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Field Reporting

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Field Reporting

  1. 1. Crime Rate Coverage in Chamrajpet Chamrajpet rests in the heart of Bengaluru, bordered by Basavangudi, Chickpet, Majestic and Banashankari. Even though it is at the centre of the city, it is far away from the hustle bustle. The area is quiet, calm, filled with lush green trees. It endures a sense of sophistication. It is one of the posh areas in the city. All the top, high profiled people like judges, lawyers, big businessmen and likes are known to stay there. Other than that we have Bull Temple, National College, RSS Office and General body meetings happening in this area which keeps a check on the crime rates. That is how the residents of an area have power over the rate of crime. “Our crime rates are down by seventy percent” says Police Inspector Gopinath N.S of the Chamrajpet Police Station. “We had over 100 rep-sheets for the year 2013 which has now come down to around 30 rep-sheets.” In order to have law and order lowered and maintained like that, it certainly takes some hard work and a lot of home work. The police station maintains a good list of arms license holders, the number of temples, colleges, high schools, and primary schools present in the area. The list also covers the number of hospitals and nursing homes, post offices, banks, government offices and factories. The police station has classified the kind of crimes on the basis of which the rogues are arrested. All the crimes classified under eight classes. Class I is for murder, class II for chain snatching, class III stands for house theft and finally, class VIII is for basic theft. With all this home work done, the alert inspectors are always on the go to watch out for the criminals, right when they sense anything wrong.