Venice janv 2012

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Venice janv 2012

  1. 1. Information Search on the Web as a double-loop learning process Fernando Colmenero, Professor, University of Minho et Christophe Benavent, Professor, Université Paris Ouest Follow @benavent and
  2. 2. Theoretical elements● Abundance of information vs scarcity in classical decision models ==>Information search as a flow of micro- decision● Exploring pattern of learning « on course » ==> Information search as « problem solving »
  3. 3. Conclusion● An obsolete research but ● A new avenue with multiplication of search solution ( SNS, Apps, RSS reader, alternative search engine) : ● methods are the keys for search.● A promising methodology at the crossroads of quantitaive analysis and nethnographics.
  4. 4. Methodology : naturalistic experiment● Recording behavior and reflexive elements with a video capture software● Coding the video at the level of elementary action.● Descriptive analyse of sequences (typology)● Analysis of sequential action through a markov process approach● Testing the stability of model along the sequences
  5. 5. 20 subjects, 4 tasks, 8 hour of video, 1142 actions