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New york stone

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New york stone

  1. 1. NEW YORK STONE of New England has a reputation that is unparalleled in the stone busi- ness industry. Over the last 26 years, New York Stone has evolved into more than just a marketplace for wholesale stone. Today, it is an important part of the unique architectural landscape of the New York Metropolitan area; an exciting blend of culture and commerce in which buildings become a vi- sual expression of individual character, upholding a quality that justifies the increasingly sophisticated building stone applications of the city. New York Stone has grown into a thriving business, showcased by its enormous potential, expanding to Connecticut, Massachusetts and throughout the East Coast. The strength of our business is predicat- ed on our broad network of international suppliers, sourcing specialists, consultants, interior design- ers as well as our unlimited access to the most distinguished stone quarries and tiles the world over. New York Stone is strongly committed to helping each client construct their ideal building applica- tions, be it residential or commercial, enhanced by our expertise, expedient service and competitive pricing. In order to satisfy our customers’ needs and ensure their confidence, all our materials are rigorously examined and sourced to guarantee its quality. Our clients choose from an eclectic assortment of slabs and tiles which can be custom cut to size, accommodating a myriad of architectural projects. We provide an impressive array of fine quality stones such as granite, marble, limestone, quartzite, travertine, onyx, porcelain, quartz, glass tiles and other natural and man made stones and tiles. With our incoming inventory, we constantly introduce new styles and variants to satisfy our customers’ growing needs. Likewise, our customers have come to appreciate the unique quality of our stones, en- hanced by the attention to detail and creative ingenuity that is infused in every project.
  3. 3. NATURAL STONE & MAN MADE STONE Slabs • Tiles • Mosaics Granite Marble Limestone Quartzite Travertine Onyx Porcelain Quartz Glass
  4. 4. our STRENGTHS New York Stone of New England boasts its depth of knowledge and experience in stone making, since 1989. Our quality material is sourced from the world’s finest stone quarries including Italy, Portu- gal, Brazil and Vermont, USA. We maintain an extensive variety of natural and man made materials. Inventory is constantly incorporating the latest developments and trends, ensured by a reliable and systematic shipment schedule. Our comprehensive network of international suppliers enables us to offer unparalleled quality at wholesale prices. The unique team of specialists, designers and consultants we call our own, ensure the satisfaction of our clients’ vision. our REPUTATION New York Stone is known for its enthusiasm in service and design, as well as a passion for diversity in the materials we source. Our goal is to supply the highest quality materials without compromising on attention to detail. Materials are meticulously checked before handling and shipment, which en- sures quality control. We guarantee customer satisfaction from consultation until the completion of the desired project, considering our clients needs, requirements and interests. our SERVICES Our Inventory includes 1.3 million Sq. Ft. of natural stone tiles, and all stone varieties are available in slab, tile and mosaic form. We can also create any custom order and cut the desired material to size. When time is of the essence, our fleet of trucks will be made available for expedient delivery services. Our price points range from high end to moderate material, catering to a range of projects and clients.
  5. 5. Chani Roubini Director of Sales 11 Kimberly Avenue | West Haven, CT 06516 | Office: 203.933.4800 | Fax: 203.933.7023 Cell: 347.401.3114 | sales@newyorkstonect.com | www.newyorkstonect.com