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Odoo 14 POS Features

In Odoo 14 POS module certain new features are been added like the Product configurator which enables you to choose the product attributes and optional products from the sale order itself.

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Odoo 14 POS Features

  1. 1. www.cybrosys.com Odoo 14 POS Features
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  In Odoo 14 Point of Sale module certain new features are been added like Product configurator which enables you to choose the product attributes and optional products from the sale order itself.  Advanced options for cash control which allows you to check the amount of the cashbox at the opening and closing.
  3. 3.  You can thus make sure no error has been made and that no cash is missing, certain changes are brought up while setting opening balance, and also an option is provided to add notes while starting the session.  Manage orders where one can manage Reprint receipt, refund, and exchange orders as well one can view their orders in different statuses like Ongoing, Payment, Receipts, and Tipping.
  4. 4.  In pos module,you can choose the product attributes while adding to order line . So let’s Go to pos module.From dashboard select settings of shop
  5. 5.  Here we can see that new options product configurator,Manage orders .So enable these options and save
  6. 6.  After that open a shop session and select your products
  7. 7.  At this time will get a popup for select the attribute for the selected product.Select the options as you want .Then Add.
  8. 8.  From the orderline we will get the attribute details
  9. 9.  Secondly let’s have a look on advanced cash control.From shop settings enable the option Advanced cash control >Save
  10. 10.  Go back to pos dashboard and start a new session.Click on NEW SESSION
  11. 11.  We will get a window like this, for enter Opening amount and note.Enter the details and click on open button
  12. 12.  Let’s look at some changes in customer setting,Click on Customer
  13. 13.  There will be changes in customer list window,Now select a customer ,we will have the option EDIT .Click on that.
  14. 14.  It will lead into new window,we will get the loyalty,basic details about the customer from there .
  15. 15.  Now let’s discuss about this feature in pos ,Click on the Orders
  16. 16.  We will get the order details with its status.For taking new order we can simply click on New Order
  17. 17.  Let’s check with this case, we make back an order before its validation
  18. 18.  From orders we can see that,the order is in Payment status
  19. 19.  In odoo 14 there is a new feature for filter the orders from orders list window
  20. 20.  If we complete our order by validating
  21. 21.  We will redirected to new window and also we will get option send .This new feature enables the vendor to send the bill of the product to the customer through email.
  22. 22. For More Details Check our company website for related blogs and Odoo book. What's New in Odoo 14 Check our YouTube channel for functional and technical videos in Odoo. Odoo 14 POS Features | What's new in Odoo 14 Point of Sale?
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