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Cisco and Microsoft: Accelerating the Intercloud Journey

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Cisco announced two more milestones in our Intercloud journey – a new cloud architecture with Microsoft, and 14 new Intercloud providers.

Learn more about Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform: http://cs.co/9009FQhx.

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Cisco and Microsoft: Accelerating the Intercloud Journey

  1. 1. Cisco and Microsoft: Accelerating the Intercloud Journey Nick Earle SVP, Cloud and Managed Services Organization
  2. 2. Cisco and Its Partners Are Building the World’s Largest Intercloud, a Global Cloud of Clouds HCS Microsoft Suite aaS DRaaS PaaS IaaS Meraki Security Analytics vDesktop aaS WebEx HANA aaS Collaboration and Video Big Data and Analytics Native Cloud Applications Enterprise Workloads VM Portability. Application-Centric Policy Control. Open Standards Cloud Services Catalog Public Clouds Partner Clouds Private Clouds Cloud Services and Apps Energy Management
  3. 3. We’ve Done This Before Internet Islands of Isolated Networks Using Multitude of Protocols The Internet • IP based • Open standards • Performance and scale ATM SNA XNS DECNET Appletalk Intercloud World of Isolated Clouds Built Using Customized Cloud Infrastructure and Services Global Intercloud • Web-scale architecture • API-driven automation • Open, secure, hybrid • Curated marketplace Each cloud is custom built with no consistent APIs
  4. 4. Global Intercloud Partners
  5. 5. Global Intercloud Partners
  6. 6. Cisco and Microsoft Are Working Together Deep level of engagement Shared long-term vision Alignment around customer success
  7. 7. Cloud Providers Are Demanding a Solution That’s… Environments optimized through an application-centric approach Deployed on demand Workload tuned Cloud connected New services and enterprise applications provided at DevOps speed Hybrid Cloud solutions seamlessly enabled for end-customers
  8. 8. Cisco Cloud Architecture built with the Microsoft Cloud Platform For Enterprise applications and workloads Launched today! Cloud Orchestration OS and Hypervisor Identity Management Platform Service Delivery  Next Generation IaaS/PaaS/SaaS Cloud Infrastructure, Secure Access and Tenancy  ACI Programmability, SDN Data Center Fabric, embedded policy, tenant analytics  Integration of Cloud and WAN orchestration, dramatically Lower TCO  Deliver “Packaged” Enterprise grade applications and IT Services  Hybrid-IT management tools  Converged stacks for reduced operational complexity, faster time to market System Center
  9. 9. Introducing Cisco Cloud Architecture Components Built With the Microsoft Cloud Platform Windows Azure Pack Services Microsoft Cloud OS Services Identity Services Physical Networking Compute L4–L7 Services StorageHypervisors and Virtual Networking Multi DC WAN and Cloud Nexus 7K Integrated WAN Edge Nexus2, 3K Infrastructure End Points Physical & Virtual APIC Centralized Policy Management Open APIs, Open Standards Ideal for DevOps Library of Application Profiles & Cloud Service Profiles Cloud Service Portals Hyper-Automation Orchestrated Workloads CRM Service Storage as a Service Industry Leading 10G/40G/ 100G Programmable Fabric Database HostingHosted Private Cloud Desktop Hosting DR as a Service
  10. 10. Faster Time to MarketComprehensive Cloud Platform Increased Profit Potential • Joint Product Engineering • Joint Solution Engineering • Cisco Validated Designs • Offer new differentiated services • Lower TCO and OPEX • Operational Simplicity and Control • Lifecycle approach to policy management • Enable cloud opportunities • Go To Market partnership Delivering an Integrated Cloud Solution to Service Providers
  11. 11. Aziz Benmalek General Manager, WW Hosting Service Providers Microsoft
  12. 12. Proximus: Fabrice Feyten, Head of Product Management, Cloud Solutions Concerto Cloud Services: Greg Pierce, Vice President
  13. 13. Learn more about Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform.