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Clifford sugerman

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Clifford sugerman

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Clifford sugerman

  1. 1. Cliifford Sugerman Was a student of Taxation in Senior college .But to look for a job wasn’t his Objective in his life. He always wanted to be his own Boss, But contrary to his wish his parents wanted him to finish his studies and take a safer and stable move to work with any Government agency or with any established corporate. Because they are of the opinion that any jobs can provide a stable and secure life. Whereas entrepreneurship could be very risky and a competitive choice .Where the life is very unsure . But becoming an entrepreneur was his aspiration. Although he knew that the choice was very tough especially when well meaning family members and friends were urging him to pursue his studies, but the successful business man’s story were his inspiration . He despite of all Hurdles and opposition ,took a smart move ,. He decided to left the school to pursue his own goals After leaving the school at the age of 16 he started his own business and learned much more that he can ever learn in a classroom. He realized starting with a business is a never ending education . It is something that you can never learn in a classroom. Later with his enterprise he eventually was able to reassure his parents that he will be learning great marketable skills He started with many business often in the areas he had no knowledge or have little knowledge but his recent experimentation with chain Retail has immensely increased his knowledge in this area. He realized that there is simply no match of life experience Eventually his parents also had started adjusting themselves with the idea of entrepreneurship. They were happy to see their son flourishing and conquering the market. He started his business with a small stationary shop after that he has launched many retail shops in the vicinity . His hard work now has started showing him results . Cliff Alan became a known name in his vicinity. Thus encouraged , He now entered to try his luck in the Branded Market. He first became a Franchise of a top brand name in the shoe industry ,then in cloth industries and so on .He was now the name of the state .Now he had around 15 retail stores of the Top Brands clifford sugerman Sharing this links, For more details follow the below links, http://cliffordsugerman.weebly.com/index.html
  2. 2. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x15tvvl_clifford-sugerman_lifestyle