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5 Safety Tips for Rainy Hiking

Cindy Laquidara provides tips for hiking in the rain, which can be peaceful and less crowded, but also risky, depending on other conditions. With this inforgraphic, Cindy Laquidara lays a very fundamental approach to outdoor safety.

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5 Safety Tips for Rainy Hiking

  1. 1. RAINY HIKING Rain may also create dangerous situations such as landslides. If you see a landslide across a trail, let your local ranger station know. WINTERS Take extra precautions when hiking during or after heavy rainfall. Such precipitation can create very serious conditions, like the one listed below. "Pick trails suitable for the weather and avoid exposed ridge walks or hikes involving scrambling over slick rocks." - Pam Roy Also, use any number of apps on your phone to check weather and road conditions before venturing out, to ensure that a simple rainfall doesn't turn into a storm or other potentially dangerous conditions. BE ALERT CHOOSE WISELY DRESS THE PART 5 SAFETY TIPS FOR by Cindy Laquidara RIVERS Heavy rains during the winter may destabilize snow and increase the risk of an avalanche. Check NOAA's mountains forecast page and the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center. LANDSLIDES Rivers can swell unexpectedly, so be vigilant and assess all river or creek crossings. Base Layer: thermal underwear (long johns) for cold weather Insulation: fleece jackets and sweaters keep keep you warm. Outer-layer: rain jackets, wind breakers and other coats serve as a shield from harsh climates and nature's elements. WWW.CINDYLAQUIDARA.ORG