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  1. 1. 20.02.2014
  2. 2. Profile •More than 90 year of history, reinventing and adapting constantly to the technical, social and financial changes of the several market were we operate •One of the largest groups of the construction and public works sector in Portugal •108th largest international contractor according to ENR, 2013 •205th largest global contractor according to ENR, 2013 •800 million Euros turnover in 2012 •Circa 4,500 workers in the Group’s several subsidiaries •3 decades of track record in the international market: internationalisation process goes back to 1979 •More than 70% of turnover is non domestic •We operates in a regular base in Angola, United Estates (Florida and Georgia) and Mozambique •Our strategy is focused in our core business area: Civil Construction and Infrastructures •Supplementary business areas/ activities: Concessions, Real Estate e Energy Services (Self Energy) DIMENSION & HISTORY INTERNATIONAL PROFILE MAIN ACTIVITY 4
  3. 3. 90 Years of History5
  4. 4. Strategy CORE BUSINESS: CONSTRUCTION This is the Group’s core business area, concentrating our attention and efforts, also supported by the development of other business areas/ activities: Concessions, Real Estate and Energy Services FINANCIAL SUSTANTABILITY Support and, simultaneously, booster of the Group’s strategic activities growth and development INTERNATIONALIZATION AFRICA: Continued dynamic growth in Angola and Mozambique U.S.A.: Organic growth, expansion into other States, focus on profitability BRAZIL: Organic growth and seek for an acquisition opportunity in the medium term THREE MAIN PILLARS OF SOARES DA COSTA’S STRATEGY 6
  5. 5. SDC’s KPI TURNOVER 802 million EBITDA 103 million EBITDA Margin Recurrent 12.8% -8% +7.5% +1.9 p.p. NET INCOME Recurrent -11.5 million International Turnover 565 million ORDER BOOK 1,048 million -121% +4% 80% international market Notes: (1) Figures in million Euros, for full-year 2012. (2) Variations to the consolidated figures of full-year 2011. 7
  6. 6. SDC in figures The Group’s consolidated turnover increased 46% between 2007 e 2012, with the international activity being a constant and strong contribution (representing, on average, 60% of the total turnover in this period)  The Group’s core business area, CONSTRUCTION, weighted 78% of consolidated turnover in 2012.  The Concessions business area contributed with 20% of the consolidated turnover in 2011 Figures in million euros +46% 8 Construction 78.0% Concessions 19.5% Real Estate 2.3% Energia P. and Holding 0.2% 179 418 450 380 329 237 372 417 494 513 545 565 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Domestic International 551 835 944 894 874 802
  7. 7. SDC in figures  Profitability had a remarkable evolution: EBITDA grew 99% between 2007 e 2012  The Construction contribution weighted 49% of 2012’s consolidated figure 9 (*) Proportional consolidation of Beira Interior motorway concession from 2008 onwards FiguresinmillionEuros 36 86 86 88 94 72 6,6% 10,3% 9,1% 9,9% 10,8% 9,0% 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 EBITDA EBITDA margin 12 8 11 16 2 -12 0 8 7 3 0 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Net Earnings Dividends (ordinary shares) Construction Concessions Real estate
  8. 8. Directors 1% Senior Management 8% Middle Management 14% Qualified 62% Non Qualified 15% SDC in figures  The evolution of the number of workers reflect the Group’s activity growth but also the readjustment to the new market conditions of the domestic market in 2011/12  The workers’ high qualification standards has allowed SDC’s differentiation based on quality 10 5,542 5,791 5,952 5,549 4,510 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Workers in the International Markets 63% Workers in Portugal 37%
  9. 9. International activity We initiated our international activity in the 80’s, in Venezuela, Angola and Guinea- Bissau, expanding to other markets later on. Our international operations are focused in high potential markets: Angola, Mozambique, United States and Brazil. We also selectively operate in other markets: S. Tomé e Príncipe, Romania. Turnover (2012) 30 YEAR OF TRACK RECORD IN THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET 11 Order Book (December 2012) Portugal 29% Angola 44% U.S. 16% Mozambique 8% Other 3% Portugal 20% Angola 40% U.S. 14% Mozambique 11% Other 15%
