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Chris stevens Post Expo Hong Kong_2014

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Building market share in Asia-Pacific

Publié dans : Direction et management
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Chris stevens Post Expo Hong Kong_2014

  1. 1. How to build a sustainable market share in Asia-Pacific Chris Stevens Managing Director APAC Post-Expo Asia Pacific 2014
  2. 2. yy/mm/dd - title presentation - author - qualifier 2 B2C eCommerce sales is expected to increase by 20.1% in 2014 Source: eMarketer 2014
  3. 3. 45% 37% 26% 16% Source: PayPal 2013 Huge opportunities lie in crossborder eCommerce
  4. 4. yy/mm/dd - title presentation - author - qualifier 4 ”In other countries, eCommerce is a way to shop. In China it is a lifestyle” Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba
  5. 5. Source: EIU, Access China 2014 Why China? China is world in itself
  6. 6. 50,000 Of these buildings could be skyscrapers - equal to 10 cities the size of New York 5 times The number by which GDP will have multiplied by 2025 40 billion square metres of floor space will be built – in five million buildings 170 Mass transit systems will be built 500 million Netizens, the largest Internet population in the world 5 billion Square metres of road will be paved Why China? The numbers do the talking
  7. 7. We faced several challenges when starting our business in China & the APAC region
  8. 8. Our strategic gameplan for the APAC market was well thought over
  9. 9. We are a global company with strong local presence London Brussels Beijing Hong Kong Toronto Buffalo Sterling Shanghai Guangzhou Calgary Seattle Los Angeles Salt Lake City Detroit Windsor Chicago Singapore Sydney
  10. 10. Our solutions are tailored to customer needs 2014 © bpost International - Proprietary and Confidential First Mile e-fulfilment Collection in APAC Last Mile Freight service Export Formalities Goods intake Store Pick & Pack Global LM Delivery Other Services Return Services Customer Service
  11. 11. We offer a wide variety of parcel solutions Customs clearance MaxiPak MiniPak EU MiniPak Scan MiniPak (T&T /T&T item) Price Service Packets & Parcels Globify (Landed cost) MiniPak No tracking Tracking on bag level /item to bag level Tracking item to country of destination EU28 customs clearance Tracking an item to scan at door & signature Int’l customs clearance New Packet (E format, max 2 kg) Parcel (max 30 kg) TrakPakParcel (target ≤5 kg) Legend Postal Clearance Tracking an item to scan at door & signature New Tracking on item & Scan at door
  12. 12. Scan at delivery – no signature Insurance coverage Maximum 50€ per parcel DDU fully tracked parcel solution Combination of the best postal and non-postal networks More than 200 destinations worldwide Delivery at least 5 days per week
  13. 13. Our e-fulfilment solutions enable e-sellers to focus on their core business
  14. 14. As a result, our APAC volumes doubled in the last 12 months
  15. 15. Key to success: We think global but act local
  16. 16. Key to success: We engage local talent and western professionals
  17. 17. +44 (0) 207 042 1300 www.wemoveyourideas.com c.stevens@bpost.co.uk www.bpostinternational.com THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION