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How to Talk to Your Employees About Social Media

Have you had the social media “talk” with your employees yet? To date, most employers have avoided this. In this session you will learn how to empower your employees with common sense guidelines needed for safe, responsible and effective social media use, both personally and professionally. This session is based on the key learnings from over a hundred social media policies and social thought leaders on the web.
This talk about “The Talk” was presented by Social Media Training Expert, Cher Jones at Social HR Camp at Ryerson University in Toronto (Aug 2012)
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How to Talk to Your Employees About Social Media

  1. 1. Oh, Oh! I think we’d better have “the talk” How to talk to your employees about social mediaPresented by Social Media Training Expert, Cher Jones at #SocialHRCamp
  2. 2. Having the “talk” feels just like...having the “talk”.
  3. 3. Know what you are going to say @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  4. 4. Talk about it early @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  5. 5. Attitude reflects leadership @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  6. 6. Explain the “Why” @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  7. 7. Share a few “cautionary tales” @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  8. 8. Be clear about your rules @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  9. 9. Reinforce your values (& policies) @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  10. 10. Don’t get to technical @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  11. 11. Share good advice Give lots of advice @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  12. 12. Acknowledge it’s not easy @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  13. 13. FACT: They will mess up @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  14. 14. In case of emergency...there’s a plan @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  15. 15. Identify who they can talk to @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  16. 16. Let them know that you’re watching @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  17. 17. Be ready for questions @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  18. 18. Be open to change Encourage ideas @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  19. 19. Share your vision of a social future Share your vision for the future @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  20. 20. Continue the conversation (often) @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  21. 21. Questions? @itscherjones cher@sociallyactive.ca #SocialHRCamp
  22. 22. Thank You Your employees have questions about social media. We can help you answer them!Visit www.sociallyactive.ca for more information