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Cisco Healthcare - September

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We want to get you more information and resources on things like our newest healthcare software solution, Extended Care, additional collateral on our Telehealth experience and some information on our wireless solutions and use cases.

Got questions? Email us here: ciscocanadahealthcare@cisco.com

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Cisco Healthcare - September

  1. 1. Shanti Gidwani Welcome to the Cisco Healthcare Bulletin. With the weather finally warming up, so is the healthcare space. Cisco showcased at the first inaugural eHits conference, as well as the annual eHealth conference and we’ve heard from many of you that you would like more information on Home Health Monitoring and Telehealth so you can reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance the clinician and patient experience. With that said, in this email we have focused on getting you more resources and information on things like our newest healthcare software solution, Extended Care, additional collateral on our Telehealth experience and some information on our wireless solutions and use cases. And finally, you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn where I will be providing short insightful snippets of information on a daily basis! Also, feel free to reach out to me over social media or email me what you would like to hear in our next newsletter. Always looking forward to chatting with you, Shanti Gidwani & The Canadian Healthcare Team TIP OF THE MONTH Telehealth is close to its tipping point! This is hard to believe, since we have been using this term for many, many years. But adoption rates are still low, and the opportunities as they relate to increased accessibility, increasing efficiency and productivity of clinicians are immense. What do your programs (implemented or planning) look like? Email us or set up a Business Demonstration meeting with us. Let us know TECHNICAL ARTICLES
  2. 2. Digital Impact on Customer Experience See the results of the Global Customer Experience Report focused on Healthcare which demonstrates the shift in consumer attitudes towards personal data, telemedicine, and access to medical information. Read more Connect to Care: Interactive Map An interesting healthcare journey that examines patient access, clinician experience, community and home healthcare, improved clinical processes and models of care. Download now Medical-Grade Network: Build a Secure Network This whitepaper will look at how the Cisco Medical-Grade Network (MGN) provides a network foundation that enables reliable, transparent, and secure health data communications among the healthcare community while providing the framework to meet your specific compliance requirements. Download now FEATURED DOWNLOADS Promoting Patient Engagement Extended Care is the newest addition to the Cisco Connected Health portfolio and provides a powerful solution to our current challenges around home monitoring, accessing one’s care team from home, and empowering patients to take more charge of their own health. Read more Current Analysis Report: Cloud Collaboration Drives Business Value Across Industries Find out how to overcome the unique challenges in deploying Cloud Collaboration for healthcare and achieve your business goals. Download now
  3. 3. Work YOUR Way in Healthcare Learn the steps and business decisions to embrace the “Work Your Way” trend. This will allow greater employee choice in devices while maintaining a common, predictable user experience that maintains or enhances global organization competitiveness, productivity, and security. Download now Primary care in remote British Columbia If you haven’t already seen this 2-minute video of Dr. John Pawlovich in action, take a look. Dr. John is a primary care physician delivering care to First Nations communities in the rural and remote areas of British Columbia. Watch it here UPCOMING EVENTS Stay tuned for upcoming events. Copyright © 2014, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco, Cisco Systems and the Cisco Systems logo are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. Sent by Cisco on behalf of your local affiliate: Cisco Systems Canada Co. Registered address: 181 Bay St., Suite 3400, Bay Wellington Tower, BCE Place, Toronto, ON, M5J 2T3, Canada