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Cities Outlook 2019: cities and a decade of austerity

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This presentation offers a brief summary of the findings in Centre for Cities' report Cities Outlook 2019 which focuses on a decade of austerity in Britain. The presentation maps out which cities have been hardest hit by austerity, and which ones have been able to respond by increasing their spending power.

Read the full report at: www.centreforcities.org/outlook-19

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Cities Outlook 2019: cities and a decade of austerity

  1. 1. Cities Outlook 2019 a decade of austerity
  2. 2. #CitiesOutlook @CentreforCities centreforcities.org/outlook-19 Local government has borne the brunt of austerity
  3. 3. #CitiesOutlook @CentreforCities centreforcities.org/outlook-19 Contrary to reports, this has fallen mainly on cities
  4. 4. Northern cities have been hit especially hard, with Barnsley and Liverpool hardest hit
  5. 5. These cuts have combined with growing demand for social care
  6. 6. #CitiesOutlook @CentreforCities centreforcities.org/outlook-19 This has meant that other services have seen their spending particularly squeezed
  7. 7. The hardest hit are also less able to raise their own money in response to grant cuts
  8. 8. #CitiesOutlook @CentreforCities centreforcities.org/outlook-19 The variation exists because of the way grant was cut
  9. 9. #CitiesOutlook @CentreforCities centreforcities.org/outlook-19 With examples from specific service lines
  10. 10. #CitiesOutlook @CentreforCities centreforcities.org/outlook-19 Some cities have responded to these cuts, but they have limited flexibility to do so
  11. 11. #CitiesOutlook @CentreforCities centreforcities.org/outlook-19 For austerity to end, cities need
  12. 12. Cities Outlook 2019 a decade of austerity