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Welcome to the May Edition of Paeds Biz

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Have a sneak peek at our latest edition of Paeds Biz. A FREE online e-magazine tailored to allied health professionals and private practice owners who work with children and families.

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Welcome to the May Edition of Paeds Biz

  1. 1. Welcome to the May Edition of Paeds Biz How to improve your Paediatric Private Practice
  2. 2. An Introduction to Cathy Love Occupational Therapist, Coach, Author and Speaker For first time readers a quick intro, I am Cathy Love and I am the founding director of Nacre Consulting and I work with parents and disability service providers to achieve brilliant outcomes for children with special needs. I provide a range of services: - Private practice coaching to business owners - Family Service Coaching for parents to help them manage their child’s team and services - Clinical supervision to individuals and allied health professional teams - Service delivery consultation to disability service providers More to be read about all that over on my website www.nacre.com.au Each month I write up news, useful information and pearls of wisdom for those working with children and families in the disability sector. Given that it is a rapidly changing landscape and one that is increasingly privatised there is typically lots of news to be shared. “Paeds Biz” is a dedicated online easy to read FREE magazine for Australian allied health professionals working with children and families.
  3. 3. This months topics include: (Click through to an article below) End of Financial Year Paeds Biz Forum – 25th June 2016 Pow Wow Private Practice Group Coaching Business Plans – you can and you should What you should know before setting up a small business Bookshelf Money Management 101
  4. 4. End of Financial Year Paediatric Private Practitioner Checklist:  Check in with your accountant regarding effective tax management strategies Review progress against your 2015 - 2016 budget Set big and bright new revenue and profit targets for the 2016 - 2017 financial year Check over your financial systems, reports and how you and the team are using them Get in touch with your accountant and make a date Click here to view the full article
  5. 5. Paeds Biz Forum 25th June 2016 A day of inspiration, networking and business know how for Paediatric Private Practitioners. Join us for a fast paced day of digital marketing, customer service excellence, workplace safety, business management and growth and top legal tips. Details Melbourne CBD 9.00am to 4.30pm Investment Early Bird Registration is $390.00 until COB Friday 27 May 2016 Full Registration is $450.00 then applies Click here to view the full article REGISTER TODAY
  6. 6. Business Plans – You Can and You Should Write a document summarising your current status Plan and write your business goals Action the plan into achievable steps Find a format you like online Dedicate weekly time to work ON the plan Review your progress against the plan monthly Click here to view the full article
  7. 7. Have you chosen a Business Structure? What business structure you choose, whether it’s a sole trader, partnership or company, largely depends on your business goals. Every new business needs to apply for an ABN (Australian Business Name) and register their business name. If your business has an annual turnover of over $75,000, you must register for GST (Goods and Services Tax) Click here to view the full article What You Should Know Before Setting Up a Small Business Guest Writer Anthony is a lawyer and Marketing Director at LegalVision
  8. 8. “Me Time, The Professional Woman’s Guide to finding 30 guilt free hours per month” Author: Kate Christie “Digitally Enhanced. How to enhance your web presence to attract more of your ideal clients” Author: James Crook Podcast: “The Customer – Centric Show with Mel Telecican” Click here to view the full article Bookshelf
  9. 9. Invest in great Practice Management System Software that makes invoicing, receipting and reporting easy Get your financial team in place and working together Build systems one by one Have a budget and use it It is one thing to be a excellent clinician but quite another to be a strong manager Click here to view the full article Money Management 101 How would it feel if you completely understood and assertively managed all aspects of your private practice finances?