  10. 10. 95 40 61 79 114 126 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 SeeNote International activity International Turnover’s Evolution Figuresinmillioneuros  Strong growth of our international activity in Angola, Mozambique and in other markets in the last years  Entrance in the Brazilian market in mid 2011 Note: Complete change of our subsidiary Prince’s activity after 2008, after its acquisition by Soares da Costa Group in August; activity only comparable from 2008 to 2011 12 +52% 372 417 494 513 545 565 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 +55% +292% -34%+32% 228 306 327 345 325 354 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 17 23 22 38 80 65 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 32 48 84 51 25 21 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  11. 11. The Group’s activities CONCESSIONS 2012: 20% of turnover and 46% of consolidated EBITDA Main subsidiaries: • Auto-estradas XXI – Subc. Transmontana, SA • Scutvias -Autoestradas da Beira Interior • Estradas do Zambeze • C.P.E. – Comp. de Parques de Estacionamento • Indáqua - Indústria e Gestão de Águas, SA Portugal, Mozambique, REAL ESTATE Portugal, Angola 2012 : 2% of turnover and 5.5% of consolidated EBITDA Recent projects: • Soarta: República in Matosinhos, Santos Pousada in Porto, Santo Amaro in Lisboa, Alcântara in Lisboa, Luis de Camões in Lisboa • Casas de Gaia – Cais da Fontinha in Porto • Imokandando Building in Angola • Talatona Residences in Angola ENERGY 2011: <1% of consolidated turnover Portugal, Spain, UK and Mozambique Acquired in Dec 2010 a majority stake in Energia Própria SGPS, SA, a ESCO (Energy Services Company), also constructing and maintaining facilities and micro generation through renewable energies CONSTRUCTION Portugal (mainland and islands) , Angola, Mozambique, U.S., Brazil, Romania, S. Tomé & Príncipe 2012: 78% of turnover and 49% of consolidated EBITDA Main subsidiaries : • Soc. Construções Soares da Costa, SA • Prince Contracting, LLC • Clear Angola, SA • Clear - Instalações Electromecânicas, SA • Somafel - Engenharia e Obras Ferrovárias, S.A • OFM - Obras Ferroviárias e Marítimas, SA 13
  12. 12. Corporate Bodies and Shareholder Structure Executive Committee CEO: António Castro Henriques Non executive member of the board of directors since April 2008, being an executive member since April 2010 and CEO since August 2011. Before it was member of the board of directors of Banco Comercial Português (June 1995/ January 2008). CFO: Gonçalo Andrade Santos Member of the board of directors since October 2006 and member of the executive committee since January 2008. COO: Jorge Grade Mendes Executive member of the board of directors since August 2011. Before held management positions in several construction companies: Construções Técnicas, Engil Assiconstrói, Sopol, and has also been CEO at Opway. Chairman: António Gomes Mota António Castro Henriques Gonçalo de Andrade Santos António da Silva Neves Jorge Grade Mendes José Manuel Fino (Investifino) Jorge Armindo (Parinama) Manuel Alves Monteiro Board of Directors Shareholder Structure (% capital) 14 Investifino 71% Parinama 11% Free float 18%
  13. 13. Contacts SOARES DA COSTA GROUP e-mail: geral@soaresdacosta.pt website: www.soaresdacosta.pt 15 Portugal | Porto: Rua de Santos Pousada, 220 4000-478 Porto | Portugal Tel.: +351 228 342 200 Fax: +351 228 342 641 geral@soaresdacosta.pt Portugal | Lisbon: Rua Julieta Ferrão, 12, 13º andar 1649-039 Lisboa | Portugal Tel.: +351 217 913 200 Fax: +351 217 958 484 geral@soaresdacosta.pt Angola: Rua Cónego Manuel das Neves, 19 Kinaxixi, Luanda | Angola Tel.: + 244 222 447 360 Fax: + 244 222 447 236 comercial@soaresdacosta.co.ao Mozambique: Av. Ho Chi Min 1178, 2º andar Maputo | Moçambique Tel.: + 258 21 431 059 Fax: +258 21231653 scosta.sec@teledata.mz USA | Soares da Costa America Inc.: 6205 Blue Lagoon Drive, Ste 310 Miami, Florida 33126 USA Tel.: +1 305 592 9399 aesteves@soaresdacostausa.com USA| Prince Contracting LLC: 10210 Highland Manor Dr., Ste 110 Miami, Florida 33610 USA Tel.: +1 813 699 59 00 acferreira@prince-sdc.com Brazil: Rua Bandeira Paulista, nº 600 – 1º andar Conjunto 13 – Itaim BIBI CEP 04532-001 São Paulo | Brasil Tel./Fax: +55 11 33 68 43 40 São Tomé and Príncipe: Av. Kwame N’Kruma, Caixa Postal 802, São Tomé República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe Tel./Fax: +239 222 18 49 scosta_stp@cstome.net Romania: Strada Episcop Chesarie, nº15, Tronson A 040183 Bucuresti | Romania Tel.: + 4 0372 747 777/8/9 - Fax: + 4 0372 870 595 office.bucharest@soaresdacosta.ro
