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Evalution (1)

  1. 1. Q1. The mastheadIuseddevelopsthe formsof areal mediaproductas I have usedthe same bold textand inside one of the lettersIhave insertedasmallerwordbut,Ihave put it at a differentangle to give ita unique anddifferentlookasitwill be eye-catchingforthe audience whoare observingit. By changingitI have developeditasI onlygot the ideafromthe real mediaproduct. Iusedblack for my mastheadbecause the colourlinkstothe genre whichishorrorand blackis linkedwith fordeath. Above mymastheadIhave got writingtofeel atthe topwhichshowsa few movie.Ihave usedthat froma real mediaproduct bykeepingthe exactsame layoutbut,Ichangedthe spacesin between each wordby usingfull stopsinsteadof stars. Iusedfull stopsbecause starsgive ita more positive effectandmymagazine issupposedtobe a horror-like magazine andblackfull stopsgivesitadark and boldeffect. Ihave challengedconventionsof real productsasthe colour of my textiscompletely differenttoanyothermagazine as I have onlystuckto twocolours.Redand blackare my main coloursfor the textonmy magazine coverbecause boththe coloursrepresentmygenre.Redisused because bloodisa knownfactorfor a horror filmandblackdenotesdeathanddeathisa main factor inhorror films. On mosthorror filmpostersthe backgroundandlayoutisknownforbeingverydarkand sinister looking.Ihave usedthe same conventionsasotherpostersbecause the layoutwill have tobe dark and sinisterlookingsopeoplerecognise itstraightawayasbeingexposedasahorror film. Ihave put the house inthe centre of the posterso itcan be noticedanditis eye-catching.The restof the backgroundiscoatedin darknessbecause the house isthe mainpriorityof the posterandthe audience canlookat howcreepythe house looks. The darknessisusedbecause itshowshow creepy and eerie the layoutandwhatthe outcome will be.Ihave developedformsof real mediaproducts by creatinga tagline whicheveryone horrorfilmposterhas.Ihave displayedthe taglinebelow the mastheadbecause Iwantto showwhat the filmiscalledandthe morale of the story.I have developeditbypresentingthe layoutinadifferentwayandhave smudgedthe writingtogive ita creepyandbloodcurdlingeffect.Ihave challengedconventionsof real mediaproductsbycreatinga masthead,tagline andthe date andcreatinga differenteffectbysmudgingthe writingbecauseit givesita disturbinglookbecause itlinkstothe posterasthe picture isverydark and spine-chilling and theybothlinktogetherbecause itcreatesahorrificlook.
  2. 2. A horror trailerisrenownedforhavingcreepyandoldfashionmusicbecause itgivesasense of a disturbance whilstwatchingthe trailerandthe musicisone of the main factorsfor a horror trailer because wheneverhearingthe musicit’ll be knownforthe trailer.Ihave usedthe same conventions for mytrailerwiththe musicas the musicis the same for the trailer‘Insidious2.’The reasonI chose the musicwas because the musicisveryoldfashionedandishappyat the start to show the firsthalf of the trailerispositive untilthe musicstopsanddisruptioniscausedafter.Ihave developedforms of real mediaproductsinmytrailerby referencingthe Lionsgatesproductionlogobut,changingitby callingthe production‘Mac Productions.’Before thatitsays‘fromthe producersof sinisterand insidious’ because itshowsthatthe trailerisonpar withthe otherscary filmsthatare known.Iused it because ittakesuptime inthe trailerand itgivesa professionalfeel whenwatchingthe trailer. The impact on the audience isthatwhenthey’re watchingthe traileritlooksmore professionaland lookslike the trailerisnotdone byan amateur. I have challengedformsof real mediaproductsin my trailerbyonlystarringone personinthe whole trailer.Mosttrailerswill have more peopleinthe trailerbut,I have chosento star one personbecause itmakesiteye-catchinganditisunique to othertrailersasit standsout that one personisinthe whole trailer. Thisimpactsthe audience because itgivesthemone persontonotice andtheycan get to know the character well ratherthan more.