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Social Media for Charities

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Fundraising Ireland Western Branch Breakfast Seminar / Westwood House Hotel, Galway / 19th September 2012

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Social Media for Charities

  1. 1. Social media for charities John Breslin, NUI Galway www.johnbreslin.com / @johnbreslin
  2. 2. Who, Me?Some background on John.Lecturer, Engineering and Founder, Technology VoiceInformatics Publisher of tech articles.Full-time lecturer from 2000 to Deciphering new technologies and2004, tenured in 2008. promoting Ireland as a tech hub.Researcher, DERI Co-Founder, boards.ie Ltd.Leader of the Social Software Unit Irelandʼs largest discussion forumin the worldʼs largest Semantic website, 2.2 million visitors/month.Web research institute. Co-author Began as a gaming forum in 1998.of “The Social Semantic Web”.
  3. 3. What?Quick overview of my talk. Getting Onboard Joining In Keeping Up Quick Example Resources
  4. 4. Why?What can a charity use social media for? Service delivery Fundraising Crowdsourcing Crowdfunding Awareness raising Campaigning Advocacy
  5. 5. Part 1: Getting OnboardPick what services should you be on.Choose Your Platform, Carefully The Social Network ChoicesDepending on your audience, doyou need to be on social networks, Twitter: Whatʼs happening? Info streams.discussion forums (e.g. GoogleGroups or boards.ie), or something Facebook: Everyoneʼs here, eek!else entirely? LinkedIn: The business network.Spread Too Thin? MySpace: Only if youʼre selling music...Donʼt waste time on a platform ifyour “customers” just arenʼt there. Bebo: Kaput, even for 13 year olds.
  6. 6. Part 1: Getting OnboardDecide exactly who you are.Create Your Identity Promoting Your IdentityTry and get a common brand that Make sure you tell people aboutyou can use across one or more your social media identity whereplatforms of your choice. appropriate, e.g. in your e-mail signatures, on your website, inPick Your “Forever” Username presentations.Have a consistent username for yourTwitter account or Facebook page.
  7. 7. Part 2: Joining InBe part of the conversation. Does anyone know [...]? Hello! I think I can help...Respond To Others, Choose Who You Are Talking ToMeaningfully! If you want to be a person of influenceThereʼs no point being a using social media, then the way to do itstandalone broadcaster on is to acquire engaged followers who aresocial websites. You must themselves active on the service: http://engage with others, not just via tch.vc/twitterinfyour own channels. See also “Finding Your Influencers” in http://tinyurl.com/sm4charities
  8. 8. Part 2: Joining InTell the world about your organisation, your services.Use An Integrated Strategy Marketing Your BrandView this great video from Deanna You can do targeted advertising onLee (Chief Communications and social networks like Facebook, but didDigital Strategies Officer at Carnegie you know charities can get free ads?Corporation) about how social media “Google Grants empowers nonprofitis just one part of your organizations, through $10,000 percommunications strategy: http:// month in in-kind AdWords™bit.ly/leevideo advertising” http://www.google.com/ grants/ (up to $480,000 per year)
  9. 9. Part 3: Keeping UpStay up to date with your interests and “competitors”.
  10. 10. Part 3: Keeping UpThink about whatʼs coming around the corner.The Semantic What? The World Is Going HyperlocalThe next generation of the Web, You may need to think about a webencompassing the notion of “Linked where oneʼs geolocation is strongly tiedData” whereby itʼs not just pages to their activities online: Foursquare,that are linked on the Web, but Layar, and more: http://tch.vc/rather data with an associated hyperlocalizedmeaning: http://tch.vc/linkedd
  11. 11. Example: Irish Free AidAn imaginary charityStart With the Web Address Get Your Social Network Names.org or .com is best; .ie is okay too:e.g. irishfreeaid.org Twitter: @irishfreeaidIf you need a quick and easy-to-maintain site, you can sign up at Facebook: facebook.com/irishfreeaidwordpress.com, buy a domain and YouTube: Get irishfreeaid as usernamechoose no-ads option for $43/year.Can use JustGiving for donations Google+: No short URLs yet; use gplus.toand Giv2.it for Twitter integration.See also Facebookʼs causes.com. LinkedIn: Create linkd.in URLs at bit.ly
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  13. 13. Reference materialsSome useful guides A Cut Out And Keep Social Media Plan for a Non-Profit (Technology Voice) http://tch.vc/cutoutandkeep How Does Your Charity Use Social Media? (The Guardian) http://gu.com/ p/38jq7 and http://gu.com/p/36kx4 Social Media Escalation Flowcharts http://tinyurl.com/smflow and http:// tinyurl.com/smtriage A Guide to Social Media for Charities http://tinyurl.com/sm4charities Why Social Media is the Future for Charities (and lots more on this great blog) http://tinyurl.com/springgiving
  14. 14. john@bresl.in Ask John Thanks for listening.Image credits: Tom Murphy and www.publicdomainpictures.net Slides available at: www.slideshare.net/Cloud