  14. 14. Construction . Portugal (mainland and islands) . Angola . Mozambique . United States (Florida, Georgia) . Brazil . Others: Romania, S. Tomé & Príncipe, Oman, Venezuela Civil Construction: residential buildings, offices, hotels and tourism, restoration and refurbishment of buildings Infrastructures: education, sports & culture, industrial, health care & assistance, airports, roads, motorways, bridges, railways, hydro, environment and other urban infrastructures Technical installations and solutions: electricity, telecommunications, technical management, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sewage, water treatment, design, manufacture and assembly of steel structures WHAT WE DO ? WHERE WE ARE? 2
  15. 15. Construction WHICH ARE OUR MAIN SUBSIDIARIES? Sociedade de Construções Soares da Costa, SA CLEAR Angola – Instalações Electromecânicas, Lda CLEAR - Instalações Electromecânicas, SA Prince Contracting, LLC 3 Somafel - Engenharia e Obras Ferrovárias, SA OFM - Obras Públicas, Ferroviárias e Marítimas, SA
  16. 16. Construction – Quality, Environment & Security Soc.de Construções Soares da Costa, SA CLEAR - Instalações Electromecânicas, SA CERTIFICATIONS Quality Management System NP EN ISO 9001:2008 Environment Management System NP EN ISO 14001:2004 Health and Security Management System OHSAS 18001:2007 / NP 4397:2008 4
  17. 17. • Customer satisfaction is a concern and guidance on which we conduct our activities • The assessment of satisfaction of external customers of the Group’s companies is managed by the Quality, Environment and Security Department of each company • The results obtained (showed below) are taken from satisfaction questionnaires completed by customers at each stage (execution of works, warranty, technical assistance & maintenance): QUALITY MANAGEMENT AT SOARES DA COSTA 5 Construction – Quality, Environment & Security 78% 80% 69% 77% 76% 85% 73% 79% 77% 57% 83% 90% 81% 84% 81% 75% 81% 92% Soc. Construções SDC - Works in progress Soc. Construções SDC - Works in guarantee period Contacto - Works in progress Contacto - Works on guarantee period Clear - Works in progress Clear - Technical assistance and maintenance 2009 2010 2011
  18. 18. • Focused on the preservation and protection of the environment • Integrated strategy for sustainable development • Ensuring minimization of negative environmental impacts and enhancing positive impacts resulting from the activity • Materialized in an Environmental Management Plan set for each work: establishes the rules applicable to environmental management activities at work by Soares da Costa or by subcontractors ENVIRONMENTAL DATA ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AT SOARES DA COSTA 6 Construction – Quality, Environment & Security 58,934 49,822 2011 2012 Energy Consumption (gigajoules) 55,981 37,239 2011 2012 Water Consumption (m3) 43,846 8,283 2011 2012 Waste Production (tonnes)
  19. 19. • Promotion of the development of the activity in safe, hygienic and healthy, minimising the occurrence of accidents at work, promoting preventive behaviour and the protection of workers and others, and enhancing a healthy lifestyle • Based on the risks assessment, we implement methodologies and operating procedures essential to the success of the construction works • Development of the health & security plans for the works, without which they can not initiate field works, approved by the Owners of Work , and in which are defined the health and safety rules applicable to all entities involved HEALTH & SECURITY MANAGEMENT AT SOARES DA COSTA 7 Soares da Costa’s Health & Security Data 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Frequency Index of Work Accidents Accidents / Million Hours Worked 36.05 37.47 29.02 25.02 25.62 Frequency Index of Occupational Diseases Occupational Diseases / Million Hours Worked 0.54 0.71 2.69 4.17 6.60 Accidents’ Gravity Index Lost Days (by accident or occupational disease) / Million Hours Worked 463.12 521.39 512.0 349.2 2,203.9 Absenteeism Rate Number of Hours Lost / Number of Workable hours 5.37% 5.55% 4.26% 6.00% 5.11% Construction – Quality, Environment & Security
