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On street parking management system

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On Street Parking Management through Sensor.

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On street parking management system

  2. 2. On-street parking management constitutes of:  Parking payments methods  Sensor based system for space tracking  Statistics for city administration for future planning  Mobile app to locate parking spaces  Real time detection of violations
  3. 3. Parking Payment Methods  The system can be integrated with multiple methods for parking payments; as desired by city authorities such as  Coins & cash  Credit card  Debit card  Mobile phone payments  Monthly parking permits  Terminals
  4. 4. Sensor based system for space tracking  Wireless sensors are embedded in each parking space to identify its occupancy status in real time. The information from parking sensors is updated to a central system that keeps track of parking status across the entire street or block of that area.
  5. 5. Statistics for city administration for future planning  It allows authorities to generate hourly, monthly and yearly reports, as per their requirements. The reports include complete data such as:  Revenue accrued  Occupancy levels and demand analysis  Parking violation incidents  Effectiveness of dynamic pricing
  6. 6. Mobile app to locate parking spaces  A downloadable mobile app provides users with information about available parking spaces and parking fees at any given time. Based on this information, users can easily locate the parking space closest to their destination without having to circle around the streets to find parking space.
  7. 7. Real time detection of violations  Based on the occupancy status determined with the help of sensors, the system can guide the enforcement authorities to potentially offending vehicles with expired time limits or illegal parking. This mechanism saves significant time for the enforcement officers and helps them to guide the violators or take other necessary action.
  8. 8. For Clients  Save electricity: Traffic may be directed progressively to other levels and the use of electricity can be optimized. Levels which are not used may be switched off to save on illumination, ventilation etc.  Inventory: 100% visibility of the city in real time.  Violation detection: Guided enforcement and real time detection of parking violations.  Customer loyalty: By finding a place to park quickly, customers are satisfied and their possibility of returning increases.  Fraud control: Authorities have complete visibility of parking utilization and collections
  9. 9. For Commuters  Saves time: Commuters can access free parking spots fairly quickly without wasting time driving around looking for a place to park. This is particularly helpful during peak hours.  Mobile guidance: Availability and pricing information is at the commuter’s fingertips through a mobile phone application.  Better service: A comfortable and convenient service is provided, reducing stressful situations and decreasing the risk of an accident (especially during rush hours).