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Viedo game timeline

  1. VIDEO GAME TIMELINE By Chloe white Creative media production Emma Maugham
  2. BROWN BOX 1967 The very first video game console that was created along side a TV was made by a German born television engineer Ralph Baer and his co workers. They ended up drawing up schematics for what Baer called ‘’chase game’’. Baer and his colleges built a vacuum-tube circuit that connected to a television and it allowed players to control two squares chasing each other all around the screen. The team eventually decided to add a light gun that develops a total of 12 games and this ended up known as the ‘Brown Box’’.
  3. ODYSSEY 1972 After the success of Baer’s brown box the team that created it produced a prototype to Magnavox, the company began to produce the Magnavox odyssey, and the first commercial video-game console. The system is marketed in Magnavox TV begging in 1972 and it uses 6 cartridges to play up to 12 games which feature dots and lines of the screen. The only downside of the production is the odysseys novelty, because man y tv dealers failed to see its potential.
  4. INTELLIVISION 1980 The creator of Intellivision was called Mattel, his first challenge was a war between Atari and Mattel at the early start of early 80’s.The Intellivision features slightly better graphics the Atari 2600, the product also was the first synthesized video game with voices. Both of the consoles attracted third-party game developers like coleco and Activison.
  5. NEO-GEO 1990 In 19990 SNK’S 24 bit neo geo marks a home system that is years ahead of its competitors so critics say. With its huge, detailed 2-D graphics, the neo-geo’s appeal is its arcade quality for the use in a home system. Its price level (about $650 for a newsytem at launch, and the games are around $200) it keeps it from achieving high in the popularity charts.
  6. PLAYSTATION 1995 The launch of Sony’s PlayStation marks the arrival of one of the popular console of the 32- bit era of video games. For the first time this game station was in 2-D. With Cd- rom technology, the price of the PlayStation games drops dramatically from those of cartidge- based games. Popular games include: Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, Tekken, Crash Namdicoo, Metal gear solid and Electronic.
  7. PLAYSTATION 2 2000 Sony decides to release the second version of the original PlayStation calling it PlayStation 2. The new model features the ability to play older 32-bit PlayStation Games On the ps2. It also features the function of a dvd player. The ps2 becomes the most popular console of the 128-era. The ps2 also marked the rise of popular of console games and along side with high speed internet connections.
  8. GAME BOY ADVANCE 2002 The next step in Game Boys evolution is the Game boy Advance. It was a backwards- compatible portable system that played games from both Game Boy and the Game boy color portable consuls. The LCD screen can display more than over 32,000 colors and also the updated Game boy features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and folding case.
  9. NINTENDO DS 2004 After the last release from Nintendo the company releases the Nintendo DS as a attempt to integrate more functions into the company's hand held gaming consoles. The new ds features two different screens that you can use multiplayer for, also a wider screen for big games. It also includes a touch screen panel.
  10. PLAY STATION PORTABLE 2005 Sony decides to challenge the Gameboys dominance of the handheld market and decides to change it and releases the PlayStation Portable in early 2005. Also like its contender the Nintendo DS, the PSP features wireless connection and high quality graphics and non gaming functions also like photo storage and also digital audio/video.
  11. PLAYSTATION 3 2006 With the extra capacity which has been extended from 320gb and 160gb gamers are able to enjoy more and more entertainment which includes games, music, photos, and video on the new PS3. It is completely a new design it is slimmer and it uses more content to let gamers enjoy more time playing their favorite games.
  12. NINTENDO WII 2006 The Nintendo Wii is a game that customers can litrallery be involved in the game they control what happens with the Wii remote. They can play games like tennis, Basketball, Football, and Golf. In 2006, The Nintendo Wii features wireless motion-sensitive remote controllers, built-in Wi-Fi capability.
  13. PLAYSTATION VITA 2012 The PlayStation vita is manufactured and marketed and by Sony Computer Entertainment. It has the capacity of 3G and also it has Wireless Connection. For the model you can buy a 4 GB memory card which helps gamers save more pictures and videos. The game console has a 5 inch screen (130mm), Multi captaincy touchscreen and supports Bluetooth.