  20. 20. Construction – Some Works8 Olympic Village (Mozambique) 2011 | €144 million Urban infrastructures (roads, sewage and electricity), 848 apartments, an elevated reservoir, Olympic swimming pool and ceremonial park. Coimbra Stadium (Portugal) 2003 | €40 million Reshuffle and expansion of the stadium, with an increase in the number of seats from 15,000 to 30,000, coverage and parking lots EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORT INFRAESTRUTURES Algarve Stadium (Portugal) 2004 | €22 million Football stadium with 30,000 covered seats Macau’s Cultural Center (China) 1999 | €75 million 16.035m2 construction area Braga Stadium (Portugal) 2004 | €75 million Football stadium with 30,000 covered seats Porto University – Engineering College (Portugal) 2004 | €39 million College building with a total construction area of 85.000m²
  21. 21. Construction – Some Works Marina Blue (EUA) 2007 | €90 million Residential building with parking, 60 floors and 515 apartments IKEA Loures (Portugal) 2009 | €30 million Demolition, earthworks, retaining walls, foundations, structure, facades, coverage and access roads Atlântico Towers (Angola) 2008 | €148 million An office building with 19 floors and a residential building with 11 floors, parking, totalling 63,000m² of construction area. 9 RESIDENTIAL, OFFICE AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Sonangol Headquarters (Angola) 2008 | €106 million Office building with 24 floors and 3-floor parking, including a commercial area, refectory, library, auditorium and heliport
  22. 22. Construction – Some Works10 1º Congresso Tower – BESA Headquarters (Angola) 2013 | €82.5 million Multifunctional building with 33 floors (5 underground) and a total construction area of 48,000m2 Dipanda Towers (Angola) 2013 | €56 million Two multifunctions buildings, with 13 floors above the ground and a total construction area of 36,700m2 RESIDENTIAL, OFFICE AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Total TTA2 (Angola) 2013 | €157 million Office building with 3 parts: Tower Building, Parking Building e Utility Building, including an auditorium with 400 seats Parque Building (Portugal) 2010 | €25 million Residential building with 10 floors, of which 3 underground Ruben A Buildings (Portugal) 2010 | €24 million Several buildings with a total construction area of 92,801 m³implemented in 4.985m², with 210 apartments Ambiente Tower (Angola) 2011| €68 million Building with 35 floors, of which 5 underground, including a heliport, in a total construction area of 50.000m²
  23. 23. Sana Luanda Royal Hotel (Angola) 2011| €39 million 28 floors hotel of which 3 floors underground Pestana Porto Santo (Portugal) 2008 | €25 million 5 star hotel with 250 rooms, located in 14 buildings with 2-3 floors Promenade Hotel (Portugal) 2009 | €22 million 4 star hotel, with 110 rooms and 124 apartments in a total construction area of 26,500m². Hotel VIP Executive Tete (Mozambique) 2013E | €10 million 4 start hotel in Tete, with a total construction area of 10,136m2 with 96 rooms and 16 apartments HOTELS AND TOURISM INFRAESTRUTURES Construction – Some Works11
  24. 24. Construction – Some Works LNG Sines Terminal (Portugal) 2003 | €8 million Civil construction works and underground pipelines to the liquified gas terminal Votorantim’s Cement Plant in Rio Branco do Sul, Paraná (Brazil) 2012| €16 million Construction of an industrial unit to produce cement , with 5,000 ton/ day of production capacity Sonangol Laboratory (Angola) 2008 | €12 million 2 floor laboratory, 26 analysis spaces and 36 offices, in 3,940m² of covered area Votorantim Cimentos – Cement’s Grinding Plant (MA -S. Luís, Brazil) 2011 | €4 million Construction of an industrial unit of grinding and production of cement GRN Terminal Containers (Portugal) 2009 | €13 million Including an office building with two floors, a support building and an industrial warehouse 12 INDUSTRIAL INFRAESTRUTURES
  25. 25. Circo Braga Theatre (Portugal) 2006 | €14 million Rehabilitation in three phases of the building of the theatre Viseu Inn (Portugal) 2009 | €9 million Rehabilitation and adaptation of the previous S. Teotónio hospital building, including the construction of a new floor, totalling 84 rooms Freixo Inn in Porto (Portugal) 2009 | €8 million Rehabilitation and adaptation of the Freixo Palace and the Harmonia Milling Plant, with 88 rooms in 8 floors Serra da Estrela Inn (Portugal) 2013E | €14 million Rehabilitation of the previous Penhas da Saúde sanatorium, with 7 floors and 93 rooms REHABILITATION OF INFRASTRUCTURES Construction – Some Works13
