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Dynamic Digital Signage and QSR Menu Boards

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Digital menu boards, beautiful product content, real-time retail operations dashboards and more will be showcased. End-to-end dynamic signage solution that enables businesses to communicate and engage with customers in new and more impactful ways. This proven, high-definition digital menus and video solution provides you the flexibility required to deliver the customized experiences your customers demand and the segmentation capabilities you and your partners need to efficiently grow your business.

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Dynamic Digital Signage and QSR Menu Boards

  1. 1. Dynamic Digital Signage
  2. 2. Power of Dynamic Digital Signage Capabilities Capture customer mindshare Visually promote products and services Scalable architecture for multiple screens at store locations Customer or associate facing content Respond to customer behaviors / actions Use Case Digital Menu Boards Video Walls Retail Operations Dashboards with real-time content updates Interactive Displays
  3. 3. Business Drivers Business Needs Business Outcomes • Shoppers are looking for stronger engagement with brands and retailers – digital is a high value opportunity • Digital Signage is becoming the norm for consumers • The ways of advertising and providing product knowledge through digital are evolving • Digital Signage platform that scales • Incorporating signage, wireless and beacons into one platform • Digital is a value add channel in the physical store environment • Higher engagement and profitability • Improved customer experience • Increased loyalty across brands and within the retailer Cisco Products (Software/Hardware/XaaS) Cisco Partner Majority of Cisco reseller / integration partners Aeronet Wireless Cisco Vision Beacon Point Internal Only Dynamic Digital Signage
  4. 4. Dynamic Digital Signage Internet Cloud Store IDF Switch Stack MDF Switch Stack AP Store Router (ISR4K) DC ControllerPrime Infrastructure CMX Location Solution Components (Lighthouse) • Cisco Media Players • Wired • Wireless • High Definition or 4K Screens • Cloud Content Management Tool SD- WAN Cisco Vision Cloud Management Media Plaeyrs Single Screen Video Wall Interactive