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March social updates

  2. LINKEDIN NEW PROFILE FEATURES LinkedIn is looking to capitalise on content creators on their platform. You can now share more of your personal story on LinkedIn with the following features: Video Cover Story - an introductory video that users can watch on your profile. Optional gender pronoun fields. Creator Mode - a new feature for creators which allows users to add hashtags, moves ‘Featured’ & ‘Activity’ to the top of your profile and changes the ‘Connect’ button to ‘Follow.’
  3. LINKEDIN LOOKING INTO AUDIO ROOMS The professional social platform is currently developing audio rooms, a new feature popularised by Clubhouse. Users can host a room or join in with a conversation, with others listening in. This new feature will be a great new addition, allowing users to have meaningful and interesting conversations in specific niches or interests. This is an early test but likely to roll out soon in order to capitalise on Clubhouse’s recent drop in downloads.
  4. LINKEDIN ADDS SKILLS PATH FOR HIRING PROCESS LinkedIn is trying to get the right people in the right jobs with their new Skills Path process. They’re looking to bring people with relevant or transferrable skills to roles they might not have considered, or roles that hiring managers may not have considered them for. This allows job seekers to apply for more roles without worrying about having experience in a specific industry. This is a great push from LinkedIn. With the right skills, you don’t have to have experience or knowledge of a field to excel!
  5. TWITTER DOING MORE FOR COVID-19 MISINFORMATION Twitter has been dedicated to fighting misinformation throughout the pandemic. The latest move is labelling tweets with misleading information about vaccinations. And there’s a brand new strike feature which will see repeat offenders suspended, then banned. This is a big move, as information spreads quickly on Twitter.
  6. TWITTER “SPACES” AUDIO FEATURE Fresh off the back of the Clubhouse hype, Twitter is trialling Spaces - their own take on an audio platform - launching the beta on Android. And Twitter is also testing private Spaces which is invite-only. This big push on new products is a result of pressure from the board on Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey for innovation, with a fair few Twitter tests and updates happening last month.
  7. TWITTER GETTING INTO E- COMMERCE Another new move from Twitter due to the board’s pressure on Dorsey: testing new e-commerce features. This includes an e-commerce Twitter card with a product, price and ‘shop’ button. This information is taken from the relevant product page on the seller’s site. Although it’s in the early stages of testing, it’s a sign of the new direction Twitter is heading.
  8. TWITTER PROMOTED TWEET REPLY CONTROLS Advertisers can now control who replies to promoted tweets. Options include: Everyone People you follow Only people you mention This feature is available for normal tweets, allowing users to prevent trolls or to limit to the conversation to a select few. One way to use it would be to limit replies to followers, and offer discounts to anyone who follows and replies to your promoted tweet.
  9. TWITTER FACES RUSSIAN BAN The Russian government has threatened blocking Twitter if the platform doesn’t comply with their orders on content restriction. This comes off the back of Twitter not deleting posts which allegedly “urged children to take part in anti-Kremlin protests.” Limiting free speech isn’t what Twitter is about (which is what Russia is asking them do to), but losing out on a whole territory won’t be good either.
  10. TWITTER TESTS YOUTUBE VIEWING IN THE TIMELINE This test allows you to watch YouTube videos in your Twitter timeline without having to open up the video player. This in-stream video playing is a much-needed addition as it can get quite tedious when opening videos. And some of the time you have to open the URL and watch on YouTube rather than on Twitter! Although not an innovation, this feels like yet another change brought about by the pressure from the Twitter board.
  11. TWITTER LOOKING INTO REACTIONS TO TWEETS Twitter has been surveying users to see what they think of adding emoji reactions to tweets to open up new types of engagement. This new feature isn’t innovation, rather playing catchup with other platforms, like FB, that already have this. This feature is likely to be hotly debated by Twitter users, especially with the addition of up and down voting tweets.
  12. PINTEREST INTRODUCES NEW MARKETING TOOLS At its first ever ‘Pinterest Presents’ marketing event, Pinterest announced new tools. This includes a brand new video ad type “Pinterest Premieres.” This allows advertisers to buy a video placement in the home feed, aligning it with demographic and interests. Pinterest also updated the interactive trend tool which shows better insights into engagement and behaviour on the platform (e.g. Gen Z & male usage is up 40% YoY.)
  13. WATCH TIKTOK ON TV (IN THE US) Only available on Samsung Smart TVs in the US, users can now watch TikTok videos on their TVs. The app is available for Samsung smart TVs made after 2018. This may open up a new type of audience for marketers, much like with YouTube (who have also seen a massive increase in viewers watching on smart TVs.)
  14. TIKTOK Q&A ROLLED OUT The new Q&A function has been rolled out to all Creator profiles on the app. Users can ask questions to creators, which can then be used in a later video or on a live stream. This allows better engagement between fans and creators. Videos with Q&A stickers have their own section on the profile page. You only have access to this feature if your profile is set up as a Creator.
