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Twitter: Marketing vs customer support

Twitter boosts sales but complaints get in the way of your sales – here’s the solution. Some tips to improve your Twitter Customer support, keeping it as a sales channel as well.

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Twitter: Marketing vs customer support

  1. 1. Twitter boosts sales but complaints get in the way of your sales – here’s the solution.
  2. 2. Using twitter for business works. It is not debatable any more. Using twitter for business works. And using it to sell directly works even better. Large blue chip companies like Dell have reported huge sales through this medium. It’s not a surprise that many more are jumping on the band wagon… but are they driving it properly? Few people are still ignoring twitter but how many are actually generating more and more sales each year? So what is the secret? The truth is that the strategy is no different to that of any other social medium. Find what your audience is interested in and engage them through interesting posts, coupons, competitions and information shared. Simple enough
  3. 3. The solution is to separate But how many of these marketing twitter channels turn into the reverse. Practically all of them. Many Twitter accounts become flooded with customer service queries and complaints. This provides an opportunity to interact with existing customers, showing them that you listen and care, however it also turns off any prospective clients you may have had the opportunity to win over due to the negative words and lack of clarity. So even if you’re proving that you care and resolve all your customers’ complaints, they’re still not going to find the clear path to understanding and buying your products or services. The solution is quite simple – separate your customer care from your marketing efforts. Call centre agents and online marketing executives have very different training and specialisations and therefore one certainly cannot replace the other. This is where Dell’s secret lies.
  4. 4. @Dell They have at least 3 twitter channels @Dell – which addresses the interests and engagement of prospective customers by segmenting the market, @DellServices which focuses on a different sales segment selling Dell services and finally they have a third channel called @DellCares. It’s all in the name, if you’re a prospective client knowing that they dedicate a whole channel to their support will definitely be a plus and give a good impression.
  5. 5. Marketing VS customer support It will also allow you to direct people to one channel when purchasing from you making them feel like you’re easy to reach and are willing to support them. This may even help you close a percentage of your sales. The biggest plus is that this leaves marketing to get on with marketing allowing support and complaints to be directed away from the main marketing channels in order to not interfere with the lead nurturing process built into the marketing strategy. So boost your sales by getting the right people to manage your marketing, and give us a call we’ll make sure your support channel is top notch. email us on: info.centrecom@centrecom.eu Call us on: +356 2364 4000 www.centrecom.eu