  26. 26. Construction – Some Works14 Vale do Sousa Hospital (Portugal) 2001 | €30 million Building with 10 floors, 400 beds and a total construction area of 51,000 m² Tomar Hospital (Portugal) 2001 | €25 million Building with 7 floors, 228 beds and a total construction area of 36,512 m² João de Almada Hospital (Portugal) 2006 | €8 million Rehabilitation of the building with capacity to provide healthcare services to 161 persons HEALTHCARE INFRAESTRUTURES
  27. 27. Construction – Some Works F. Sá Carneiro Airport (Portugal) 2006 | €188 million Reshuffle and expansion of the building, with a total construction area of 70,000 m². Sonair Hangar(Angola) 2008 |€9 million Rehabilitation, expansion and modernization of the hangar to a terminal of domestic flights Macau International Airport (China) 1997 | €195 million Terminal with 45,000m² of covered area, parking, apron, access roads and bridges, taxiways and control tower 15 AIRPORTS
  28. 28. Construction – Some Works Beira Interior Motorway- A23 (Portugal) 2003 | €582 million Motorway in the Beira Interior region, with a total length of 130 km, divided in five stretches Zambeze River Bridge (Mozambique) 2009 | €66 million Zambeze river bridge with a total length of 710m, and an access road with a total length of 1,666m Madalena do Mar Tunnel (Portugal) 2010 | €54 million Two tunnels, one with a total length of 1,911m and three emergency galleries and the other with 1,536m and two emergency galleries Catumbela River Bridge (Angola) 2009 | €26 million Catumbela River bridge with a total length of 438 m. Cachéu River Bridge (Guinea-Bissau) 2009 | €26 million Cachéu river bridge with a total length of 730m 16 ROADS AND MOTORWAYS Castanheira do Ribatejo Logistic Platform Accesses (Portugal) 2011 | €13 million Construction of the accesses roads to A1 and road EN1, including an elevated road and a bridge
  29. 29. Construction – Some Works17 Tete New Bridge (Mozambique) 2013E | €46 million Bridge over the Zambeze river with 715m, access bridge with 865m and access road with 13.5km Road N221 – II e III (Mozambique) 2013E | €59 million Rehabilitation (design & built) of several stretches of the road, totalling 187km I-75 Tampa (FL, U.S.A.) 2015E | €70 million Widen and reconstruction of 11.4 miles (18.3km), including the replacement of 3 bridges and widen of 16 bridges I75 - BIBB County (GA, U.S.A.) 2013E | €44 million Widen by 3.65 miles (5.9km) of the existing road; construction of 7 bridges and installing video detection systems at intersections I-595 - Section A&B (FL, U.S.A.) 2014E | €64 million Reconstruction of SR84 road, widen of I-595 road, construction of 4.3 miles (6.9km) of reversible lanes at I-595 road ROADS AND MOTORWAYS Transmontana Motorway (Portugal) 2013E | €240 million Motorway with a total length of 138km, divided in several stretches; construction of 56km of a main linked road
  30. 30. Construction – Some Works Porto light Railway (Portugal) 2006 | €1.075 million Light railway network with a total length of 74.3km, of which 6.3km tunnel; 76 stations 18 North Line, Quintães-Ovar Stretch (Portugal) 2005 | € 88 million Modernisation of the North Line, stretch 3.2 between Quintães- Ovar, in a total length of 31.3km. Lisboa Subway, Workshop and Machinery Park III (Portugal) 1999 | €130 million Workshop and machinery park, phase III, with capacity to park 22 trains and 6 coaches RAILWAY & SUBWAY INFRASTRUCTURES
  31. 31. Construction – Some Works19 Water Pipeline Pisão - Alqueva (Portugal) 2010 | €15 million Pipeline with 8.000m between Ferreira reservoir and Penedrão dam Alqueva Dam Capacity Increase (Portugal) 2010 | €49 million Capacity increase similar do Alqueva phase I: two reversible groups with 130MW each HYDRAULIC INFRAESTRUTURES Pisão Bayou Irrigation Network (Portugal) 2010 | €19 million Irrigation network with a total length of 40,026m; supply and installation of 234 hydrants and 452 irrigation sources
