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Mural Vas For Telcos State Of The Industry Slideshare

A presentation used in front of a carrier sales team to review trends and influences on the VAS space for SMBs.

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Mural Vas For Telcos State Of The Industry Slideshare

  1. 1. Value-Added Services (VAS) State of the Industry
  2. 2. Overview › Importance of Value-Added Services (VAS) for Telcos › Is the Market Ready? › Examples from Other Carriers › Best Practices for Success › Mi Negocio en Línea v2
  3. 3. What VAS Means for Telcos
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  11. 11. ARPU and Revenue Trends › Data revenue is increasingly critical for Mobile operators to maintain ARPU › Meaning it‟s a fight to keep topline revenue in place with the existing customer base › For fixed line providers approaching broadband saturation, the same ARPI support does not exist for data plans. Source: Morgan Stanley 11
  12. 12. What it has meant for carriers › Applications have shown the power of driving carrier switching behavior 12
  13. 13. Accelerating Growth
  14. 14. VAS Definition › THEN – clear enhancements, modifications or alterations to traditional telecom / communications services o Voicemail o Email o Fax-to-Email o Voice-to-text › NOW – Business applications that run on top of and integrate with the communications network, including converged fixed line and mobile solutions o Web Presence o Marketing o Data Management o Security o CRM
  15. 15. The Long Tail© of the VAS Market Core Carrier Services – Phone, High Speed Internet Traditional Add-Ons – Security, Backup, Email Customers Number of What can we sell to these folks? Revenue per Customer Copyright © Anderson, Chris The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More | Hyperion Books 2006
  16. 16. Success in VAS › For the size and breadth of maximizing the VAS space, carriers are universally considered to have the best possible opportunity › Strategies should focus on applications with the broadest possible appeal, with low customization and integration
  17. 17. Is the Market Ready?
  18. 18. The Time is Right Growing broadband access for SMBs and Consumers Economic models are in sync – economic recession and resulting tight IT budgets are driving demand for more economically efficient solutions CIOs need to deliver strategic, mission-critical value, VAS and will outsource other functions to allow a more strategic internal focus Improved security and acceptance of web-based content and secure data centers by customers Now is the right time. Greater Depth and Breadth of VAS offerings, including greater alignment with customer needs (e.g. SMBs need lighter-weight applications than Large Enterprise) Emergence of Platforms for developing VAS applications • Windows Azure, Microsoft CRM 4.0, Amazon EC2 • SalesForce.com AppExchange, Google AppEngine
  19. 19. SaaS/VAS Stats › 86% of SMBs will adopt SaaS in 2009 according to MSFT Study (US, Canada, China, France, Brazil) › SaaS Spend > $8B in 2009 (Gartner) › IT spend in Emerging Markets is growing at 3X overall market
  20. 20. Business-Centric Buyer › How they Web-Agnostic Buyer consume Web-Centric Buyer information › How they interact with others › How they find and buy products and services › How they solve problems Feature-Centric Buyer 20
  21. 21. Facebook in Mexico 2009 › Mexico had largest gross gain (470K users) and second largest percentage gain (10%) of Facebook users from September to October 2009 › Over 5M Facebook accounts in Mexico, or 4.8% of population › Added 1/2% of the entire population in just 1 month
  22. 22. What Solutions are In Demand › Small companies want help growing larger › Medium companies want to grow more profitable at the same size › Everyone wants to acquire new customers or communicate better with those they have Source: Edge Strategies
  23. 23. Are Buyers Ready › The good news, is the vast majority of businesses will take a hosted solution (78%) › But they may require some selling on security, reliability, control and costs Source: Edge Strategies
  24. 24. ? ! !? ! !? ? The road to VAS is fraught with challenges that providers must proactively help their customers overcome.
  25. 25. What Are Other Carriers Doing?
