to Video? A free E-book with valuable information? A blog with relevant topics that mirror their agenda?)
  11. 11. Purchase  The company that does the best job at nurturing and engaging the customer down the funnel wins the business.
  12. 12. Perform  Now it’s totally up to you. The quality, the execution, the experience are all in your hands. You possess the power to feed your own funnel and create your own viral campaign from customer experience (everything social, reputation management)
  13. 13. Advertising & MarketingWhat How What is your message  Digital Image  Mobile What has been effective  Social/Word of Mouth How do they find you  Branding now  Promotion Competitors strategy Action plan  Directional  Reputation
  14. 14. Content Marketing Great content is customer centric, and value focused. When content marketing is focused purely on product, it frees up marketing departments to create truly creative campaigns. It is this unbridled creativity that not only drives breakthrough content, but real engagement from your audience. Create an e-book, take a poll, ask for customer videos, create a YouTube channel, an interactive blog, create a forum, have a contest, invite them to a webinar, look into mobile location based services to send your message to those in your proximity, give a deal-of-the-day, tweet tips and trends, create an app, put your QR code everywhere you can, organize a virtual event, send out an Ezine, publish a report.
  15. 15. It starts with your website Core site content. Search engines love content. They need content to find your site. The more content you have, the more opportunity for your site to be indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing. We will create compelling core site content, so people will find you. Evolving content. Even if the search engines find you, people may not care if your sites content is not relevant. The older your content gets, the less relevant your content is. The easiest way to have new content is to have news and opinion (blogs) articles posted on your site. It is not hard to write a blog… it just takes a few minutes. Site descriptions and tags. Each page on your site will have unique descriptions and tags to help search engines find you. Compelling graphics. The site content is key for search engines, but the graphics are key for the user experience, We will tag them properly to help the search engines out.. Product information. All of your product information will be on your site. We will make it easy for them to find what they are looking for Inbound links. We need as many inbound links as we can get. Products, Associations and more Get the word out. We will put a running link to your YP.com reviews and link to your social sites
  16. 16. Be The Brand In You Category How do you make your site relevant at the moment someone is considering the purchase of your product or service? Where will they look when they are ready to buy? Google? Yellow Pages? YP.com? iPhone? How do you incent them to buy? Direct Mail? Online Branding & Coupons?
  17. 17. Reach your Perfect Customer Target Your Audience Deliver your message to the right audience using geographic targeting and behavioral targeting across the top 100 websites. Geographic targeting delivers your ad to consumers in your geographic zone, while behavioral targeting directs your ads at consumers looking for your products or services based on search terms, visited content, clicked ads, and clicked search results. Online branding increases awareness and the performance of all your directional advertising (Google, YP.com, Print Yellow Pages, Mobile, etc)
  18. 18. Example – Your ad follows those who made searchesrelated to your business/profession
  19. 19. Create Customer Engagement Increase Consumer Response Companies who added a video ad or video profile to their YP.com listing saw a 30% overall increase in clicks and a 16% overall increase in consumer calls.* Every video ad ends with your business name, phone number, and an active link to your company website to prompt consumer response.
  20. 20. Now we need to get you here The value of Search Engine Marketing utilizing Paid inclusion is that a website can get the benefit of immediate traffic to a site. It is easy to justify with regards to benefits since the ROI can be tracked directly. We will track calls, clicks, keywords, for m fills and more.
  21. 21. YP.com users are an affluent,ready-to-buy audience Be Found. Find Customers. Manage Your Brand. AT&T Advertising Solutions – We are a One-Stop-Shop for your essential local advertising needs. One ad buy on YP.com provides access to over 100 properties leveraging multiple media platforms across the web, mobile, U-verse TV*, and more.
  22. 22. It’s about making connections  Mobile Barcodes  Click to Call  Map/GPS  Read Reviews  Click to Web  Click to Coupon  Watch Video  Save Contact
  23. 23. Connect With Customers via Their Mailboxes Keep Top-of-Mind Direct Mail Gets Results Studies show over 50% of recipients read direct mail immediately.* Additionally, 73% prefer to receive their marketing messages by direct mail, while only 18% percent prefer an electronic alternative.** The average ROI of direct mail marketing is 15.6 to 1,** and YP Real Yellow Pages advertisers see a 60% increase in reach when they combine a direct mail campaign with their current directory listing.*** Starter Direct Mail Budget with new program
  24. 24. Connect With Ready-to-Buy CustomersStudies show 78% of YPReal Yellow Pages usersmake a purchase orintend to make apurchase,* so yourbusiness listing will beexposed to many ready-to-buy customers.* Plus,YP Real Yellow Pagesusers spend an averageof 25% more than theaverage consumer and insome cases even higher*to increase your ROI.
  25. 25. SEO – influence of relevancy and authority, driventhrough content  Key words placed in specific areas so you can be found in search results  Optimizing title tags – first things people see about your company in search  Limit Characters to 70  Place most relevant keywords at front of title  Make it compelling  Optimize photos – keywords in file name and alt tags with brief descriptions  Do not keyword stuff!  Ranking locally – list a business address citation  Have exact same citation appear on multiple sites across the web  Have company reviews on high ranking social sites  If just getting started use: Google/addurl.com to submit your site  Want to know what pages Google has indexed? Site:www.yoursite.com  Important for local. Add you site to YP.com, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local
  26. 26. Need Leads? YP Advertising Solutions connects consumers and advertisers across multiple digital platforms, online, mobile and even TV. I present exciting new products and services from our growing portfolio of brands including YELLOWPAGES.COM, the most preferred Internet Yellow Pages in the U.S. We also developed the technology behind Ingenio Pay Per Call. We offer 360 degree marketing including Website/Mobile Websites, Online Video & Digital Tours, Targeted Direct Mail and On Demand Printing, Text Campaigns, Online Branding to your perfect Audience, Directional lead generation through Search Marketing and SEO. Print Yellow Pages and our YP.com traffic platform, Barcodes and more.
  27. 27. Call Me To Get Your Free Media Assessment My goal is to create success for my clients as they define it. Im super passionate about what I do. Whatever I can do to help, whether it is a product I represent or not, my clients know that I am a resource to help. I define success as trust in your abilities.