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  1. 1. 公司简介 Company Profile 天津恒利绗缝棉制品有限公司。创建于一九九零年 , 拥有先进的喷胶 棉及仿丝棉生产线各一条 , 主要产品有仿丝绵、无胶棉、羽绒棉、松棉、 软棉、胶棉、珍珠棉。产品用于服装、睡袋、床上用品及各种填充材料, 还生产绗缝制品针织品等服装辅料。产品销往全国各地周边国家及欧 美等地区。 Founded in 1990, Tianjin Hengli Quilting Cotton Products Ltd. owns advanced polyester wadding production line and imitated silk floss production line to manufacture key products of imitated silk floss, polyester wadding, quilted duvet, loose cotton, soft cotton, collodion cotton and EPE, besides some quilting garment accessories. Our products are widely used in clothing, sleeping bag, bedding and all kinds of filling materials, and are sold all over the country, to the neighboring countries and throughout Europe and America. 公司宗旨是“同等价格比质量,同等质量比价格”。 本公司的产品在 同行业中历年产销名列榜首,公司一贯奉行“质量第一,信誉第一”同 益公司经营理念:“诚实、守信、开拓、创新”以优质的产品,优惠的 价格,真诚的服务与您互惠互利,共同发展。欢迎新老客户惠顾洽谈业 务。 Our competitive idea under our business philosophy goes like this:The Same Price but Unparallel Quality or the Same Quality but Unparallel Price. This is also why our products can rank the top one in the section for years. We have a motto that is Quality First and Credit Foremost under our business philosophy
  2. 2. idea which goes like this:Honest, Trustworthy, Pioneering and Innovative. This is why we can provide customers high-quality products but preferential prices and sincere high-quality services and mutual benefit. We believe win-win with customers is a base for our company to march on the road towards a bright future. Welcome all our customers whatever the old and the new to cooperate with us forever. 公司地址:天津市宝坻区经济开发东区 Address: East Economic Development Park, Baodi District, Tianjin, P.R.C 电 话:022-59218298 022-82680134 Tell: 86-22-59218298/82680134 传真; 022-82686741 Fax: 86-22-82686741 针织制品 Knitted Products 公司拥有电脑小圆机 12 台可生产多种款式各种颜色的罗纹 . 主要用 于服装的袖口 . 具有完善的检测设备和精湛的制造工艺,深受全国各 地新老客户的喜爱与支持。公司将继续秉承以“自强不息,坚忍不拔, 勇于创新,讲求实效”的企业精神,为您的服饰增光添彩! The company has 12 sets of computer-controlled small circular knitting machines that may manufacture all kinds of colored ribbings for garment sleeves, besides complete sets of testing equipment and excellent manufacturing technology. Our
  3. 3. products are popular in the country and are highly praised by our customers whatever the old or the new. We will keep searing excellence in the future under our corporate sprit of Self-reliance, Perseverance, Innovation and Effectiveness. So it is the best choice to select us to have your garment more beautiful. 绗缝加工制品 Quilting Processing Products 公司拥有多台国内先进电脑多针、单针绗缝机,日生产能力万米以上, 能设计多种画型的绗缝制品,是服装面料,里料及床上用品加工生产的 理想之处,我们始终于良好的质量、优惠的价格、热情的服务在激烈的 竞争中满足客户的需求。 The company has many sets of computer- controlled multi-needle and single-needle quilting machines that are advanced in the country. With the equipment the company can process garment fabrics, lining, bedding materials over ten thousand meters each day, a kind of art-based quilting with good decorative design. We always believe that good quality, favorable price and warm service are key in the fierce competitive market and we take those elements as our competitive treasures always whatever in the past, today and in the future. 喷胶棉系列 Polyester Wadding Series UF 超细仿丝棉系列 UF Ultra Fine Imitated Silk Floss Series 特 性:薄而柔软,保暖效果佳. Characteristics: Thin,soft, good warm effect. 触感佳,表面类似薄膜. Feel good, and surface similar to film.
  4. 4. 重 量:60G/M2-300G/M2 Weight: 60G/M2-300G/M2 适用范围:防寒服、棉服、睡袋、手套等。 Applicability: Cotton wadded jacket, , cotton dress, sleeping bag and glove, etc. CPLF 仿丝绵系列 CPLF Imitated Silk Floss Series 特 性:手感细致、蓬松。Characteristics: Feel fine and fluffy 表面有热处理。Heat treated surface. 重 量:60G/M2---300G/M2 Weight: 60G/M2-300G/M2 适用范围:防寒服、棉服、睡袋、手套等。Applicability: Cotton wadded jacket, , cotton dress, sleeping bag and glove, etc. PS 一般胶棉系列 PS Collodion Cotton Series 特 性:普及性产品,大众化价格 Characteristics: Popular product at popular prices 重 量:60G/M2-300G/M2 Weight: 60G/M2-300G/M2 适用范围:防寒服、棉服、睡袋、手套、床罩等。Applicability: Cotton wadded jacket, , cotton dress, sleeping bag, glove, bedspread, etc. PM-PT 软棉松棉系列 PM-PT Soft Cotton Series 特 性:质量优良、价格适中。Characteristics: Good quality and affordable. 具有保暖性、弹性及恢复力 Good cold-proof and resilience, flexible. 重 量:60G/M2-300G/M2 Weight: 60G/M2-300G/M2 适用范围:防寒服、棉服、手套、帽子 Applicability: Cotton wadded jacket, , cotton dress, glove, cap, etc.