  32. 32. Sewage System (Barbados) 2003 | €41 million Main collector with 21km; connection to private properties of 7km; 4 treatment stations Simarsul – ETAR in Barreiro/ Moita (Portugal) 2010 | €17 million Residual Waters Treatment Station, constituted by treatment buildings in concrete, and an exploration building ETAR in Ave (Portugal) 2010 | €21 million Residual Waters Treatment Station with capacity for 42,935 m3/day, equivalent to 258 thousand inhabitants Organic Waste Treatment Station in Seixal (Portugal) 2012 | €14 million New treatment station with capacity for 40,000 tons of residues / year ENVIRONMENTAL INFRAESTRUTURES Construction – Some Works20
  33. 33. Construction – Some Works Luanda Seaside Area(Angola) 2012 | €94 million Intervention in a 2.400m area, including roads, water containment and a bridge with circa 140m Chão do Loureiro Parking (Portugal) 2011 | €3 million Parking with 202 places and 8,300m2 of parking area and 1,100m2 of commercial area Water and Sewage Network (Galati, Romania) 2011 | €17 million Rehabilitation of the 109km potable water network, and of the 36km sewage network; expansion of the sewage network (23.3km) Boa Vista and Sambizanga Municipalities (Angola) 2013E| €63 million Rehabilitation of a 1,000ha area, inc. public infrastructure of rainwater drainage, construction of roads, infrastructure for electricity supply and public lighting Parque das Nações Parking (Portugal) 2003 | €5 million 4 floor underground parking with a total are of 3,085m²; total construction area of 12,342m² 21 URBAN INFRAESTRUTURES
  34. 34. Concessions . Concessions in operation or in construction phase: Portugal Mozambique S. Tomé & Principe . Business development and bid phase: U.S. (Florida, Georgia) South America (Brazil) Promotion, development and management of infrastructure concessions in Portugal and in non domestic markets Track record on the management of PPP/PFI contracts in several segments: motorways, bridges, airports, subways and light railways, high speed railway networks, hospitals, water treatment, mini hydraulic dams and car parking 2 WHAT WE DO ? WHERE WE ARE?
  35. 35. Concessions SCUTVIAS – Auto-estrada da Beira Interior, SA ELOS – Ligações de Alta Velocidade, S.A. C.P.E. – Companhia de Parques de Estacionamento, SA Estradas do Zambeze, SA Auto-estradas XXI – Subc. Tranmontana, SA 3 WHICH ARE OUR MAIN SUBSIDIARIES?
  36. 36. Concessions – Motorways & Roads Transmontana (Portugal) 191km | Shadow and real toll motorway; Concession Period: 30 years; Total Investment €713 million; Under construction S. José / Caldera (Costa Rica) 77km | Real toll motorway; Concession Period: 25 years; Total Investment: $260 million; In operation; Sold in 2012 Beira Interior – A23 (Portugal) 180km | Real toll motorway; Concession Period: 30 years; Total Investment: €819 million; In operation Tete Bridge and Roads (Mozambique) 700km | Real toll bridge; Concession Period: 30 years; Total Investment: €170 million; Under construction 4
  37. 37. Concessions – Other Projects5 Car Parking(Portugal) Management of car parks: 6.134 places “off-street” e 2.403 places “on-street”; Concessions period between 10 and 50 years; Total investment: €58 million; In operation Hidro Power (Portugal) and Hidro Equador (S. Tomé) Mini hydraulic dams; Total capacity: 60MW; Concession Period: 20 years (Hidro Equador) and 45 years (Hidro Energy); Total Investment: €80 million; Under construction Indáqua (Portugal) Water distribution and sewage; Served Population: 565 thousand; Concessions Period: between 25 and 50 years; Total Investment €245 million; In operation
  38. 38. Concessions – The Future6 A long term activity... Beginning of Concession Period End of Concession Period 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050 Indáqua Vila Conde Estradas e Ponte de Tete AE Transmontana Indáqua Trofa/S. Tirso Indáqua Matosinhos A23 Beira Interior HidroEquador Indáqua Feira Indáqua Fafe
  39. 39. Concessions – Some Figures SDC’s Concessions in Figures (2012) Concession Contracts 35 Roads and Motorways (km) 1,036 Small hydro plants (MW) * 60 Parking (# places) 9,757 Water and Sewage** 600,000 Turnover 157 million Euros * Total contracted power ; ** Served Equivalent Population 7
  40. 40. Real Estate . Portugal . Angola . Management of Soares da Costa Group real estate portfolio . Promotion (design, project, licensing) and implementation of residential and services real estate projects 2 WHAT WE DO ? WHERE WE ARE?
