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SacramentoPoliticiansFailed Us Again!Politicians Stole Money From Our Schools                                             ...
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Yes on Measure T (Long Beach Schools)

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Yes on Measure T (Long Beach Schools)

  1. 1. s on Ye re T ber 3 ote asu vem V e o M ,N ay NTO d es Tu ME FPO SACRAPermit #XXX FPPC ID #1310444 PAID Long Beach, CA 90815 ANSU.S. Postage 4101 E. Willow Street ICI for Safer Schools - Yes on Measure T LIT Prsrt Std Paid for by Parents, Teachers and Taxpayers PO AN RVE Measure T is a Wise Investment. DESE Good schools help to build strong neighborhoods and keep property values high. Vote Yes on Measure T Tuesday, November 3 www.YesOnMeasureT.com Join the campaign on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Measure T allows voters to keep tax dollars here in our local schools giving parents, teachers and principals the power to help our 87,000 students and 93 schools.
  2. 2. SacramentoPoliticiansFailed Us Again!Politicians Stole Money From Our Schools We’ve Come Too Far To Give Up NowSacramento politicians have stolen even more of our school funding to solve their Our local schools have made great strides. The Long Beach Unified School District has earned dozens ofown budget mess, leaving our local schools another $95 million short. The state’s latest budget grab prestigious awards, including the distinction of being America’s best school district. Our teachers arenow will force LBUSD schools to lay off at least 200 teachers and deeply cut or eliminate vital, ranked among the nation’s finest. Numerous elementary, middle and high schools here have won statesuccessful programs. and national honors for academic excellence.Although the Long Beach Unified School District has cut more than $100 million from its budget over As a result, we have continued to attract superior teachers. Better teachers and top-notch instructionthe past five years, it has remained a well-managed, award-winning model for school districts nationally. have increased student achievement. While other school districts experience high dropout rates, our students go on to good jobs or obtain college degrees.All of the progress we’ve made improving education, reducing class size, enhancing student safety andraising test scores is in jeopardy – unless we take action together. We must act now to keep our tax Without Measure T, our schools will lack thedollars here at home and make our schools a top priority. tools necessary to continue the progress they have made.Measure T Will Keep Our Tax Dollars Measure T Requires dor sed By:Here In Local Schools Strict Accountability Measure T is En ukmejian (ret.)Measure T will: • A Citizen Oversight Committee • Gove rnor George De will ensure Measure T funds are O’Neill (ret.) spent efficiently, effectively and Long Beach Mayor Beverly• Generate $12.5 million per year by creating a $92 as promised • n ndent Carl Coh USD Superinte annual assessment on local properties for just five years – only 25 cents a day • Audits will be conducted every year • Former LB and expenditure reports will be ees Association• Save 200 teaching positions available in local libraries • California School Employ• Maintain after school programs that cut crime Long Beach and keep our kids off the streets, out of gangs • By law, no Measure T funds can pay • Teachers Association of and away from drugs administrators’ salaries T Yes on Measure3• Preserve academic and vocational programs Vote • Measure T funds will be put in a that provide kids a pathway to a good job or a er esday, Novemb separate bank account that can college degree Tu only be spent on voter-approved local classroom needs. And, Measure T Exempts Senior Citizens. www.YesOnMeasureT.com