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Enterprise Data Center and Cloud

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Session: Enterprise Data Center and Cloud: "Efficiency, Speed, Disruption"
Presenter: Tony Romany, Business Development - Canada Cloud
Date: October 6, 2015

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Enterprise Data Center and Cloud

  1. 1. Tony Romany Business Development – Canada Cloud October 6, 2015 “Efficiency, Speed, Disruption” Enterprise Data Center and Cloud
  2. 2. 78% Workloads processed in Cloud DCs by 2018 5TB+ of data per person by 2020 180B Mobile apps downloaded in 2015 30M New devices connected every week 277X Data created by IoE devices v. end-user Data Center and Cloud Power Digital Disruption 4.2B Web filtering blocks per day
  3. 3. SaaS PaaS IaaS A Broad Perspective Is Required… Data Center Cloud Edge / IoT
  4. 4. SaaS PaaS IaaS …to Balance New and Existing Requirements Traditional Applications Cloud Native Applications ERP, Financial, CRM, email, Client/Server, … IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Gaming, ... Data Center Cloud Edge / IoT
  5. 5. IT Transformation: The Tale of 2 ITs SPEED EFFICIENCY
  6. 6. What if you Could… EFFICIENCY + DISRUPTION + SPEED
  7. 7. Don’t Get Left Behind! Source: IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Cisco, Don't Get Left Behind: The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption, Aug 2015 * Figures refer to IDC’s Cloud Adoption Model—Optimized Stage Averages IT COST REDUCTION 77% REVENUE GROWTH* 10% STRATEGIC ALLOCATION OF IT BUDGET* 200% TIME TO PROVISION IT SERVICES 99% ABILITY TO MEET SLAS 72% EFFICIENCY + DISRUPTION + SPEED
  8. 8. Security Data Center and Cloud Transformation Minimum IT Capabilities EFFICIENCY + DISRUPTION + SPEED Automation Flexible Consumption Models Edge / IoT Applications
  9. 9. Security Minimum Capabilities Are not Enough! Only Cisco Enables Your Digital Transformation Journey EFFICIENCY + DISRUPTION + SPEED Automation Policy Driven Integrated Infrastructure Flexible Consumption Models Choice of Consumption with Security and Data Sovereignty Edge / IoT Applications Edge / IoT Applications and Real Time Analytics Security Everywhere
  10. 10. SaaS PaaS IaaS Cisco UCS Cisco Nexus Cisco ONE ACI, Programmable Fabric, Programmable Network Programmable Fabric Programmable EFFICIENCY + DISRUPTION + SPEED Best Enterprise Data Center and Cloud Portfolio in the Industry Data Center Cloud Edge / IoT Cisco Connected Analytics Cisco and Partner Intercloud Services Cisco Metapod Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite Policy-Driven Integrated Infrastructure Privateand Hybrid Cloud Software Cloud Offers Analytics Big Data and Analytics Ecosystem Security
  11. 11. Cisco Ecosystem Delivers Choice Any Application Across Any Consumption Model Business Applications Analytics DevOps and CloudBig Data Internet of Things APPLICATION PARTNERS DATA CENTER PARTNERS INTERCLOUD PARTNERS
  12. 12. Policy—Beyond Automation An Innovative Differentiator for Digitized Services One Policy Driven Integrated Infrastructure for traditional and cloud native applications DATA CENTER AUTOMATION Provisioning Faster Workflow Lifecycle Acceleration PRIVATE CLOUD Deploy applications from different business units on separate dev and production networks PERVASIVE SECURITY Specify and automate security and compliance rules CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Enable customized experiences for users and devices at the edge HYBRID CLOUD One common policy for private and public clouds
