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PsychologyJobs.com Sell Sheet

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A profitable job board network is for sale led by its flagship site Psychologyjobs.com the premier job market for mental health roles.

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PsychologyJobs.com Sell Sheet

  1. 1. Sell Sheet Premium Job Board Business For Sale SUMMARY​: PsychologyJobs.com, the #1 ranked site on Google for the term “​psychology jobs​” is for sale along with a number of related sites: ​AdministrationJobs.com​, ​Financejobs.net​, Healthcareadministrationjobs.net​, ​ITprojectManagementjobs.com​. All domains are hosted on the ​Your Membership​ job board platform with a 50/50 rev split in place. The business has no expenses and is highly profitable​. SALES​: The graph to the left indicates past 12 months of trailing revenue. The business is ​GROWING​ and has grossed $66,448 in the past 12 months (as of 3/1/19). PyschologyJobs.com generates approx 75% of the business income while remaining domains comprise the rest. Some sales are generated via the vertical networks offered by ​YourMembership​. TRAFFIC​: PyschologyJobs.com is an aged domain first registered in 2000. It receives over 7,000 monthly visitors. 85%+ of that traffic comes from search engines. The site is not yet listed on Google for Jobs. OPPORTUNITY​: New owner can put their own software platform to remove the revenue split and maximize profits. ​Current owner does zero marketing​ (​minimal effort from YM​) so all sales are ecommerce based and have required no effort to date. Imagine what a marketing effort can do to boost sales! Traffic also has room to grow (no google jobs indexing yet). Interest in “mental health” jobs is on the rise. ASKING PRICE​: $300,000 - Only ​cash offers​ will be considered. No earn outs. WHY SELLING​: Owner needs capital for alternative project. CONTACT​: email ​chris@jobboardsecrets.com​ or call him at 203-572-2053. Serious inquiries only.