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  1. 1. Movies April 20, 2012 Movie Theaters Provide a Source of Entertainment and Relief for Tallahassee Residents Photo courtesy of Movies 8 Tallahassee By Chris White TALLAHASSEE – With the unyielding stress of a busy schedule causing local citizens and col- lege alike to run back and forth with very little downtime, local movie theaters seem to provide residents with an assortment of box office features to enjoy at their leisure. There are four movie theaters in Tallahassee that college students, tourists, visitors, and local resi- dents have to choose from when deciding to take in a film: AMC 20, Regal Stadium 12, Tallahassee 8, and the IMAX Theater, according to eHow.com contributor Brooke Turner. “The movie theaters give you another option for something to do on the weekend, since Tallahassee seems to be such a party town,” said FAMU student Star Manning. “For the amount of people that are in Tallahassee, I feel that the movie theaters are adequate due to the population and the demographics of the population,” said Chemistry major Naomi Nash. Others seem to be in agreement with Nash. “I like the movie theaters in Tallahassee,” said rehab case manager Ria Jacobs. “They have something for everybody regardless of who they are.” On the other hand, some people seem to feel very different about the theaters. “The theaters could be better as a whole, said Tallahassee resident Yvette Cutno. “I feel that the theaters’ prices are far too expensive,” said TCC student Stanton Henry.