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The Advertising Creative Brief

The mechanics and structure of the creative brief

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The Advertising Creative Brief

  1. 1. The Advertising CreativeBrief Chappy
  2. 2. POVA creative brief is an authentic short story toinspire creative imagination. There is no perfectcreative brief, form or format although anagencyʼs creative brief must be consistent, if notthe work will not work.Briefing of creatives is equally as important aswriting the brief; a great briefing sometimes ismore memorable and effective than the brief.The only authority the creative brief has is tomake the work better.
  3. 3. Creative brief elements Target: who is the story about? • Describe consumer, shopper, household target behavior, attitude Challenge: what interesting problem or challenge is the target facing? • Every great story has tension; find the human conflict • Address business issue or marketing tactic Motivation: what is the desired outcome the target hopes for? • The motive is what links attitude to behavior, culture to consumerism Setting: where and when does the story take place? • Time, place, date, conditions, germane to the story Obstacles: what things get in the way of the targetʼs goal? • Hurdles to go over, hoops to jump thru, obstacles to go around, mountains to move, walls to climb over Climax: how does the target confront the challenge or problem? • Consumer insight Close: what is the idea or proposition of the story?
  4. 4. Test: Nike - Just do it Target: humans who want to be super Challenge: self confidence - Marketing: awareness campaign Motivation: I want to win, achieve more Setting: anywhere, anytime, right now Obstacles: status quo Climax: if I donʼt perform right now I probably wonʼt win Proposition: lazy is a choice