  13. 13. Cisco Offers—Beyond Flexible Consumption Support for Any Consumption Model Build Your Own As a Service On-Prem or in the Cloud Ownership Customer Cisco / Partner Location On-Prem Cisco / Partner Management Customer Cisco + Partner Cisco / Partner BUYBUILD Cloud Managed Public CloudIT Operated Cisco Data Center Private/Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Cisco Professional Services Cisco Metapod Cisco Professional Services Cisco and Partner Intercloud Services Cisco Powered Cloud Services from Partners Cisco Professional Services
  14. 14. Edge/IoT—Beyond Apps and Traditional Analytics A New Approach is Needed to Reach and Analyze That Data Structured Data Unstructured Data Data Streaming at the Edge Traditional Data Warehouse Big Data Store Short-term Make a Decision Today Real-time Make a Decision NOW Long-term Plan for a Business Decision
  15. 15. Security Everywhere Across the full attack continuum, before, during and after an attack Threat-focused Network-Integrated, Broad Sensor Base, Context and Automation Platform-based Agile and Open Platforms, Built for Scale, Consistent Control, Management Visibility-driven Network-Integrated, Broad Sensor Base, Context and Automation Pervasive | Integrated | Open | Continuous
  16. 16. Market Traction: Innovation Leadership Cisco Nexus Cisco UCS Director (Orchestrates Compute, Network, Storage And L4-7), OpenStack Cisco ONE Software Licensing and Subscription LAN Switching Blade Server Application Centric SDN Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Security Integrated Infrastructure Cisco UCS Cisco ACI Cisco Intercloud Cisco UCS, Nexus Cisco Security #1 #2 #1 #1 #1 #1 Cloud Infrastructure Equipment Cisco Intercloud #1 Cisco UCS World- Records 100+
  17. 17. Cisco Delivers Business Outcomes Today! EFFICIENCY + DISRUPTION + SPEED A 13-month payback, 166% ROI…savings of $1.27+M over 3 years – Oak Hill School District Saving 20% on infrastructure, 30% on power, and 50% on space Grew capacity by “over 5x for the same AWS cost” “We generated $145M in business benefits and successfully managed the Symantec / Veritas split” Quantium has positioned itself to stay well ahead of our competitors for the foreseeable future Software engineers increased time devoted to development from 50 to 80 percent “We saved 6 months versus DIY OpenStack” “We accelerated provisioning from hours to minutes” “We’ve gone from days to hours to add new devices and capacity”
  18. 18. For More Resources… DATA CENTER www.cisco.com/go/datacenter CLOUD www.cisco.com/go/cloud SECURITY www.cisco.com/go/security SERVICES www.cisco.com/go/services
  19. 19. SaaS PaaS IaaS Cisco Ecosystem Delivers Choice Any Application Across Any Consumption Model Optional slide for discussions related to Big Data and IoT customers Traditional Applications Cloud Native Applications Data Center Cloud Edge / IoTData Center Cloud Edge / IoT
  20. 20. Cisco Ecosystem Delivers Choice Any Application Across Any Consumption Model Business Applications Analytics DevOps and CloudBig Data Internet of Things APPLICATION PARTNERS Microsoft IBM SAP Oracle Cloudera Pivotal MAPR Hortonworks Greenplum Informatica MicroStrategy Appfluent SAP Datastax SAS Splunk Platfora Elasticsearch Actian Tableau Rockwell Automation Honeywell Emerson Schneider United Technologies MongoDB Docker Openstack Ruby Puppet Labs Python PHP Lamp DATA CENTER PARTNERS INTERCLOUD PARTNERS Microsoft VCE Openstack IBM bmc Nimble Storage Windows Server Redhat Vmware EMC2 Citrix Hitachi NetApp CA Symantec F5 Panduit Opscode Check Point Software Technologies Netscout A10 Networks AVI Networks Fortinet Zenoss Radware CFEngine Simplivity Telstra CGI BT ANS Proximus Adapt Deutsche Telekom Capgemini Accenture Dimension Data Nescout CCI Bezea WIPRO TechData Comstar NTTDATA CTC Iland Presidio QTS Forsythe Telefonica LG CNS NWN Ingram Micro CDW Sentinel NetCast Infront Jonhson Controls Nantian Information World Wide Technology Inc. Sungard Availability Services Optional slide when inclusion of customer/partner logos may be problematic.