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The Security 7: 7 Tactics You Can Use to Secure Your Factory

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Put your cybersecurity strategy into overdrive. We’re helping manufacturers such as Diebold, GM, Air Liquide and more ensure effective, robust plant-floor security.Understand your threats with a brief Industrial Cybersecurity Risk and Vulnerability Assessment: http://b2me.cisco.com/secureManufacturing

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The Security 7: 7 Tactics You Can Use to Secure Your Factory

  1. 1. The Security 7: 7 tactics you can use to secure your factory
  2. 2. Cybersecurity concerns can delay digital and IoT projects and it could take up to five years to realize ROI and catch your competitors* Our Cisco 2017 Annual Security Report notes that the industrial sector has some of the LEAST mature security practices and policies and LOWEST quality security infrastructure. Cybersecurity Concerns Stall Progress * according to our Connected Factory Whitepaper
  3. 3. Consider these 7 tactics to enable your factory to play great defense
  4. 4. Many plants don’t even have the most basic security policies written down. 1 Outline who can access certain assets, acceptable asset use, and reporting mechanisms for events.Action Create, educate, and enforce security policies.
  5. 5. Lock down your factory with multiple layers of defense No single technology, product, or methodology can fully secure your network. Take a holistic approach that uses multiple layers of defense - physical, procedural, and digital (network, device, application) - to address different types of threats. 2 Start with a basic mapping exercise to provide an inventory of all the devices and software on your network. Action
  6. 6. Strengthen your first line of defense. Physical security is especially important since some of the most severe damage comes from the inside, when entry is gained from the factory floor. Whether it’s preventing inventory lift, data loss, or intellectual property theft, companies can benefit from a comprehensive physical security solution. 3 Protect PLCs and other play assets with physical access restrictions like locks, key cards, and video surveillance. Action
  7. 7. Control who is on the network with device profiling. Employees and outside contractors are bringing their own mobile devices into the manufacturing workplace that can easily connect to open ports. Avert unplanned downtime from security breaches by detecting connections to your network and denying access if it’s not authorized. 4 Monitor and control users, devices, and applications on your network with device and identity profiling services. Action
  8. 8. Play zone defense.5 Use industry best practices, such as the ISA IEC 62443 standard, to set up zones and design schemas to segment and isolate your sub-systems. On the network perimeter, firewalls and intrusion detection will help you keep threats at bay. Create a demilitarized zone (DMZ) between enterprise and manufacturing networks - a “neutral zone” to isolate suspicious traffic before it spreads. Action
  9. 9. 6 If your company is made up of distributed sites in multiple locations, you need a way to apply security remotely. Reduce Capex (and Opex) with a remote security team. Create a secure “tunnel” from the field to a centralized control center, allowing global engineers and IT experts to quickly respond to security threats. Action
  10. 10. Thwart attackers at the edge7 A critical segment of any company’s network architecture straddles the Internet edge where the corporate network meets the public Internet. Take a building-block approach to edge security with: Firewall and intrusion prevention to protect the network and data from Internet-based threats like worms, viruses, and targeted attacks Remote access (RA) VPN enables secure access to network resources from anywhere Email security, including spam and malware filtering services Web security to support acceptable-use control and monitoring.
  11. 11. Put your cybersecurity strategy into overdrive. The right security policies free up your organization to be more innovative and accelerate your digital transformation. We’re helping manufacturers such as Diebold, GM, Air Liquide and more ensure effective, robust plant-floor security while paving the way for future growth. We can help you understand threats with a brief Industrial Cybersecurity Risk and Vulnerability Assessment. Take Assessment View Security Solutions
  12. 12. There’s never been a better time to WIN with a GREAT DEFENSE