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IoT Smart Store

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Building the IoT data Fabric. Experience the use of sensors, video, wireless and more within our store environment to see how IoT in action can provide value back to your business. Facilities & Energy Management.

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IoT Smart Store

  1. 1. IoT Smart Store
  2. 2. Power of IoT Smart Store Capabilities Reduced Operational Costs Inventory location tracking Automated system monitoring FDA compliant reporting Event alerts – local, corporate, supplier and contractor Improved Customer Experience Use Case Keep employees focused on customers, not operational systems Real-time inventory location tracking within the retail facility Automated monitoring of in-store food systems and dispensers On-demand FDA compliance reporting of any cold-storage system Automated notification of non- compliance for any in-store system or service.
  3. 3. Business Driver Business Needs Business Outcomes • Brick and mortar retailers need to preserve profits at store level given increased competition from eComm • Outdated Loss Prevention Systems need to be automated. • Increased safety of associates and shoppers in physical stores • Expand LP platform to include multiple IoT data types • Automate incident alert and response systems • Allow for video analytics (associate + shopper) • Reduce preventable losses and shrinkage • Drive operational excellence and productivity • Create safer store environments Cisco Products (Software/Hardware/XaaS) Cisco Partner Majority of Cisco reseller / integration partners Traditional IP Cameras Video Surveillance Manager Meraki IP Cameras Cybersecurity portfolio Internal Only IoT Smart Store Cisco Kinetic Apple
  4. 4. IoT Smart Store Internet Cloud Store IDF Switch StackMDF Switch Stack AP AP Customer Device Store Router (ISR4K) DC ControllerPrime Infrastructure CMX Location Solution Components (Lighthouse) • Meraki AP w/ Bluetooth or • AP 3702i • HyperLocation Module • HyperLocation Antenna • Beacon Point • 8450 WLCs (AIR-CT8450-K9) • CMX Connect and Engage • Meraki MV21 Indoor Cameras • Kinetic IoT Data Fabric • Intel RFID • Apple Devices SD- WAN Fixture w/ IoT Sensors Sensor Gateway IoT Sensors MV21 MV21