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Special Projects

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Special Projects

  1. 1. Special Projects Performed While Working for Ohio Support Services, Corp. • Developed a series of computer worksheets to keep track of overtime usage and generate current reports. Voluntarily developed forms for, large site managers to document overtime usage at their sites, for easy data input into company overtime usage computer database. • Voluntarily assumed the duties of ensuring company (with 210+ Security Officers) rigidly adhered to all regulations of the State of Ohio concerning licensing of contract security personnel. Voluntarily developed and maintained a computer database of 210+ contract security officers registered through the State of Ohio, which resulted in the ability to generate current reports upon demand as required by law. • Voluntarily wrote leading articles for company monthly newspaper. • Obtained bids and purchased equipment / supplies as needed. Saved company money by leasing a used vehicle for weekday parking lot patrol post, then used rented vehicle’s excess allotted millage during weekends to drive to sites for weekly site inspections per my suggestion. Obtained bids for repair / maintenance of company owned vehicle. • Filled in for illness / vacations of personnel department and administrative department personnel as requested. • Recruited new employees at local colleges and universities as requested. • Conducted applicant’s interviews and background investigations as requested. • Conducted applicant’s criminal history checks at the Clerk of Courts Office as requested. • Inventoried used uniforms and issued uniforms as requested. • Voluntarily conducted job analysis and develop job descriptions to help Personnel Department in selecting new employees. • Took corporate office staff on weekly inspections to acquaint them to the sites, per my suggestion. • Voluntarily solved problems with weekly payroll when employees from managed sites called about mistakes found on their paycheck. • Generated annual reports of security site activities with charts and graphs as requested. Voluntarily developed form for, large site managers to document security activities at their sites, for easy data input into database that would be used for generating future management reports. • Voluntarily developed forms to assist in analyzing company financial issues, which was later used by the company controller. • Researched legal issues as requested and submitted reports on findings as requested. • Developed customized security surveys and document the security condition of facilities as requested. • Analyzed the security condition of facilities and conduct a risk analysis to determine security needs. • Developed innovative options to meet the security needs at facilities. • Accepted weekly supplies for sister janitorial company. • Trained to assist / fill in for sister janitorial company. • Formulated other managerial reports as requested. • Conducted internal investigations as requested. • Attended corporate staff meetings. • Attended meetings with company president and clients / organizations. • Briefed company president daily on operation department activities and issues, in the absence of the vice president. • Trained new Area Supervisors. • Voluntarily conducted research and development on solutions to foreseeable issues which may negatively impact the company. Approximately 90% was later needed and used. • Performed other special assignments as requested. • Prioritized projects in accordance with daily company needs.