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  1. 1. Charbel Karim MASSAAD Personal Resume Family name : Massaad Surname : Charbel Birth date : Beirut, December 19, 1963 Nationality : Lebanese Marital status : Married Address : Gemmayzeh, Gouraud St., Ashrafieh, Beirut - Lebanon. Mobile : +961 03 973 353 E-mail : charbel1963@gmail.com EDUCATION SAINT JOSEPH UNIVERSITY - USJ Graduate in Business Administration 1988 COLLEGE DES FRÈRES MONT-LA-SALLE Bachelor in Commercial Sciences 1984 WORK EXPERIENCE BOU NASR FOR TRADING, IND. & CONT. – Lebanon  Administrative and Sales Manager 2008 –2013 In addition to Below Job Functions: • Assist with preparation of the budget. • Implement financial policies and procedures. • Establish and maintain suppliers and payables accounts. • Reconcile the accounts receivable. • Reconcile weekly deposits. • Manage distribution of utilities bills and collections of accounts. • Manage the filing, storage and security of documents. • Respond to inquiries. • Manage the repair and maintenance of computer and office equipment. • Maintain insurance coverages. • Supervise customer services and respond to customer inquiries. • Assist with preparation of Bylaws.
  2. 2. • Perform all the duties related to warehouse and inventory management. BOU NASR FOR TRADING, IND. & CONT. – Lebanon  SALES MANAGER 1998 –2008 Activity: Industrial raw material trading, polyester resin, fiberglass. Main Functions: • Manages sales of the company’s products and services. • Performs sales activities on major accounts and negotiates sales price and discounts. • Identifies objectives, strategies and action plans to improve short- and long-term sales and earnings. • Ensures consistent, profitable growth in sales revenues through positive planning. • Provides monthly and quarterly results assessments of sales improvement. • Formulates all sales policies, practices and procedures. • Collaborates with company owner to develop sales strategies to improve market share in all product lines. • Interprets short- and long-term effects on sales strategies in operating profit • Collaborates with company owner to establish and control budgets for sales promotion and trade show expenses. • Assist in the development of the annual marketing plan, specifically advising on: realistic forecasts for each product and territory (based on historical data, market trends, competitive activity, promotional strategy and sales effort), realistic operation costs • Provides timely feedback to company owner regarding performance. • Provides timely, accurate, competitive pricing on all completed prospect applications submitted for pricing and approval, while striving to maintain maximum profit margin. • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies and exhibitions. • Improves product marketability and profitability by researching, identifying, and capitalizing on market opportunities; improving product packaging; coordinating new product development. SOCIETÉ LIBANAISE D’AMEUBLEMENT – DUNLOPILO-Lebanon  PRODUCTION MANAGER Home Furniture 1997 - 1998 Activity: House furniture production Main Functions: • Follow up on: o Plant Production.
  3. 3. o Cost Account. o Quality Control. o Deliveries Programming. PROFILES RHF LTD CO. – Sharjah, U.A.E  FACTORY MANAGER 1994 - 1996 Activity: Steel structures, cladding, cold storage production Main Functions: • Finishing Approval. • Contract Release. • Follow up on: o Plant Production. o Cost Account. o Quality Control. o Deliveries Programming. GREEN LINE CO. FURNITURE MANUFACTURING - Sharjah, U.A.E.  PRODUCTION COORDINATOR 1990 - 1993 Activity: Furniture Manufacturing Main Functions: • Turnkey project. • Contract Release. • Follow up on: o Plant Production. o Cost Account. o Quality Control. o Deliveries Programming. BANQUE DU CRÉDIT POPULAIRE - Lebanon  PERSONAL ACCOUNTS 1988 - 1990
  4. 4. LANGUAGES Fluent in Arabic, English and French COMPUTER LITERACY Microsoft office and other Intranet and Internet Applications REFERENCES available upon request