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The WILD Network x Ethical Coach

  1. WILD Network pro-bono leadership coaching  Cohort #1: May 2020 - December 2020 Cohort #2: October 2020 - May 2021 Results Presentation
  2. Pro-Bono Coaching Program Cohort #1 & 2 leadership coaching is a key component for social innovators to achieve their maximum social impact, without burning out. Applications Open: #1: March 30 to April 19, 2020 #2: September 2020 Program Design: ● Intro Session - contracting, identify key issues ● Coaching (2x month) ● Closing Session - celebrate accomplishments & go-forward strategies Program Timelines: ● #1: May 2020 to December 2020 ● #2: October 2020 to May 2021 Clients Selected: ● 11 Social Entrepreneurs ● 55 Intrapreneurs ● 43 different organizations ● 22 countries Coaches Selected: ● 35 professional coaches ● 9 countries
  3. Coaching Results Snapshot Cohort #1 & #2 Clients actively participated in 5+ coaching sessions Hours of coaching through 531 coaching sessions Post-coaching surveys completed (67 pre-coaching surveys completed) Clients said the program exceeded their expectations 46 589 57 74%
  4. Journey of Leadership Development Never Ends Transformational shifts during 6 month coaching engagement Insight & Awareness ● 92% obtained unexpected insights as a result of coaching ● 96% indicated coaching helped reflect on my current attitudes Goal Attainment ● 88% indicated coaching was central to achieving at least one goal Transformation ● 96% agreed through coaching they made progress toward long-term development goals ● 84% indicated coaching has been a life-changing experience
  5. Journey of Leadership Development Never Ends Transformational shifts during 6 month coaching engagement 1. They improved their relationship to feedback. “[I have a] greater ability to put myself in someone else's shoes and see it from their enhanced focus on listening.” 2. They built relationships more strategically. For one leader, the biggest shift was that they started “achieving goals around increased engagement at higher strategic levels” and “increased impact and recognition.” 3. They focused on developing talent. For one of our leaders, they “designed and started implementing staff mentorship programs as part of the organization culture”, while acquiring new funding and partnerships to accelerate their upward trajectory. 4. They delegated to the benefit of their mission. “That confidence in myself and confidence in my supervisees can have exponential impact. Taking a coaching approach to others frees me from "doing" to ‘leading’.” 5. They showed up as leaders.“I understand and practice the meaning of bringing my chair to the table and make sure I make the best use of my space at the table.”
  6. Change Model and Short-Term Success Root Causes Need Resources & Activities Implementation Outcomes Mechanisms of Change Outcomes Passion for cause Lack of resources Lack of buy-in from key stakeholders Lack of sustainable solutions from larger institutions Burnout Inability to scale impact Inability to institute long term impact Inability to delegate Diminishing opportunities Coaching with a focus on developing: Emotional regulation Energy Influence Productivity Increased self- awareness among leaders Increased energy Increased resilience Stronger emotional regulation More influence More productivity Better emotional regulation allows for resilience in the face of challenges More energy Leads to more opportunities being captured and stronger cultures More influence leads to more strategic buy-in at relevant levels More productivity ultimately leads to more efficiencies Improved fundraising outcomes Strategic buy-in from board and employees Reduce burnout Sustainable solutions that can be active in the community over the longer term
  7. Main Focus of Coaching Cohort #1 compared to Cohort #2
  8. Coaching Impact Seeking Financial Return on the Investion (ROI) of Coaching ROI tells us how much value (quantified in dollars) we got back from the money that we put in. To calculate it, you divide the benefit produced by an investment by the initial cost of the investment. It’s then expressed as a percentage or ratio. Energy Influence Emotional Regulation Productivity
  9. Calculating ROI ROI = Current Value of Investment - Cost of Investment Cost of Investment ● Hourly time factors calculated 80% returned productive time and 20% unproductive time ● 48 weeks of ROI (24 weeks during coaching and 24 weeks post-coaching) ● Investment cost an expense for employees to participate in coaching when they could otherwise be working productively in their assigned roles. ● The hourly rate for employee time was converted to USD, for those not paid in USD. ● The average hourly rate for coaches time factors in variability in global rates, where $125 USD was used for coaching time and $75 USD was used for any additional meetings. Assumptions made in benefit calculation
  10. Coaching ROI Cohort #1 & #2 Including an estimated hourly rate of the coaches that volunteered their time for the program: Removing coaches' hourly rate because they contributed their time: ROI = $325,710.36 - $109,546.13 $109,546.13 ROI = $325,710.36 - $30,057.38 $30,057.38 ROI increases to 984% leader performance improved 197%, based on the indicators we measured Journey of Leadership Development Never Ends
  11. Quality of the Coaching Program positive responses from clients
  12. Pam Muthuuri This was my first coaching experience and I did not know what to expect. The coach informed me the sessions were about me and would be driven by content generated by me, this made me very apprehensive that some sessions would be filled with silence. Six months later, there was no moment of silence, in-fact each session went by so quickly. I have gained tremendously from these coaching sessions. The sessions provided me with the opportunity to gain insights about myself, on things that drive me and those that hold me back, recognize and appreciate successes achieved thus far. Resources shared by the coach, have introduced me to critical leadership skills and management techniques that will aid in not only my personal growth but in strategically moving the company forward. Thank you WILD and EthicalCoach for this opportunity. Founder, Global Integrated Innovations
  13. Dr. Roopa Dhatt Working with a professional coach assisted me in approaching challenges through an organizational focus. These coaching conversations were less about fixing the individual and more about fixing the systems, surroundings for women leaders to thrive. Shifting my leadership mindset to frame everything from what is the best for the organization to how things are linked to organizational culture. Co-Founder & Executive Director, Women in Global Health
  14. Ellen Yount My coaching experience far exceeded my expectations. Somehow I made it to this point in my career without proper coaching, but this experience provided me with an extremely supportive AND constructive environment in which to step back, assess, reflect on the tough questions posed and carve out time for thinking from a 360 degree perspective! I also feel very fortunate to have been matched with a true professional coach. Highly recommend! Vice President, MSI, A Tetra Tech Company
  15. Cathi Rodgveller M.S. Ed. Cindy Biggs is the best coach I can imagine ever having. She is extremely knowledgeable, as well as kind and empathic. She cares deeply about providing support as well as helping me grow as a leader and a person. She has a lot of experience in leadership herself which helped me understand myself as a leader. She also taught me a great deal about how to help support my staff to grow in their strengths, and how to support them in their roles. She also encouraged me to believe in myself, and how I lead. I care deeply about my staff and want them to feel their best. She encouraged me to continue to support their self care as well as my own. She is the best coach ever! CEO / Founder, IGNITE Worldwide
  16. Maxine Griffin Somerville, MPA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP When I applied to be a part of the coaching program, I didn’t know what to expect going in. My coach equipped me with tools to better delegate and manage those things that take away my attention from being a strategic leader. I now block focus time each day and fiercely defend it when someone tries to schedule over that time. I feel I have experienced coaching in a way that I had never experienced before. There were sessions when I was very uncomfortable, but never did make that discomfort impossible and challenging to see through. For that, I am grateful. Vice President, Human Resources, Engendered Health
  17. Facia Nyamu I have been able to review the Woven Link Africa systems and structures pertaining to communication, risk management and harnessing leadership. I am not only happy with the coaching process that has further elevated my analytical skills; but also I have a better understanding of my leadership role in relation to the organisation’s growth and self improvement. The two key things that have enabled me achieve my coaching goals are: 1. Firstly, the Coach is very professional, insightful and at the same time serene and pleasant. 2. Secondly, Consistency, Resilience, Innovation and Focus have been my success indicators and will be the future success indicators. The coaching program has been a great support during the COVID-19 pandemic disruption, not only for me as a leader, but also an opportunity to support my team, continuously review our strategy and offering. I do highly recommend women in leadership to enroll in the WILD Network and EthicalCoach pro-bono leadership coaching program. Woven Link Africa, CEO & Senior Consultant (Skills Development Expert)
  18. Jenn Williamson ACDI/VOCA This experience really helped me reflect on my leadership style and values, deepen my communication and management skills, and identify productive pathways toward achieving my professional development and management goals. Initially, I did not think the coaching sessions would be the path to solving and strengthening my leadership approaches to a greater extent, I have realized not, and luckily I had a great coach, a great match to my needs, I got lot from her! I highly recommend colleagues to register for the program. It is awesome to me! Ms Prudence Masako EngenderHealth Tanzania
