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Ransomware: The Reality

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Ransomware has quickly become the most profitable type of malware ever seen, on its way to becoming a $1 billion annual market.

It's commonly delivered through exploit kits, malvertising (infected ads on a website that can deliver malware), phishing (fraudulent emails masquerading as trustworthy), or spam campaigns. The actual infection can begin when someone clicks on a link or an attachment in phishing emails. Infections can also happen when users surf to sites with malicious ads that automatically infect computers.

Given that ransomware can penetrate organizations in multiple ways, reducing the risk of ransomware infections requires a portfolio-based approach, rather than a single product. Ransomware must be prevented where possible, detected if it gains access to systems and contained to limit damage.

Cisco Ransomware Defense calls on the Cisco security architecture to protect businesses using defenses that span from networks to the DNS layer to email to the endpoint. It is backed by industry-leading Talos threat research for the ultimate responsiveness against ransomware.

Learn about Cisco Ransomware Defense: http://cisco.com/go/ransomware

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Ransomware: The Reality

  1. 1. Recognize the accelerating threat 2015 Gaining momentum 2016 The “year of the ransom” NUMBER 3 on the FBI’s “Hot Topics for 2015” list1 extorted in more than 2400 complaints to the FBI2 $24 million $60 millioncampaign of Angler Exploit Kit thwarted3 6-fold increase in corporate user targets6 1 U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015 Internet Crime Report, https://pdf.ic3.gov/2015_IC3Report.pdf 2 The Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Ransomware: Latest Cyber Extortion Tool,” April 2016 https://www.fbi.gov/cleveland/press-releases/2016/ransomware-latest-cyber-extortion-tool 3 Talos, Threat Spotlight: Cisco Talos Thwarts Access to Massive International Exploit Kit Generating $60m Annually from Ransomware Alone, October 2015, http://www.talosintelli- gence.com/angler-exposed/ 4 CNN Money, “Cyber-Extortion Losses Skyrocket, Says FBI,” David Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin, April 2016, http://money.cnn.com/2016/04/15/technology/ransomware-cyber-security/ 5 Ibid. 6 Security Week, “History and Statistics of Ransomware,” Kevin Townsend, June 2016, http://www.securityweek.com/history-and-statistics-ransomware 7 Cisco Talos, Threat Spotlight: Cisco Talos Thwarts Access to Massive International Exploit Kit Generating $60m Annually from Ransomware Alone, October 2015, http://www.talosintelli- gence.com/angler-exposed/ Know the Attack Vectors Exploit kits are tools used by attackers to distribute malware. They are often delivered through: Web servers: entry points for access into the network Web-based apps: encrypted files spread through social media and instant messaging Malvertising: drive-by downloads from an infected site Email: phishing messages and spam with malicious links or attachments Infection Vector Command and Control Encryption of Files Request of Ransom Frequently uses the web and email Takes control of targeted systems Files become inaccessible Owner/company pay the ransom (bitcoins) to free the system Learn More Today Go to cisco.com/go/ransomware for Cisco’s simple, open, automated, and effective approach to security. $209 million extorted in first 3 months4 $1 BILLION in profit expected in 20165 Prevent attacks with an architectural approach: One of the largest and most advanced exploit kits, known as Angler, was used in targeted malvertising campaigns Exploitation of 90,000 victims a day for $30 million annually through nearly 150 proxy servers was stopped Detect and Disrupt Ransomware Cisco Talos disrupts a $60 million annual ransomware attack7 Protection across DNS layer, endpoints, email, web, and network Secure devices on and off the network Be prepared to detect and contain movement of malware quickly Ransomware: The Reality It’s here, it’s sophisticated—and it’s shifty! Harm to reputation Malware with a hefty price tag. Loss of sensitive, proprietary data Disruption Financial losses