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Event Survey Results

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Hilliard Community Event Survey Results

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Event Survey Results

  1. 1. Event Survey Results 2010 Destination Hilliard
  2. 2. What is Hilliard best known for? Question asked individuals to rank 1st choice through 7th. Destination Hilliard
  3. 3. Destination Hilliard
  4. 4. What is your favorite event? Destination Hilliard
  5. 5. Comments to what is your favorite event question?• Old Hilliardfest this year was AWESOME!• Fourth of July parade because the whole community seems to be involved.• I love Old Hilliardfest! The combination of family fun like games and inflatables, the antique car show, arts and music,… and of course fair food, offers something for everyone! We see so many friends and neighbors that it feels like a giant block party. It really says “community” to me.• Music and theatre productions. It feels like a community and the shows are good. They need to be promoted better because the bigger audiences would appreciate the talent.• 4th of July Parade! It is fun and makes Hilliard seem like more of a community.• 4th of July because it brings so much of the community together.• Love Hilliardfest. Best year ever. Lots of different things to do – shop, listen to music, see old cars, games for kids.• 4th of July because everybody comes. I feel such a strong sense of community and national pride on that day.• Old Hilliardfest. Because it is a community fair and it feels like a community.• 4th of July – Entire community involved and not just the “old time Hilliard people”• Old Hilliardfest. I like the coming together of the whole community. I like the live music. Friday evening band great addition.• I love them all. The feeling of a community coming together having fun is wonderful. Destination Hilliard
  6. 6. What type of events would youlike to see planned for Hilliard? Check all that apply Destination Hilliard
  7. 7. What event would you like to seebecome Hilliards signature event? Destination Hilliard
  8. 8. Comments• Performing Arts Festival – music of all genres, comedy, film, add the art of food too• Expansion of Old Hilliardfest with a true focus on arts• An Art Festival would be nice. Old Hilliardfest isn’t the same as an art fest unless they emphasize art more.• Old Hilliardfest should become a bigger event and two days• I don’t think there needs to be a signature event. We need more small events downtown.• Improve the art fair part of Old Hilliardfest and expand to two days. Destination Hilliard
  9. 9. Destination Hilliard
  10. 10. Destination Hilliard
  11. 11. Volunteers56 people said they were interested in volunteering Destination Hilliard
  12. 12. Signature Event• Engages businesses• Engages residents• Attracts visitors• Showcases residents talents Destination Hilliard
  13. 13. Questions andDiscussionsDestination Hilliard