  41. 41. Real Estate Ciagest - Imobiliária e Gestão, SA Cais da Fontinha - Investimentos real estates, SA Habitop-Sociedade Imobiliaria. Lda Soares da Costa Imobiliária Angola, Lda Soarta - Soc. Imobiliária Soares da Costa, SA 3 WHICH ARE OUR MAIN SUBSIDIARIES?
  42. 42. Real Estate – Portfolio Soarta Santo Amaro (Lisboa, Portugal) 2010 | Residential real estate project with 2.2 thousand m2 Cais da Fontinha (Gaia, Portugal) 2010 | Rehabilitation of several degraded buildings, 22 residential units, 3.9 thousand m2 Soares da Costa Headquarters (Porto, Portugal) 2006 | Reconversion of Oporto Center; 11.8 thousand m2 Soarta República (Matosinhos, Portugal) 2007 | Residential real estate project with 9 thousand m2 4 PORTUGAL
  43. 43. Real Estate– Portfolio Imokandandu Building (Luanda, Angola) 2011 | Office building with 16 thousand m2 of construction area above the ground; in design phase Restinga Top Residence (Lobito, Angola) 2013E | Residential private condomiun with 53 residential units; in design phase Talatona Residences (Luanda, Angola) 2011 | Residencial private condominium with garden and leisure facilities, 132 residencial units, 17 thousand m2 5 ANGOLA
  44. 44. Energy Services – Self Energy • Self Energy was the first Portuguese ESCO (Energy Services Company), with the motto that the energy that we need can be produced by ourselves, with lower costs • Based in a model that establishes energy supply contracts, with a reduction of costs for the clients, through the use of innovative technology applied to the renewable energy sources • Besides the Portuguese market, Self Energy’s activity has a strong international feature, with operations in Brazil, United States, Spain, France, UK, Eastern Europe, Jordan and Mozambique • International Partnerships: - With E. On Energy to integrate the UK Clinton Climate Initiative; - Contract with FUNAE, Mozambican State Energy Fund to install photovoltaic centrals in 50 schools, 50 health centres and 2 hospitals - Cooperation protocol with the Jordanian company Nakhil Jordanian Investment & Trading Company FIRST PORTUGUESE ESCO AN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY 2
  45. 45. Energy Services – Self Energy PROMOTERS / FUNDING SHAREHOLDERS continue to be part of the company’s management Soares da Costa Group 57%Promoters 27% InovCapital 14% NAVES 2% PROJECT’S PROMOTERS IN THE CORE OF THE ACTIVITY AND SHAREHOLDER STRUCTURE • 2006 A Group of private promoters creates Self Energy • 2007 The fund Fomentinvest enters Self Energy’s shareholder structure, followed by NAVES (AESE/IESE) initiating the development of business micro-generation • 2008 InovCapital (Ministry of Economy and Innovation ) e CCCAM (Crédito Agrícola) enter the shareholder structure, with a strong investment in internationalisation and in new business areas, as mini solar power plants • By the end of 2010 Soares da Costa Group acquires a majority shareholder (57.3%). 3
  47. 47. Energy Services – Self Energy PHOTOVOLTAIC CENTRALS AND MICROGENERATION EPC 5 ENGINEERING Analysis and design of the project PROCUREMENT Identification and due diligence of all the phases for the supply of materials and competitive pricing CONSTRUCTION Implementation of the project SAVE PRODUCE SALE ESCO EE = Energy Efficiency ER = Local Production using a Renewable Source PRE = Special Production Regime with Sale to the Grid ENERGY EFFICIENCY LOCAL PRODUCTION Waste analysis, presentation of measures to reduce energy through renewable technologies energy and changing lighting, insulation, flooring, etc.. Design of the project’s engineering and implementation of solutions / technologies that provide energy for consumption and for sale to the grid (establishment of concession contract)
  48. 48. Energy Services– Self Energy6 ENERGY AUDITING • Energy auditing services that evaluate the efficiency level of the energy use • Energy efficiency consulting services including a Energy Saving Plan (PPE) and implementation monitoring of that plan by specialised technicians • Energy certificate is mandatory in Portugal since January 2009 to all the buildings (or fractions) allotted to housing or services, new or existing, traded or rented CERTIFICAÇÃO ENERGÉTICA ENERGY CERTIFICATION • Self Energy Solutions markets technological solutions to private and corporate customers, using own brands and a national network of authorised agents • The technological solutions combine renewable energy solutions to obtain efficiency • Portfolio includes solar energy, photovoltaic, wind projects MICROGENERATION
