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Case study Webcollage Woopeo

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See how Cisco partner Woopeo successfully leverages Webcollage - a compelling, professional and free solution to publish Cisco Small Business product content on your website.

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Case study Webcollage Woopeo

  1. 1. Integrator Brightens Online Shopwindowwith WebCollageCisco co-marketing offering helps French Avant Garde partnerwin new SMB customers.Customer Name: Woopeo Business ImpactIndustry: ICT • Competitive edge sharpened by instant updatesLocation: Champigny-sur-Marne, France • Enhanced website content draws in new customersNumber of Employees: 6 • Professional partnership with Cisco reinforced Case StudyBusiness Challenge “Our website has two main functions: first, to help us findWoopeo is a small, thriving Cisco Select Partner based at new customers; and second, to reinforce our image for “WebCollage allows us to have an extendedChampigny-sur-Marne, on the outskirts of Paris, with annual existing customers,” says company manager Serge Lerfel. website at lower cost and to offer better “It’s a technological and a commercial shopwindow. Yet coverage of relevant Cisco products withoutrevenues of about €500,000. It employs six principal staff, keeping it up-to-date was a problem. We lacked resourcesincluding three systems engineers and three account to modify the site regularly and didn’t always have time to having to do it all ourselves. And it creates amanagers. Established in 2007, the firm prides itself on more interesting and credible image of our do it. Intervals were variable, but we were only makingoffering a dedicated, personalized approach as a key changes probably two or three times a year.” company to our clients.”business differentiator. These issues meant that the website did not play as much of Serge LerfelThe firm offers network design, installation, and maintenance, a part in the firm’s commercial and marketing development as Company Manager, Woopeospecializing in voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solutions, to a Lerfel would have liked. Research has shown that a majorityvaried small and medium-sized (SMB) customer base. Its of small businesses use the web to help them in theircustomers generally have between 5 and 200 employees research and procurement process, and digital marketing, Solution and Resultsand range across several sectors, from industrial facilities to such as email, banner ads, organic web search, and so on,medical manufacturers and pharmaceutical labs. Cisco® WebCollage is designed specifically for Cisco channel enhances reach.Like many smaller integrators, Woopeo needs to rely on its partners selling Cisco Small Business products. It is part of Woopeo wanted a compelling and cost-effective solution to the Cisco co-marketing offering, under which partners arewebsite to communicate its IT skills and service offerings improve its website. It was vital to bringing in new business, entitled to 50 percent funding of their co-marketing costs.effectively to prospective customers, and also to give existing and as a complement to Woopeo’s emphasis on close Avant Garde partners can also draw on the support of acustomers the ongoing assurance of a professional approach customer relationships to strengthen its links with existing dedicated Cisco client manager to help them design andby highlighting new products and solutions of special interest customers by offering them added value. “We’re not just execute marketing plans. Co-marketing with Cisco is oneto SMBs. Yet because of its relatively small size, both the selling products; we’re providing a dedicated service to each of the five pillars supporting the Avant Garde program andtime and the resources to devote to website maintenance customer,” Lerfel says. includes WebCollage.and development were limited.
  2. 2. Integrator Brightens Online Shopwindowwith WebCollageContinued Case StudyFor partners such as Woopeo, the Avant Garde program and Today Woopeo’s website features new products from the around WebCollage content already integrated with the siteWebCollage in particular, help them stand out from the crowd. Cisco small business range on its home page, including to simplify orders and purchasing.WebCollage provides a range of free multimedia sales tools, such solutions as intrusion detection and Cisco Unified Although Lerfel has not conducted an analysis of the specificproduct information, images, and offers, embedded directly Communications. A tab opens a dedicated page on Cisco’s impact of WebCollage on Woopeo’s revenues, he confirmsinto partner websites. It cuts web content development costs SMB solutions, with a pop-up video illustrating the power of that the website is today evolving into more of a sales tool,and provides an instant online uplift. WebCollage content The Human Network. which will “augment” the firm’s communications with itssyndicated by Cisco also supports English, French, German, A detailed Cisco catalogue is accessible by a single click, and customers and partners.and Spanish-language versions. Woopeo’s own Cisco-based IP telephony solution is also Customer demand is generated by the ability of partners toFeatures include Cisco Showcase, a microsite providing offered from as little as €15 a month per user. Product details implement the Cisco catalogue on their websites, to createcurrent product updates and customer-driven content are updated automatically, cutting out the need to try to fit targeted minisites, and to build in e-commerce capabilitiescustomization from a catalogue of more than 350 small regular sessions into a busy schedule, and highlighting the enabling customers to buy online. New product offers frombusiness products. It equips partners with powerful demand latest Cisco Small Business solutions. Cisco are automatically featured on Woopeo’s website as ageneration tools and facilitates shopping cart integration for Lerfel says that without WebCollage, he would not have been further stumulus to drive customer demand. As the firm’se-commerce-ready sites. In addition, it can enable detailed able to feature such a wide range of Cisco products, nor to website develops, Lerfel also thinks that it will play a strongreporting metrics for traffic generated, while the Sales cover them in such depth and detail. He believes that this can role in customer retention.Advancer insight tool enables partners to track product strengthen the position of the smaller integrator. It addsreviews by prospective customers and follow up with Summarizing the advantages, Lerfel adds: “The Avant Garde significantly to the firm’s online visibility, as well as potentiallythem immediately. program and WebCollage contribute strongly to the image of drawing in prospective customers who may be using specific strong partnership between ourselves and Cisco, helping usFor Lerfel, implementing the first stages of WebCollage on product names during their online searches for new and to work more closely together in targeting customers.Woopeo’s website was simple and straightforward. After first innovative solutions.hearing of it, he became convinced of its potential to add real “WebCollage allows us to have an extended website at lower He believes integration of WebCollage content on his websitevalue to his business and decided to enhance the website cost and to offer better coverage of relevant Cisco products enables Woopeo to compete more effectively with largerwith WebCollage content in early 2009. Through contact with without having to do it all ourselves. This is important, because rivals by making the site more appealing and informative: thethe Cisco office in France, he was offered helpful advice and if I did it without WebCollage, I couldn’t put so many products “shopwindow” effect. “If a prospective customer is sitting atpractical support by a Cisco client manager to guide him online. And it creates a more interesting and credible image of his screen with his mouse, surfing, he doesn’t know if we’rethrough the process. our company to our clients.” an organization of 2, 10, or 500 people,” Lerfel says.“WebCollage was very easy to integrate,” he says. “Cisco gave Woopeo’s business strategy will remain based firmly onme the procedure, and it’s really straightforward. They gave “personalized added value,” fortified by the carefully targetedme a link on their website and a script, and explained how to For More Information relevance of WebCollage content to small business customers.adapt the link and the script to my website. My WebCollage Lerfel has now hired a webmaster to review the management To find out more about Cisco WebCollage, please go to:contact at Cisco then looked at our website and proposed the and development of the site, including the addition of new www.cisco.com/go/partnermarketingscript for insertion into Woopeo’s site, so I didn’t have to make e-commerce functionality. This new addition will be builtany modifications; they were all done by WebCollage.” You can learn more about Woopeo at: www.woopeo.com© 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco, the Cisco logo, and Cisco Systems are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. All other trademarks mentioned in this documentor website are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. (1011R) ES/11529/0611