  15. TIKTOK AUTOMATED REPLIES FOR BUSINESS ACCOUNTS Found within Business Suite tools on business accounts, you can turn now create welcome messages or auto-responses based on users messaging specific keywords. This means you can take a step back from daily admin if your TikTok posts get a lot of comments. If people always ask a certain question (e.g. opening times) you can use keywords (“hours”, “opening”, “closing” etc.) for an automated response that answers their message.
  16. TIKTOK LOOKING INTO GROUP CHATS Reported by Reuters, an insider claimed that TikTok is looking to introduce group chats. This move from ByteDance will turn their video platform into a place where people come for social interaction, hoping that users migrate their Instagram/FB group chats onto TikTok. Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, already has this feature. So it’s only a matter of time until it’s available!
  17. TIKTOK ADDS COMMENT REVIEW OPTION There’s a new feature which gives creators more control over the comments on their videos. Users can already filter out comments if they’re spam/offensive, or use keyword filtering options. But the new feature allows creators to filter out ALL comments, then manually approve/ disapprove them.
  18. FACEBOOK LETS YOU TURN OFF POLITICAL ADS Facebook lets users in certain areas (available in 90 countries) completely turn off political ads. This follows on from Facebook looking to reduce the amount of political content appearing in users’ feeds. So if you’re sick of seeing “social issue, electoral and political” ads on Facebook, you can turn them off!
  19. FACEBOOK SUPPORTING THE VACCINATION EFFORT Facebook is dedicating themselves to stopping the spread of misinformation around COVID-19 whilst promoting the uptake of vaccines around the world. Part of their push includes a new feature in the US which shows users exactly where they can get vaccinated, highlighting local providers on a map. This is available through their COVID-19 information centre. The COVID-19 information centre is also rolling out to Instagram, sitting at the top of users’ feeds for maximum visibility.
  20. INSTAGRAM TESTING OPTION FOR HIDING LIKE COUNT After testing hidden likes for quite a while, Instagram is now looking into turning it into an option for every post. Hiding likes seems to be a marmite update - users either want it or hate it. This is Instagram’s attempt at giving the feature to those who want it without annoying everyone.
  21. INSTAGRAM TESTING STORY LABELS WHEN SHARING POSTS Instagram is looking into new ways of showing Story post origins. This new label displays under your username in a Story post, showing its origin including “Reshared post” and “Created with Reels.” Instagram is testing new ways to prevent people from posting feed posts to their Story, as they found that users find this annoying. It’s interesting as this test tells us that Instagram doesn’t necessarily want users to share posts to their Stories. Something to consider when using Stories!
  22. INSTAGRAM TESTING AUTO- CAPTIONING STORIES This sticker automatically transcribes audio for you in a couple of cool formats. The text displays in time with your speech, adding an extra element to your Stories. This feature would take all the work out of transcribing! The advanced version of the test that Instagram showed us suggests that it won’t be long until we see this release on the app, especially as automated IGTV captions are already a thing.
  23. INSTAGRAM ADDING STORIES DRAFTS SOON The new Stories draft feature was announced on Twitter. You can create a story, save it, close the app and finish it later. This feature will be welcomed with open arms - drafting is something that Stories definitely lacks. Stories will lose a bit of their spontaneous charm, but it will facilitate the creation of better quality content. There hasn’t been an official date on this yet, but it’s supposedly “coming soon.”
  24. INSTAGRAM REELS ADDS ‘REMIX’ FEATURE Is it a surprise that the TikTok clone is looking to steal a widely-loved TikTok feature? Instagram released the Remix format, which is the same as TikTok’s Duet feature. This feature is massively important as it gives users a way of responding and reacting to videos, trends or memes. Adding this gives users new ways of getting creative on the Reels app, with Instagram hoping to get users off of TikTok.
  25. INSTAGRAM IGTV ADS EXPANDED TO UK AND AUS IGTV ads are now live in UK and Australia, after being available in the US since May 2020. 55% of the ad revenue from IGTV ads is given to the video creator in an attempt to get more people making more long form video content on IGTV. This is the same amount that YouTube gives creators, which makes it a completely viable platform to make money.
  26. SNAPCHAT RELEASES IOS 14 RESOURCE HUB Snapchat has launched a brand new resource hub to help marketers prepare for the iOS 14 update on Snapchat. It explains how marketers can move forward in light of these changes, with the social platform confirming that they fully support the privacy update. Another platform helping marketers to navigate the tricky waters of iOS 14.
  27. SNAPCHAT ACQUIRED FITANALYTICS In another step into e-commerce, Snapchat bought FitAnalytics to boost virtual try-on features. FitAnalytics are a digital sizing company who help you choose the right clothing size online. Although no solid features have been announced, TechCrunch reported that FitAnalytics is creating new technology to match clothing with images upload by users. Not to mention Snapchat’s Bitmoji fashion items already using body-mapping technology too.