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Every Business Needs a Chatbot

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Let's Build a Chatbot!
Let's Build a Chatbot!
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Every Business Needs a Chatbot

  1. 1. How computer speech will change the world. EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS A CHATBOT
  2. 2. ● It’s ready for prime time ● It’s coming faster than you think ● It’s a gateway capability ● It’s changing everything ● It’s giving rise to the conversational U.I. ● It’s easier to use than you think COMPUTER SPEECH O U R JO U R N EY
  4. 4. WHAT IS COMPUTER SPEECH? A.I.’s natural language processing (N.L.P.) capabilities allows computers to understand intent from natural conversational speech — just like we do as humans. In short, computers can now have a natural conversation...just like we do.
  5. 5. Natural language text. AND TAKE YOUR PICK... Natural language speech.
  6. 6. ON PAR WITH HUMANS August, 2016 — “The researchers reported a word error rate (WER) of 5.9% …about equal to that of people who were asked to transcribe the same conversation...” Note: This is just the ability to identify words. blogs.microsoft.com/next/2016/10/18/historic-achievement-microsoft-researchers-reach-human-p arity-conversational-speech-recognition
  7. 7. WHERE IS THE A.I.? In the system’s ability to determine intent from natural conversational language. e.g. “Open the door, please.” Compared to requiring specific words. e.g. “open sesame” Remember: A.I. is subjective
  8. 8. OR ANOTHER ILLUSTRATION... Run a search on google.com… “Show me a list of dog breeds — except beagles.” Today, google.com will show you a bunch of beagles. Conversely, a system with more advanced natural language capabilities would understand the “except beagles” statement and filter results accordingly.
  9. 9. EXAMPLES IN USE TODAY ● Nike (Facebook Messenger) ● Kia Niro (Facebook Messenger) ● North Face Personal Shopper (web) ● Sephora (Kik) ● H&M (Kik) ● Rhizabot (web, personal assistant) ● Domino’s Pizza (everywhere) ● PayPal (Slack) ● Kayak (Slack) ● Westworld Aeden (web) ● Kim Kardashian Bot (Bottr) Aggregator: chatbottle.co R ESO U R C ES the_bots_landscape.pagedemo.co
  10. 10. IBM WATSON DEMOS Simple ● text-bot.mybluemix.net Can speak and be spoken to ● conversation-demo.mybluemix.net ● 10xnation.com/conversational-interface-ibm-watson Can find answers in external content ● conversation-with-discovery-within-ui.mybluemix.net
  11. 11. Computers have already matched — and are quickly exceeding — human capabilities when it comes to understanding natural language. READY FOR PRIME TIME R EC A P
  13. 13. A good illustration of how quickly these technologies will integrate into our daily lives. WORLD’S SHORTEST ADOPTION CURVE youtube.com/watch?v=YvT_gqs5ETk
  14. 14. The technology is already at human parity. Now it’s just a question of growing A.I.’s ability to interpret the nuances in our natural speech. FASTER THAN YOU THINK R EC A P
  16. 16. OPENING THE FLOODGATES Computer speech eliminates the learning curve normally associated with adopting new technologies. Giving computers the ability to interact with humans on our own terms. Which opens the door for A.I. to integrate into our daily lives and empower our world in ways we’ve only dreamed of.
  17. 17. Tay had a mimic function that was exploited by attackers. A similar bot in China (Xiaoice) has been very successful. AMPLIFYING OUR GOOD & BAD theverge.com/2016/3/24/11297050/tay-microsoft-chatbot-racist
  18. 18. The ability to understand and communicate in natural language allows A.I. to integrate seamlessly and deeply into our daily lives. Making it frictionless to use — and buy — new things. GATEWAY FOR MAINSTREAM A.I. R EC A P “A.I. could double annual economic growth rates in 2035” ~ Accenture
  20. 20. The new ‘app’ platform. EXPLOSION OF CHATBOTS Google Home Amazon Echo Facebook Messenger Apple Siri
  21. 21. WHAT IS A CHATBOT? Software that can have a conversation through spoken or written natural language. a.k.a. bot, talkbot, chatterbot, conversational agent
  22. 22. The conversational user interface (U.I.) is a richer experience — compared to websites and apps. Allowing you to sense people's emotions and their urgency. BOTS ARE EVERYWHERE youtu.be/jC0I08qt5VU?t=9s
  23. 23. The conversational U.I. is more comfortable, more natural, and allows a more insightful interaction. CONTROLLING EVERYTHING youtu.be/7QM7izjVqug?t=26s
  24. 24. IN EVERY CORNER OF OUR LIVES The remote starter ...A.I. style. Great illustration of how A.I. will make existing stuff easier. youtu.be/jCevYKNvixE
  25. 25. Control anything through natural voice speech. Using Amazon Echo, Google Home or any other device. LITERALLY...EVERYWHERE youtu.be/Qzs75vxorII?t=3s
  26. 26. EVEN VOICE COMMERCE news.starbucks.com/news/starbucks-debuts-voice-ordering “Starbucks is taking the next step toward evolving the digital customer experience by launching voice ordering capabilities within the Starbucks mobile iOS app and the popular Amazon Alexa platform.”
