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Why Drones are the Future of IoT

Unmanned Aircraft (a.k.a. drones) are finding their way into IoT implementations. This presentation explains what’s driving the adoption and how drones relate to IoT and cloud data.

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Why Drones are the Future of IoT

  1. 1. November, 2014 Colin Snow CEO and Founder Why Drones Are The Future of IoT
  3. 3. Why? Drones are the future of IoT because they: – are not static – are deployable – can carry flexible payloads – can be re-programmable in mission – can measure just about anything, anywhere
  4. 4. Hobby Open-source Mass produced Cheap Commercial applications [Cloud device] Extensible High ROI Specialized use Proprietary Custom made Expensive A new kind of drone
  5. 5. Aircraft Sensors/Payloads Ground Control & Communications SoftwareAvionics Unmanned ‘systems’ Commercial Applications
  6. 6. Multirotor
  7. 7. Fixed wing
  8. 8. Fact or Fiction? It’s possible to run a drone in France from your smartphone in California.
  9. 9. Deployable • Cloud control for drones • Addressable smart drone management platform controls multiple drones, from anywhere, on any device. • Founded 2013 • San Francisco based
  10. 10. Deployable 4G telemetry device enables any drone with real-time data transmission, processing and sharing
  11. 11. Control a fleet Runs missions anywhere in the world Multiple drones
  12. 12. Flexible payloads • Unmanned aerial systems and remote sensing company • Founded in 2010 • Provides an end-to-end solution for aerial data gathering, processing and analysis across a wide range of civilian industries • Operates out of offices in Indianapolis, Raleigh, and Toronto
  13. 13. Flexible payloads Hot-swappable sensors
  14. 14. Reprogrammable in-mission • Swiss company based in Cheseaux- Lausanne. • Founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the EPFL - based Laboratory of Intelligence Systems • Develop, assemble and market autonomous mini-drones and related software solutions for civil professional applications such as accurate mapping of mining sites, quarries, forests, construction sites, crops, etc.
  15. 15. Reprogrammable in-mission
  16. 16. Measure just about anything LiDAR unit Image credit: Phoenix Aerial Systems, Velodyne Lidar
  17. 17. Measure just about anything Image credit: Section 3D, Jason Amadori.com, Eliminates multiple sensors Cloud based dynamic models
  18. 18. Thank you Learn more: • Web http://droneanalyst.com • Twitter @droneanalyst • Email colin@droneanalyst.com