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Creativity in: Non-fiction

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Let's face it, your real life is too strange for fiction. And why go looking for the stories, when they come right to you? During this session, we'll explore the tension between telling them, and taking them, how to keep their beauty, or their hilarity, without betraying confidence. Bring your best story, and your worst, and we'll find their true heart.

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Creativity in: Non-fiction

  1. 1. The unit of human understanding is the story OR: Ain’t no such thing as “Non-”fiction James Maskalyk MD FRCP
  2. 2. Can you be a writer?
  3. 3. I don’t know….
  4. 4. Do you like sentences?
  5. 5. Only two rules abide: 1) Ass to chair ❖ try to keep a 1:1 ratio - better for focus ❖ choose the time of day, and duration, like you would any shift and turn all the“binging” things off 1) Once rule 1 is satisfied, you can only do one of these two things for the duration: ❖ Write ❖ Stare out the window
  6. 6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You’re making both your parents less proud of you and less money than you did as a clinical clerk!
  7. 7. Those sentences, though?
  8. 8. Tighter, clearer, more focused. And with these, your ability to change the lives and minds of others. Do it.