  19. Amneh Shaikh CEO, Polly and other Stories Having a coach, especially during a global pandemic, was really critical to maintaining focus on my goals. Offering a safe space to go and talk through issues and receive unbiased feedback and guidance. Since beginning my coaching with Joan, she has been an exemplary leadership coach. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights and direction are always on target. I felt very supported and championed in the attainment of my leadership goals. She has been a vital resource to me and I look forward to our continuing relationship. Lana Woolf Co-Director, Edge Effect
  20. Zeddy Bore Before coaching, I used to spent most of my time working including weekends, late nights and most times I could get burnouts. During coaching I learnt that work-life balance is very important and that I could be more productive if I took good care of myself. Self-care resonated very well and I started being intentional with minimum of 7 hours sleep, taking some morning and evening walks and actually it bore fruits. I got more focused and more productive. I also spent more time with family because of prioritizing work and delegating. I am more now more aware of myself and my surrounding. This was the first time I experienced coaching and it was much more than expected at the very beginning. I have received not only tools to improve my professional and leadership skills but also continuous support and encouragement to face issues and solve situations with being emotionally intelligence. Thanks EthicalCoach, thanks WILD Network, thanks JA Worldwide and THANKS (with capital letters) to my beloved coach Maria Wade for this amazing professional and personal opportunity Paula Pastor Flores JA Americas Abt Associates, Operations Manager
  21. Mary Devlin I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity for coaching. When I started out with my coach, I didn't know how much I would benefit from the opportunity to be introspective about my career, think about how I want to show up as a leader, and learn about how who I am as a person impacts the work that I do every day. I am so appreciative of my new perspective about work - how it is both a professional AND emotional experience, how I can leverage my strengths in the workplace, and how taking care of myself can benefit others that I work with. We seldom take the time to invest in ourselves. My coaching experience forced me to do so, in a manner that was also conducive to my hectic work and home life. The experience provided me with an opportunity to self-reflect on not just my career, but also the other components in life that play a holistic role in my current and future path. Christina Wheeler TetraTech - HR Director
  22. Hawa K. My coaching experience was transformational, and at a point in my life and career where I was ready for sweeping change and was uncertain if or how to navigate it. Coaching provided me the space to acknowledge what I wanted, what I didn't, and what my obstacles were to achieving my vision. I would highly recommend coaching during periods of anticipated change as it supports examining past/current behaviours that can be amended to create a path and produce the results one is after. Experiencing coaching has also made me more self-aware and mindful of how to support, communicate, and empathize with others in my personal, and professional life. Thank you EthicalCoach and the WILD Network for the opportunity to take charge of my own development, for tangible results that have changed my perspective of myself and how I show up in relationships. Global Development Leader EthicalCoach and WILD Network has helped me in overcoming my imposter syndrome—my hesitancy and self-doubt in becoming or being a leader who was always questioning the successes that I have gained throughout my career. I had gained more confidence and faith in what I can achieve and it has inspired and motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and take on the challenge of building my own social enterprise, as I realised what I really wanted to do with my life during my coaching journey.
  23. Thank You!  The End
  24. Cohort #1 Return Values Measures Emotional Regulation Energy Influence Productivity If something doesn’t go my way I feel as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I start and end my day as excited as ever about being a social entrepreneur/global development professional. I believe I can successfully influence the resources I need to grow my business/mission. Weekly, how much productive time do you estimate you gained as a result of working with a coach and taking the actions you committed to put into practice? I easily get emotional and feel fragile. I have all the energy I need everyday to propel my business/mission forward. Growing a social enterprise/impacting in the global development sector is much more challenging than I expected. I see everything most days as a frustrating challenge. I am as creative as I want to be everyday. I feel disillusioned and angry much of the time.