  26. 26. British Telecom › Major push on „owning‟ the presence on the web for SMBs › What‟s „on the end‟ of the Internet line (just like the phone was on the end of the phone line) › Thousands of web-centric VAS sales / week › Combination of products (Tradespace, Domains) and services (Search Engine Marketing, Design)
  27. 27. Verizon › Segmentation Based with a focus on business lifecycle › Increasing investment in application catalog and marketplace › Focus on converged (mobile + fixed line) solutions
  28. 28. But nobody has approached this…
  29. 29. Importance of Customer Activation › “the cost of acquiring new customers, compared to retaining clients, is a staggering 7:1 ratio” (Sunday Business Post – Ireland 3/22/09) Common What‟s Possible Challenges • Low activation • Reduced churn • High Churn • Increasing ARPU • Lack of Expertise • Higher user counts • Misdirected Selling • Increased WOM • „Control Panel‟ focused • Support as a marketing tools investment • Support as a „cost‟
  30. 30. Activation Program Example Current Base •Targeted calling by segment or region •Callfire Virtual Call Center Pre/New Sales PROCESS •Tele – „Getting Started‟ Follow on call Free, “Red Carpet” Advocate WOM directly post sale Consultation and Upsell •Online – Live Chat in order experience Guided Activation •Welcome Email Setup Live Chat, Call Scripts, Canned Tele + Remote Desktop Facebook Fans, Twitter Responses / Knowledge Base, Quick Start Walk-Through TOOLS Scheduling Tool, Exclusive CX2 Tools, Social 150 Activations Booked / Week 60% 5-15% Activation Rate Activation Rate Incremental VAS (some VAS service) (some VAS service) Attach Rate 10% TARGETS Assisted Setup Attach Rate
  31. 31. Balancing Activation & Volume 1:1 Coaching Sessions 1:FEW, HIGH Email ENGAGEMENT Advocates Facebook Fans & CONTENT DM Twitter Webinars Activated Remote Desktop Call Centers 1:MANY, LOW Live Chat ENGAGEMENT Registered Mass Twitter & CONTENT Copyright © 2008 Mural Consulting, LLC and Mural 31
  32. 32. Customer Support as Marketing › Top providers can realize New Customers up to 50% of sales through Word of Mouth (WOM) referrals Discover Support › Meaning the „cost‟ of VAS activation and support is Customer Interactions actually an investment in marketing Evaluate Purchase 32
  33. 33. How to be Successful
  34. 34. Conclusions › Choose the right „sharp tip‟ applications that the call centers can sell/attach easily to the existing broadband customer base › Bundle for simplicity – not just with broadband, but as packages of solutions › Define and guide the customer lifecycle – especially in the products themselves › Activate and engage your VAS customers with an activation channel
  35. 35. What Does Sharp Tip Mean? The service provides a solution that the target customer doesn‟t already have. Not a replacement. The service can be sold to an individual stakeholder/buyer within the customer organization. One buyer. Time to value is short. The service has an immediate impact. Focused on growth or profit. 35
  36. 36. “Do you want” – 1 Sentence Closes › Do you want to be discovered in Google? › Do you want a website? › Do you want to sell more? › Do you want to backup your computer? › Do you want to prevent your computer from getting a virus? Top carriers attach services (some free / trial) to nearly 80% of calls, and have 1.4 VAS units per customer
  37. 37. Typical VAS Packaging / Bundling › Use the Web to Grow My Business o Web Presence Solutions o Marketing Services o eCommerce › Protect My Data and Infrastructure o Backup o Security o IT Support › Communicate More Effectively / Efficiently o Email o VoIP o File Sharing / Collaboration
  38. 38. Sample Customer Lifecycle – Use the Web eCommerce, Scheduling, Transact CRM Solutions Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Click-to-Call Interact Social Discovery (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Get Discovered Natural Search Restuls, Search Engine Marketing, Banners and Display Directories and Yellow Pages Get Online Presence (Domain, Site)
  39. 39. Over-Invest the First 60 Day from Sign Up + 2 days – Remote Desktop Support Session + 24 Hours - First Contact/Phone Call + 7 Days (and each week) Email • Higher Up-Sell • Increased Customer Retention • Increased Customer Referrals • Increased Customer Satisfaction How-To Tips + Etc. 0 DAYS 60 DAYS 90+ DAYS Copyright © 2008 | Mural 39 Consulting Corporation
  40. 40. Thank You