  27. 27. ON A PATH TO UBIQUITY A.I.-powered speech will be in everything. “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” ~Mark Weiser Scientific American, 1991 R EC A P
  29. 29. Computer speech will be the primary interface between your brand and your customer. accenture.com/us-en/insight-artificial-intelligence-ui PUT YOUR BEST VOICE FORWARD
  30. 30. Natural Conversation EVOLUTION OF THE U.I. Typing Clicking Touch Gestures Voice Command Think Less Friction Natural = A.I.
  31. 31. RISE OF THE CONVERSATIONAL U.I. Sorry websites.... Conversation will replace a large chunk of what we use websites for today. youtu.be/eBo5Xa61FAo?t=1m8s
  32. 32. “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.” ~ Gartner
  33. 33. CREATE A CUSTOM PERSONALITY Just as we use graphical design today to create distinction, chatbots will be defined by their personalities. nytimes.com/2017/04/03/business/media/its-not-their-pop-idol-but-a-bot-fans-cheer-anyway.html
  34. 34. CREATE A CUSTOM VOICE lyrebird.ai/demo
  35. 35. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SEC... Chatbots can mimic personalities, and We can copy anyone’s voice. We are quickly moving into a world where you could be having a conversation with your mother on the phone — and not even realize that you’re speaking with a (voice-enabled) chatbot.
  36. 36. RISE OF THE DIGITAL SPOKESPERSON “A.I. is making every interface both simple and smart…A.I. is poised to act as the face of a company’s digital brand and a key differentiator.” ~ Accenture
  37. 37. Conversation is the most native U.I. to humans. We’ve been using it since the dawn of time. Now computers can do it too. What kind of opportunities does that open up? CONVERSATIONAL U.I. IS HERE R EC A P
  39. 39. PICK YOUR STARTING POINT A.I. M aturity No training data required! Purpose-Built Platform, Their Training Data Commercial Platform, Their Training Data Commercial Platform, Your Training Data In-House Platform, Your Training Data
  40. 40. CHATBOT BUILDERS ● Chattypeople ● MEOKAY ● Smooch ● Botsify ● Beep Boop ● Chatfuel ● BotKit R ESO U R C ES ● Octane AI ● Botkit * ● Pandorabots ● Microsoft Bot Framework * ● Wit.ai ● Api.ai ● Semantic Machines
  41. 41. MESSAGING SERVICES ● Facebook Messenger ● Telegram ● Slack ● Amazon Alexa ● Google Assistant ● Apple Siri ● Skype R ESO U R C ES ● WeChat ● Kik ● Twitter ● LINE ● iMessage ● Viber ● HipChat
  42. 42. VOICE RECOGNITION APIs Understanding spoken input. ● Amazon Lex ● Google Cloud Speech API ● IBM Watson Speech-to-Text ● Bing Speech API R ESO U R C ES
  43. 43. SPEECH SYNTHESIS APIs Spoken output. ● Amazon Poly ● IBM Watson Text-to-Speech ● Ivona ● Bing Speech API R ESO U R C ES
  44. 44. NOTHING NEW HERE Most of the major cloud providers have purpose-built A.I.-powered APIs. Many have a free tier. And they work exactly like every other API you’re already using.
  45. 45. Start with a pre-trained cloud API (no training data required). Most cloud providers offer a free tier. So start thinking about the different ways to use computer speech. Then just start testing and see what you can do. EASIER THAN YOU THINK R EC A P Don't get me wrong, there's an insane amount of complexity behind the scenes. But fortunately, you need to know that stuff to take advantage of A.I.
  46. 46. NEXT STEPS
  47. 47. HOW-TO GUIDES ● Building Voice-Enabled Products With Amazon Alexa ● Cognitive Customer Engagement Using IBM Watson ● Harnessing Visual Data Using Google Cloud ● Building a Recommendation Engine Using Microsoft Azure ● Predicting Marketing Campaign Response Using Amazon Machine Learning ● Unleashing A.I.-Powered Conversation With IBM Watson ● Get into the Mind of Your Customer Using Google’s Sentiment Analysis Tools ● Discover Your Customers’ Deepest Feelings Using Microsoft Facial Recognition ● Give Your Products the Power of Speech Using Amazon Polly ● Computers Are Opening Their Eyes — and They’re Already Better at Seeing Than We Are ● How to Predict When You’re Going to Lose a Subscriber ● The Future of Business is a Digital Spokesperson — Let’s Build a Preview Using Microsoft’s Bot Framework R ESO U R C ES
  48. 48. ● Computer speech is ready for prime time ● It’s coming faster than you think ● It’s a gateway capability ● It’s changing everything ● It’s giving rise to the conversational U.I. ● It’s easier to use than you think JOURNEY’S END R EC A P
  49. 49. QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? chris@mohritz.co C O N TA C T