  49. 49. Energy Services – Self Energy : Portfolio SPAIN MOZAMBIQUE PORTUGAL OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES • Belas Country Club: energy efficiency and renewable energy sources • S. Maria Feira Municipal Pool, Social Housing in Mira Sintra, Inatel Foz do Arelho, Águas de Portugal, Sta Marta Hospital: microgeration • MARL: photovoltaic panels • ANA, Dolce Vita Shopping Centres: certification • Solar/ photovoltaic Park (EPC) in MiralCampo, with 3MW of installed capacity • Solar/ photovoltaic Park (EPC) in Múrcia, with 3MW of installed capacity • Solar/ photovoltaic Park (project) in Redur, com 2MW of capacity • Solar/ photovoltaic Park (project) in the UK with 100kW of installed capacity • Energy Auditing to the Kings College, City University • Decentralised production (photovoltaic) in 50 schools and 50 health centres • Girassol Indy Hotel – thermal solar solution and efficient illumination 7
  50. 50. Corporate Social Responsability Code of Business Conduct and Business Principles Sustainability Policy Equality and Diversity of Opportunities Policy Social Responsibility Policy Environmental Policy Quality Policy Prevention, Safety and Health at Work Policy Sustainability Policy at Soares da Costa Group 1 • Promoting of the reduction of the environmental impacts of our activity • Investing in the promotion of the satisfaction of our workers • Contributing to the reduction of work accidents • Contributing in a responsible way to a more fare and balanced society • Fostering research and innovation • Encouraging all stakeholders to engage in meeting these goals
  51. 51. Economic Value Generated Economic Value Distributed Donations and Sponsorships Training Hours per Employee Corporate Social Responsability2 Sustainability Development Data (2012) 884 million Euros 770 million Euros 186 thousand Euros9,349 hours
  52. 52. Corporate Social Responsability Main Activities 3  “Sou Capaz”: volunteer and corporate social responsibility program; Partners: Associação CAIS, Aldeias SOS, Legião da Boa Vontade, Fundação Floresta Unida  Ecoponto Solidário (Solidarity Recycling Centre), a program to collect goods for donation to institutions  Scholarships annual program to award scholarships to children of employees  Technical Workshops: initiative of knowledge sharing among employees  Index of Sustainability Management at Work: a tool developed and implemented to manage adverse social, environmental and economic impacts from the activities/ operations of a construction work  Protocols: aiming to provide improved conditions for our employees and their families  Christmas: attribution of Christmas hampers to some employees and offering of Christmas gifts to children of employees of the Group, up to 10 years  Holiday Camps: three holiday camps with special conditions to our employees (spring, summer and Christmas)  Organization of a party for children of the village of Tombo in Angola, involving about 250 children, offering baskets of soft drinks and biscuits;  Realization of the 2nd edition of the game of solidarity for the Associação Clube dos Amigos do Sambizanga (Association of Friends of the Club Sambizanga) in Angola, with donation of food products  Activities to promote health in Mozambique (carried out as part of the construction of the new bridge over the Tete river), including an agreement with the Tete’s Health Department  Donation of an incinerator for hospital waste in Mozambique: given to the Health Centre of M’Padué district (where the new Tete river bridge yard is located)  Material and logistic support (given by Soares da Costa Moçambique, SARL) to three social gatherings, involving a total of around 110 young people  Conversion of two sea containers into libraries to be installed in the civic centres of Mapai and Chicualacuala, donated by Soares da Costa Moçambique, SARL
  53. 53. World