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Special nouns

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Plural form but singular in meaning
Singular in form but plural in meaning

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Special nouns

  1. 1. Nouns that comes in pairs:
  2. 2. Miscellaneous nouns that are plural in form and in meaning
  3. 3. • His braces were newly replaced. • My brother’s jeans are too short for him. • Mom’s eyeglasses have been misplaced. •The surroundings are noticeably clean. • The goods were brought to the counter.
  4. 4. Diseases or Infections - ends with ‘s’ but singular in meaning
  5. 5. Examples: 1.Rhinitis is most often caused by pollen carried in the air. 2.Leptospirosis is an infectious disease.
  6. 6. Studies and Activities - ends with ‘s’ but singular in meaning.
  7. 7. Examples: 1.Phonetics deals with the sound of speech. 2.Gymnastics requires balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  8. 8. Words ending in –ics may be considered plural if they are not referred to as disciplines or field of study. Examples: 1. Your ethics disrupt everyone. 2. The contest mechanics were incomplete.
  9. 9. Alwaysremember!
  10. 10. Alwaysremember!
  11. 11. Try! 1. Billiards (is-are) John's favorite sport. 2. Scissors (is-are) dangerous when you're running. 3.Where (is-are) my eyeglasses? 4.The Philippines (is-are) the land of the Filipinos. 5. Mathematics (is-are) my favorite subject. 6. Molasses (is-are) used to feed horses.
  12. 12. Choose the correct verb that agrees to the noun. 1. These goods (is, are) not enough for one month supply. 2. Rickets (is, are) not a contagious disease. 3. Your binoculars (protect, protects) your eyes a lot. 4. Rabies (come, comes) from animals especially from dogs. 5. Your tactics to overthrow someone (is, are) a shame to everyone.
  13. 13. 6. (Is, Are) your clothes ready for the party? 7. Where (is, are) my pajamas? 8. The proceeds of the concert of the concert (is, are) given to the foundation. 9. Cosmetics (is, are) in demand these days. 10. Gymnastics (has, have) created beautiful bodies.
  14. 14. Compound Nouns Add –s to the base word or the most significant word. Ex. assistant headmaster mother-in-law passerby