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CHERYL AVERY Facilitation Resume

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CHERYL AVERY Facilitation Resume

  1. 1. CHERYL AVERY_________1682 Apple Valley Rd., Bolingbrook, IL 60490 I c: 630-661-6632 I averyteam@comcast.net PROFILE Results-oriented Corporate Facilitator who provides top-level training for a wide range of businesses; from large corporations to small start-ups. Adept at training sales teams on features, functions and benefits of new and existing products and services, while promoting teamwork and sales advancement. Delivers energetic and entertaining instruction with clear objectives and outstanding results. Collaborates well with team members to ignite ideas and inspire new avenues for success. HIGHLIGHTS  Team Builder and Leader  Facilitation/Training Development, Management and Implementation  Tour, Trade Show and Event Coordinating  Collaborative, Driven Team Member  Experienced Trouble Shooter  Courageous and Willing to Ignite Ideas  Strong Organizational Skills  Excellent Customer Service Skills  Time Management Skills  Creative Thinker  Over 25 Years of Experience EXPERIENCE TOYOTA/AIMIA Since 2004, facilitating Toyota's safe driving programs country wide; "Toyota Driving Expectations" On-the-Road Program, "Teen Drive 365" Distracted Driving Simulator Program, "Teen Drive 365" In-Dealership-Clinics, and "Teen Drive 365" In-School Program. With the ultimate goal of SAVING LIVES, facilitating training sessions with parents and teens to promote safe driving techniques and avoid distractions behind the wheel, teaching parents the best coaching techniques to successfully train their teen drivers, and provide both virtual and behind the wheel accident avoidance training. IU HEALTH HOSPITAL SYSTEMS/VentureInternational,Inc. Facilitating training sessions for the entire hospital system. Working with hospital team members, from surgeons to janitorial staff, to build their communication skills, inspire a positive working environment, and improve the patient experience. CHEVROLET/Campbell Ewald and Jack Morton Facilitating several years of in-dealership sales training sessions for Chevrolet product launches country wide; "Chevy Tracker Tour", "Chevy Impala Tour", "Chevrolet Impala Follow-up Tour", "Chevrolet Monte Carlo Tour", "Chevy Avalanche Tour”. PHILIPS/GGPand LiveMarketing Introducing new Philips Respironics products to the medical community across the country as well as re-introducing products to clients who might be using competitive products. Facilitating lead generation for sales associates by sharing product knowledge through product demonstration and client conversation.
  2. 2. GENERAL MOTORS/SITELCORP./Jack Morton Facilitating training sessions for customer service representatives at customer call-in center. Assisting in development of training curriculum. CADILLAC/Visual Services, Inc. Trainer/Facilitator for the Cadillac DeVille "Power of &" Tour traveling to automotive dealerships across the country to facilitate in-dealership sales team training sessions. RELATED TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE UNIVERSITY of CINCINNATI/1991Graduate/BFA JIM MILLION FACILITATOR BOOT CAMP/Successful Completion BRAND AMBASSADOR/PRODUCT SPECIALIST  Comcast  Exxon Mobil  Philips Respironics  Pearson  Gallus  Toyota  Bison Gear and Engineering  Museum of Science and Industry  Mercedes  HBO  Budweiser  Easy Spirit Shoes  CINTAS  Brendamour’s Sporting Goods  Paramount Productions  Ford Motor Company SPECIAL SKILLS Award winning musical theatre actor and proud union member of Actor’s Equity Association (theatre resume available upon request), ear prompter proficient, professional face painter, mother of two, adds laughter to any work environment.

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