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Digital Store Foundation

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In-store infrastructure, connectivity and security are critical to delivering a reliable customer experience while empowering your associates to work faster and smarter. The store fabric allows for 1. – there’s rapid deployment. All components are pretested and configured for shipping. When the Interface technician arrives he can plug it in and be done in less than a few minutes! And Interface guarantees minimal store disruption with a service level agreement. At velocity Interface installs hundreds of stores a month. 2. Standardization of hardware and configuration. Uniform systems streamline troubleshooting. Interface can even reboot the hardware remotely, again supporting minimal store disruption from a technician. 3. Cybersecurity service on the equipment – in addition to making the box tamperproof - to manage change control and PCI compliance.

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Digital Store Foundation

  1. 1. Digital Store Foundation with the Store Fabric
  2. 2. Power of Digital Store Foundation with the Store Fabric Capabilities Securely connect stores Reduce network complexity Simplify deployment and maintenance Automate system monitoring and reporting Use Case Achieve in-store infrastructure and bandwidth cost savings Provide reliable store connectivity for critical retail applications Failover for increased uptime Improved network and application performance visibility at the store Foundational for new technology capabilities requested by the business
  3. 3. Business Drivers Business Needs Business Outcomes • Drive to modernize legacy infrastructure • Need for operational excellence and productivity • Reduce Operational Costs • Optimize IT service delivery to business • Accelerate business agility in delivering new business models & product offerings • Mitigate cyber breach and fraud • Reduce manual processes • Attract and retain customers • Effectively manage risk & compliance • Drive operational excellence & associate productivity • Automated compliance monitoring, and inventory tracking Cisco Products (Software/Hardware/XaaS) Cisco Partner Majority of Cisco reseller / integration partners ISR 4K / Meraki Catalyst / Meraki switching IWAN UCS-E Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Internal Only Digital Store Foundation with the Store Fabric
  4. 4. Digital Store Foundation with the Store Fabric – DNA for Retail